MV Mash-up: Two Geuns and A Baby

As promised, bringing you all a cute video for week’s end. It’s a mash-up of the Geun-Geuns from one of their earlier movies (and when I say earlier – I mean when both of them still had their baby fat). This MV comes courtesy of EJ from Stellar Fandom, who spliced together 18 year old Moon Geun Young from her movie My Little Bride, with 21 year old Jang Geun Seok from his movie Baby and Me.

Yup, even the movie god’s want the Geun-Geuns to have babies together, get married young, and uhm, continue to be so freaking cute as to make shippy-fans obsess about details as microscopic as whether the Geuns moved their chair close together at the KBS drama awards. And if so, who did it first, and/or moved it closer. God, I love you guys! Obsess away.

The Fancy Couple:

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155 Responses to MV Mash-up: Two Geuns and A Baby

  1. lxandra says:

    Seems like after KHJ rtn from his secret trip to Japan, MGY chg her cy BGM to Beethoven Virus ost…hmm, I wonder was it the one that JGS sang…

    Anyway she wrote a mssg “If we have the same dream in mind, then eventually, the dream will come true. Hopefully, more and more people with same dream.”-MGY…

    Then followed by “For the story in reality ….. how shall we know?”

    And what a coincidence JGS too leave a mssg which says “Love Begins”….

    Doesn’t it look as if they’re conversing with each other? Its like they’re aware of their feeling for each other before…like they’re hoping to be together as lovers but may be becos of work, study & insecurity held them back…now being together closely made them realised they want more than just being good friends…and she hopes their fans wish for the same thing…them being together…yet MGY still has a bit of uncertainty but JGS is full of confidence… as if saying “Sorry, no turning back” haha…that’s what I like to think…

    But again it cud be that even though fans supported their love story as MG & MR, MGY worries abt how they’ll accept their real life love story…how wud they know if fans can accept them as couple in real life….

    Anyway…MGY was last noted in Korea on the 17th…then on the 19th out of the blue JGS posted a picture saying he’s in Japan…seems he went there secretly to film an mv…why wud he do so? He’s been there many times, surely he knew the airport security there is stricter than most part of Asia….so why went there secretly? its just not like him…he loves meeting his eels and I also notice most pictures from Japan were posted by JGS himself not from fans & no fans account…he too didnt reveal which part of Japan he went to…in the meantime there’s no recent news of MGY until a couple of days or so AFTER JGS return home…now I wonder, has they started the Korean Celebrity Couples dating trend? i.e dating out of the country? I mean JDG & KSY finally admitted doing so for at least 2 years…KSW did the same too…in fact he was caught with STY in Australia…Se7en & PHB in LA…Eric & PSY in US…SS501 KHJ & YS were caught dating 2 girls in HK tho they still hide the girls identity….and usually they go to Japan becos its close to home, many daily/hourly flights available, and most fans in Japan respected their privacy & more understanding/open of their private life…I mean Takuya Kimura is married with kids uet he is still no 1 actor in Japan..and Takeshi Kaneshiro has a live in gf but his fans are ok with it…

    Ohh…pls dun mind me…just thinking aloud as usual…..

    • Erika says:

      I don’t mind they have secret date outside korea…beside they deserved a private&peace wont be a romantic date if there’s lots camera following them..

  2. Mei says:

    Lxndra thanks I love your post..and please keep spazzing about geun-geun couple.. I cant stop thinking about them..

  3. lxand says:

    Jesse…sorry for the abbreviation..HJW = Ha Ji Won JGS partner from drama Hwang Jini(HJN), SYR = Sung Yuri from Hong Gil Dong..both actresses were born in 1979 which made them abt 8 years his senior and both are very beautiful in their own ways…

    I too just started to dig more abt JGS recently tho I first know & like him from his HJN days..and I know MGY since her autum in my heart days which was abt 10 years her a lot..she never fails to bring to life all her characters but started to become her fans since MSOAN..the same with JGS too

    Though I know these 2 are to be the main leads in MSOAN I wasn’t that keen to watch..I wasn’t that crazy abt the title but I check it out becos as I say MGY shows never fail to entertain me..I like JGSs too but never get around to watch YB becos I just can’t stand PSH..and her being the leading girl doesn’t help..I like the storyline..its cute & fun to watch but her comedic exageration was a bit too much for me…so I mostly skip her part & just watch bits here & there…for JGS sake I’m trying to watch it again but seems hard to find full sub episode online..

    Anyway like you too I was surprise abt the Harry Porter forehead kiss..their chemistry sizzles even as strangers in ep 1..not to mention ep 1 alone as strangers they have hug, holding hands, forehead kiss, her massging his hips while he position himself so that she can get a clear view of his butt…which I bet this was among the geun2 adlibs ppl were talking abt..cos everytime I watch the scene I feels thi was the naughty JGS teasing MGY by playfully seducing her with his sexy butt..haha..I dunno its just not MG character..

    Actually I also believe in ep 14 when MR was massaging MG shoulder, I think scripted part was up to here, the ‘blowing’ part was again JGS own adlib while MGY play along…cos its totally out of MG’s character..tho he teased MR from time to time, MG was never playful or pervert..its more like JGS playful style to tease MGY..remember their picture at the presscon where he tease MGY saying she looks like she wants to kiss him? This kind. Of naughty jokes when he’s with MGY…

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