Written and Video Preview For Episode 6 of My Princess

The written preview for My Princess episode 6 makes it clear that we’re headed into reluctant-diplomat-tutors-a-princess territory. I love makeover and etiquette hijinks. I have to admit that this drama lives and dies on Seol-Hae Young interactions. I watched episode 5, and everything peters out whenever the two of them are not together. But when they are together, it’s magically delicious.

Written preview for episode 6 of My Princess:

(You) Really want me to be a princess?

Hae Young receives orders that he will be working for the Foreign Affairs newly-formed Royal Department. He enters the palace to tutor Lee Seol. Hae Young and grandpa remain completely at odds with respect to the restoration of the monarchy. After the first “Princess Evaluation Appraisal”, Hae Young’s tutoring officially begins.

Yoon Joo officially becomes the Chairman of the (newly-formed) Royal Family Group. Her attitudes changes dramatically towards Jung Woo. When Seol finds out that she has to change her current household register, she’s not very happy about it.

The written preview doesn’t do the next episode justice. You HAVE to watch this clip (which is the amazing last scene in episode 5 and the preview for episode 6). I was awwwwing and then LOLing for the entire 3 minutes. MP episode 6 looks absolutely perfect!

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]

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30 Responses to Written and Video Preview For Episode 6 of My Princess

  1. Tarits says:

    You said it so well and rightly so. This drama is delicious! Thanks for giving an insight into what I will see in the next episode. And I love it!

  2. elaine says:

    she’s falling in love already… :)) i keep on loving this. XD

    • ockoala says:

      I actually feel like they are falling in love At The Same Time, which is rare in a rom-com, where usually one party falls first, albeit the other follows suit relatively shortly thereafter.

      Here I see Seol and Hae Young doing the pas de deux, their entwined fates and close proximity are the impetus, but their ease of and awareness around each other is just delightful to see.

      • goodange says:

        I agree. I’d like to think they are falling for each other at the same time.

      • estel says:

        I agree, and it’s not only satisfying romantically, but I like seeing it addressed in ways that aren’t necessarily directly addressed verbally. I really liked the moment at the end of episode 5 where Seol was shown thinking about Hae-young, and I think KTH did a pretty good job expressing the conflicting emotions all rolled up in that moment. I hope this drama learns from this episode that the show only really works when Seol and Hae-young are together – I felt ep 5 was a little flat from their lack of interaction. Thankfully, from the preview, it looks like our lovebirds will be spending lots of quality time together starting tomorrow. ^_^

      • estel says:

        Oh, and might I add — MAN, I wish I could wake up in a giant bed with SSH sitting at the end of it looking delectable in a yummy three-piece suit. No wonder she sighs and turns over – she for sure thought she was dreaming. Because how often does that happen to a girl??

  3. somuchsoju says:

    Thanks so much, Miss Koala! *squeals in anticipation for Ep 5*

    Also, great review on MP & President! I’ll check out the latter after I finish the former! 🙂

    More power!

  4. Erika says:

    Loving this…their little love nets starting with the same pace as I am.now I understand where the Princess gets a tutor because after I want 4 eps kinda forgot that HY going to be tutoring her..HY keep asking her to not to become the princess.
    Oh I like it whe JW said to YJ that he doesn’t think of her like it used to.that bitch finally show how evil she is and Proffesor had enough of her.can’t wait till he fights for LS from the bottom of his heart not for somekind of hidden motivation.

  5. itsnicethat says:

    Thank you, the first one and a half seconds are beautiful and amazing. Proves again that, sometimes, you don’t need words to express feelings.

  6. Mia says:

    But I wonder, is HAE YOUNG OPPA going to live in the palace, now that he is homeless?? That would be GREAT!!!!!!!

    • estel says:

      Yes, he is! He actually announces that, right before Seol jumps up and yells, “No!” Well, that’s not the literal translation, but it’s the general idea.

  7. darling says:

    Thank you ockoala for the Ep 6 written preview….I am so loving this two! And you are right I think they both are falling for each other at the same time not like a typical drama where one person first falls for the other. Oh by the way, you’re right! there weren’t any subtitles in the shower scene(had to replay it to see if you were fibbing me *blush* or could be my excused just to check it out again…lol)

  8. sandi says:

    Thanks for episode 6 preview. I am so exciting to watch to see HY become tutoring LS because he did not want her to be a princess before. Episode 6 looks wonderful and yeah, as you said it is absolutley perfect.
    Have you seen “East of Eden” and could you able to let me know the hint of ending please? Thanks in advance.

