Secret Garden Written Previews for Episode 19 and 20

It appears that Secret Garden will wrap up this weekend in a flurry of viewer interest and pop cultural supremacy in Korea. A big congrats to the SG team (cast and crew) for working so hard on this drama. It’s no secret that it was a grueling production, and I’m just relieved that it was so well-received because so many of my favorite stars will be recognized for their performance in SG. Onward to the final spoilers I will be bringing for this drama.

Written preview for episode 19 of SG:

Ra Im walks forward a few steps, then turns and beckons to Joo Won. Joo Won looks at the adorable Ra Im, and cannot help himself, running forward and offering to drive her home. Ra Im chides him for taking his time to come over – he should have run to her immediately. She asks Joo Won for the car keys, telling him that there is an important meeting, so she will drive the car. Joo Won doesn’t know how to react to Ra Im….

Written preview for episode 20 of SG:

Director Park sits across from Joo Won, with a nervous expression on his face. Joo Won has an impassive expression towards the nervous Director Park, and tells him that Joo Won will install Director Park in the second most powerful position at the company, in return Director Park will help guide Joo Won at work.

Oska is suffering under Sun’s rigorous training regimen. Seul comes to hand Oska his upcoming schedule. Sun asks Oska to go do something for him. After Oska leaves, Sun and Seul start to bicker….

My Thoughts:

My views on SG remain the same, but it’s easy to happily acknowledge that SG was definitely a mania drama, garnering both ratings wins and cultural zeitgeist. I just want Binnie to sleep and eat for the next two months before he enlists in the Marines (OMG, hottest Marine on the face of the planet).

And I just have to say this again – the written previews for SG were the absolute most useless and random preview writing I have ever seen. Just one step above gibberish, and totally pointless in either spoiling an upcoming episode or sharing any information of importance. I think the preview writer for SG was in a semi-comatose state during the entire run of this drama.

[Credit; written previews released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Secret Garden bar, translated into English by me]

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10 Responses to Secret Garden Written Previews for Episode 19 and 20

  1. estel says:

    You know, I think the Marines might actually be restful after SG. Seriously, the boy (ha! he’s like 6+ years older than me, but whatever) is waaaaay too skinny in this drama. Hot, I grant you, but I liked him better not so anorexic-looking in The World They Live In.

  2. Anon says:

    Is that really a written preview? I mean seriously? Well whatever I still love the show and think Hyun Bin needs to get some more meat on his cheeks XD ❤

  3. celestialorigin says:

    Thanks for those better than nothing type previews. Now I can last another 24 hours of anticipation, lol. This drama has it’d ups and downs. But last 15 minutes of Ep.18 made up for them for me. I like 21 years old JW very much

    KDW’s gone and now HB… Sigh…

  4. sandi says:

    Thanks for written previews.
    Although previews are not much hint about final epis of SG, but better than nothing.
    I don’t know how to say if someone ask me about “DO I LIKE SG?”
    Hummmmm…. I like some epis…. whenever the main leads are not in switch bodies, but epi 17&18 make me understand that how important of the switch bodies mean to this drama. Tears out from my eyes in those epis and it touch me a lot when JW put RI in his car and waiting for the rain to get body switch. That scene is the most climax part of the entire drama of Secret Garden.
    Hopefully SG will be happy ending.

  5. mookie says:

    O Twinnie! Glad u had an awesome flight home ( MP4 as on flight entertainment is hard to beat) TGIF!!!!

    lolz I’ve read of SG team looking for child actor/actress and rumor of JW/RI offsprings and many other very entertaining projections. I’m actually very looking forward to an KES’ brand of ending. Lets see how much she can surprise us this time, shall we?

    And they already projected they’ll shoot till the afternoon of the broadcast on Sunday, and the actors r so to the brink of passing out the crew is afraid to suggest after party for ep20.

    binnieboy did say he cant wait for to his MS as precious time to reflect and recoup his body. *sigh* how grueling it is to be an actor these days, huh?!

    • ockoala says:

      OMG, seriously the best two flights I’ve ever taken. Flew right past. I watched DH on my flight to, and watch MP and recapped it on my flight back.

      Anyways, ep18 was the pits, so 19-20 can only go up, right? I pray for Binnie to get some sleep and rest.

      • hellochloe says:

        Ehhh?! I’m so jealous Ockoala, I wished I could do the same on my flight to Taiwan and back. But no, I was stuck with a crappy selection of movies by China Airlines.

        How does these things work exactly? You have a mini laptop with you, I gather? (Sorry, am a noob when it comes to techie stuff D:)

      • ockoala says:

        Hi Chloe,

        Eh, I don’t believe any international flights have inflight WiFi (yet). I flew CAL to Taiwan in November, nope nada. Then flew JAL to Japan in December. Also nope nada.

        The only flights currently with inflight WiFi are certain cross-country flights domestically.

        All you need is a laptop with WiFi capability, then you connect and pay a fee for access. I have a MacBook Air, and its perfect for use on planes.

        I suck at technology as well. Holler!

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  7. Misha says:

    I have to say I’m glad both MSOAN and SG have come to an end so I have no reason to come back here. Whoever on the team that is writing for SG I only have one thing to say: you need to get off of your pretentious high horse and stop thumbing down other people’s hard work. Last I saw I didn’t see your name as director on any of these dramas. It must be nice to sit back and point fingers and talk about how bad a script is written-where have your scripts gone? I appreciate that everyone has an opinion bbut sometimes things are taken too far and your whole “this drama doesn’t live up to it’s expectations because it’s shallow with no heart behind it” type statements really made me angry. While half of your critique is not even understandable to most, we underclass fans that actually love the drama for what it is are probably just out of your league and should just ignore your “opinions”. I just really hope your “transcrptions” and reviews didn’t scare off viewers who would’ve liked it. I guess that’s what got to me. If someone were going by your reviews alone, they would’ve quickly dropped this drama and ended up missing some of Hyun Bin’s finest work, in my opinion. SG may not have been everyones cup of tea but it deserves more than the harsh treatment it got here. That’s all I’m saying. Happy watching all your other Kdramas that are “worthy”!

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