Video Preview for Episode 18 of Secret Garden

The preview for episode 18 of Secret Garden is out. It’s short, but I think it confirms everyone’s suspicions about what happened when Joo Won drove into the storm with Ra Im in his convertible.

Can I just say – Yoon Sang Hyun is shining so much in SG, and the preview gives him a chance to tap into his soulful side even more than he has been doing in SG so far. He’s a wonderfully expressive actor, and the entire cast of SG is the most successful aspect of this drama for me.

Preview for episode 18 of SG:

Episode 17 belonged completely to Hyun Bin, and his performance as a man who has made the decision to trade his life for the woman he loves. If he wasn’t already one of my obsessions, this would have tipped me right over to the Binnie-side of things.

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16 Responses to Video Preview for Episode 18 of Secret Garden

  1. Dante says:

    It isn’t enough! Where is the long preview? I’m going crazy! Somebody help me!



  2. just a fan says:

    omo_omo … thanks….:)

  3. just a fan says:

    omo_omo … thanks…. 😉

  4. martha says:

    I can’t wait to see this episode! Thank you

  5. lulybunny says:

    From ep 1 Oska has been my fave character. I wants me some socks dangit.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for blogging this! >W<
    I seriously cannot wait. I wish the preview was longer.

  7. w. says:

    He really loves her.

  8. czak says:

    Omo omo omo…
    i am loving the preview…
    but gosh it was so short that I end up begging for more…
    oh its still a couple of hours to go….
    Love love love HyunBin in ep17…
    Joowon really has come a long way from being pompous ass….

  9. sweetlolipop says:

    omo omo..i want more.. 😦
    but thanx koala ofr sharing this video 🙂

    this drama shows what true love is all about :’)

  10. rich says:

    Thanks for posting this… I guess there will be more tears on the next episode… 😦

  11. anonymousSGaddict says:

    thanks for posting the long preview!
    is there anyone who could translate what were said by the characters in the preview? I would really, really appreciate it!

    Thanks a lot in advance! 🙂

  12. Charmaine says:

    i do not want to think gil raim’s body with joo won’s mind would die.
    i would hate the author if he kills one of the lead characters in this drama.

    since the drama has a hint of “fantasy” in it, i am hoping that when the body switch
    takes place, some kind of magic would take place.

    i always love happy endings.

  13. episode 17 was so.. </3 because it's so rare to see joowon even SHED a tear.. this really killed me. and now that i think about it.. omg maybe he really is gonna go to a place that will rain! not maybe but he really is going to!!! i'm so worried!!!! please please please please PLEASE let this be a good ending, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! TT________________TT

    • Silvia says:

      Oh My God …. im crying like a baby after ep 17 … this cant be right …why why …they have to end together and live happily ever after …. omo omo im still crying hyun bin is the best!

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