    • ockoala says:

      Er, you are planning to watch EoE? Well, the ending made me laugh. But not because it wasn’t supposed to be sad. It made me laugh because it was so overwrought. But short answer: SSH bites it in EoE. This is actually pretty well known so I don’t think it’s spoilery to talk about it.

      • estel says:

        And “bites it” refers to both his character and his acting… Ok, maybe that was mean, but I think it’s pretty true. He’s definitely, definitely better here.

      • sandi says:

        Thanks so mcuh for your answer. I am fell to SSH now and stalk a lot in youtube and ect…….
        I seen MBC drama award 2008 live show and he was so shy when LHR his co-star came down from the stage.
        So cute and hot he was……
        Compare with My Princess in his look is much better than EOE, it is totally different character.

      • tangee says:

        Dear Estel
        Yes, SSH is definitely better here than EOE (like the man sez himself that he has been portraying dark roles for a bit) Even KTH is better here; she was OK in IRIS too considering she up against all the big guns [IRIS had a solid cast to start with], I thought esp. for someone who’s known better for her looks and CFs.

        For MP, I truly think that they are doing justice to the show so far as a couple. Not quite there as Holiday Couple but from the preview they do look YUMMY to the scale of 11! Round of applause for them for now. Do hope the scriptwriter will continue to deliver…. Fingers crossed…

        M definitely enticed by Preview #6… Luv the chemistry so far…

  9. bluemoonlight says:

    Thanks for the written preview and video! I watched ep. 5 live and I LOLed at several parts and also LOVE their interactions…just so cute, and “awww” inspiring. I saw the preview the first time and was so happy with glee about ep. 6! Can’t wait for it tomorrow! (although I’m going on vacation, so will have to somehow find a way to watch it!)

    On a side note…SSH is looking mighty fine in every episode, well…actually increasing his hotness each time (if that’s possible)…haha. Also, I’m with Lee Seol…soooo jealous of his lashes and I’d play with them too…LOL

  10. rich says:

    *squeal* Yay! So, so cute! ^^ Can’t wait for Koala’s recap! XD Not that I’m pressuring you or something. :p

  11. Jnt1024 says:

    LOL, I squeeled so loud at the end of this preview that I think my neighbors may wonder what is going on in our house! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Drama! So cute and fast paced! I hope it stays that way 🙂

  12. vorticella says:

    they are so fine as a couple! I’ve just watched the preview. They start falling for each other without actually knowing it. I like how the relationship progresses. It’s not love at first sight. It’s getting to know one another and learning about the other. Remind us of how the GG couple was used to be. They were not in love at first but eventually they just fell deeper and deeper.

    HY is so diplomatic..while working with the Princess, he’s also in contact with the other Congressman!

  13. momosan says:

    Squee! And I don’t squee often. Are they not just the cutest couple? I vote for a bed scene in every show because those have been a riot. 😎

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  15. mey says:

    the preview was better than the entire episode (5). toooo cute

  16. aJ says:

    i cannot wait indeed
    loving every minute that they’re together.

  17. mayssenger says:

    First kiss….ep 7? Followed by boating ep 8?

    • sandi says:

      hi mayssenger, long time no see. Let me ask u that are u planning to produce boating manual again like PK ….. Hahaha…. Huge LOL…

      Have u seen in YT abouy Song Seung Heon new movie Nov,2010…
      “Ghost In Your Arms Again” which is remake of “American Ghost movie,
      his co-star was Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima……. I saw some trailers and preshow event….. It is interesting and I am looking forward to watch that movie….. I saw some steamy scenes in trailer too…

      • mayssenger says:

        LOL Sandi no boating manual this time….may manufacture bath towels instead hahahah…. see-through ones for HY

      • sandi says:

        hay mayssenger, you are amazing, hahaha…. you make me more LOL….. yeah, we have seen shower scene, obviously, may be more to come who knows….LOL

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