Yamapi in Thailand for Press Conference on Upcoming Solo Asia Tour

My Pi is back! I have an inkling that 2011 will be a stellar year for Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa), what with his movie Ashita no Joe being released in February, and his solo Asia tour launching at the end of January in Hong Kong. This means that Pi will probably do a drama in the second half of the year, if he goes back to the small screen this year at all.

Pi was just in Thailand last week to promote his solo Asia tour, adorably named Super Good, Super Bad. I breathed a giant sigh of relief at how HEALTHY he looks. For the last six months I worried that he would keel over any moment with how emaciated he pushed his body to the limit for his turn as a boxer. Doesn’t he look wonderful? Swoon swoon swoon, my baby is back and better than ever! Bringing you all pictures from his trip to Thailand, including his press conference in Bangkok.

I love his outfit for the press conference, and his entire look (especially love the combat boots with the leather pants combo – rawr!). I was not a fan of the sleazy-Eastern-European-drug-dealer look he was sporting during the “One in a Mirrion” days. Seeing adorakable Pi back in action, it reminds me that I still have a few unfinished business with respect to his body of work. Code Blue, I WILL finish you. And if I survive, Code Blue 2, I will start you!

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Yamashita Tomohisa bar]

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11 Responses to Yamapi in Thailand for Press Conference on Upcoming Solo Asia Tour

  1. jandoe says:

    code blue wasn’t bad but it didn’t interest me enough to pick up season 2 afterwards. he looks a lot healthier though, that i agree 😀

  2. Anona says:

    I couldn’t watch Code Blue 2….But I finished Code Blue 1 and besides Code Blue 2 and IWGP I finished all Yamapi related dramas *does accomplished dance*
    Did you see his new PV for Hadakanbo yet?

  3. Show2007 says:

    Yes, my long and lasting love Yamapi… I wish I am in Asia so I can go see his concert. Can he come to US?

  4. Erika says:

    I watch all his drama except the one with samurai theme,only watch ep1 then done.
    he looks good in there.ah too bad he didn’t visit Indonesia.

  5. Sere says:

    Your Pi?!? Dude, you have I Lub you, don’t get greedy!

    if he goes back to the small screen this year at all.
    OMG do NOT even joke about that!

    And yes, yes, he looks good. dkfjlshdflkhsdlf

    OT: My princess. I’m hooked, omg! \o/

    • ockoala says:

      Chingu ya!

      I think I’ve given back enough to the drama world that I’ve earned the right to be greedy. And I’m comparatively not greedy at all!

      I’ve only been gifted with the ownership of My I Lub You, my oppa, and my Pi. Just three! All mine. 😀

  6. mcia says:

    oohh one or two he is looks like Kim Hyun Joong!!
    wow good to see

  7. nuugun yamapi says:

    yamapi cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

  8. Kechia says:

    All I wonder in my mind is did he and Golf&Mike saw each other.

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