First Stills of Won Bin from the Basic House shoot (Bonus: Official MV from Ahjusshi)

Information is traveling at lightning speed, and already the first stills have dropped from Naver of the Basic House shoot with Won Bin. I’m keeping an eye out for Moon Geun Young‘s pics, and well as the couples shots which are sure to be glorious.

I’ve also unearthed a picture of Won Bin and Moon Guen Young on the set of Autumn in my Heart. They had no scenes together, but it was cool they managed to interact behind the scenes and take a picture together. Moon Geun Young was so….young, but Won Bin looks exactly the same, only even hotter.

The clothes Won Bin are modeling makes it clear that this will be for Basic House’ Spring 2011 Collection. It’s very cute, I approve.

For those of you who have never watched Won Bon on screen, I’ve embedded the official MV from the movie Ahjusshi/The Man From Nowhere, which was the box office champion in Korea last year. The song is called “Dear”, and is sung by a three-person group called Mad Soul Child. I fan-freaking love this song, love the movie, and ❤ Won Bin so badly. He is utterly mesmerizing as the man with a single-minded mission – find the girl who calls him ahjusshi.

MV For Ahjusshi:

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23 Responses to First Stills of Won Bin from the Basic House shoot (Bonus: Official MV from Ahjusshi)

  1. Karinna says:

    WOW thanks for their pic from AIMH =) You’re awesome! I would definitely love to see them in a movie or drama together =)

  2. yeisha says:

    awwww….my #1. *high fives ockoala!*
    fangirl confession: i drove more than an hour just to watch Ahjusshi and freaking cried because he was sooooo good. that part when he was trying so hard not to break down in front of his enemies but a tear fell off. ahhhh…i was the happiest fangirl in that theater. 😉

    and that pic of him and MGY together, so adorable. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. estel says:

    I’ve only ever seen Won Bin in Ahjusshi, but that performance alone was enough to make a fangirl outta me. And how the heck does he still look 24?? I want to know that secret.

  4. Erika says:

    Hua.time does not make big change to WB.why he just still young as even only now become hotter.want to know his secret.look forward for MGY part and couple part.thanx

  5. ann says:

    does this mean that basic house dropped KHJ and YEH as their main model?

  6. Nita says:

    i really excited with picture behind the scene of Autumn in my Heart between WB and MGY? where’a can i see the other pictures of Autumn BTS???

    WB was born on 1977 but his picture looks like he’s the same with young guns ; Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, KHJ, etc hahahaa. Won Bin oppa is so youngggg

  7. noor says:

    ok i have seen the pics but more than that i really loved the mv you posted thanks for that and the pics are cute of won bin but i am really looking forward to their couple pics.

  8. valmylove says:

    Am very excited about this post… Won Bin was my first Korean crush and still is !! Look at that pic back in “92!!

    Gosh, handsome as ever….I so love these oppa s…compare to these youngsters who are off limit… :P…. I hope he and MGY reminisce about old time… my mum always said to it’s better to marry an older man because when you age, you age just right in looks to match your him. MGY have grown into a lovely talented young woman right along side with WB. I hoping to see a collaboration between them. Can’t wait to see their pictorials together! thanks Ockola!!

  9. Sere says:

    Won Bin!!!!! \o/

    Okay, sorry for not writing a coherent comment, but I’m busy staring at the pics!

  10. tangee says:

    Thanks Koala for bring back fond memories of AIMH with that 2000 picture. Just dug out my set and rewatching it again!! Ha Ha.. Won Bin was awesome in his acting and gorgeous as well. SSH was yummy too then despite being wooden but I have accepted it that it is just his style of acting cool.

    OK back to AIMH…

  11. dami says:

    i am someone who hasn’t watched any of wonbin’s film or drama yet i am an avid fan..yeah he is that good looking and i am that shallow(hangs head in shame)…i want to badly see the couple photos as well.. Thanks ockoala…

  12. toshiro_0219 says:

    i just watched “ahjussi” and i must say this… i just became a fan of won bin : ) are there any more of won bin movies/dramas that’s worth watching? i’m stuck at home due to all the snow outside…

  13. anvesha says:

    Soo.. he is one of the famous (from my understanding) korean guys whose movies/dramas I haven’t seen.. after seeing the trailer, I think that was the very bad idea haha he looks so handsome ^^

    When I first heard the name and story, it seemed similar to an English film I had seen. But after watching the trailer, I know its different… and I liked it so much that even if it was the same, I would have watched it anyways lol

    btw, how old is he?

    • anvesha says:

      i figured out how old he is.. He does NOT look like an ahjusshi AT ALL.. Oh, and I confess, i think i became a fan girl just by watching the trailer..

    • SusanSukkie says:

      he is 33 years old and seems time frozen with him, he didnt change a lot since the first time i saw him on auntumn in my heart, first korean drama i watched and he also my first love to korean actor …for almost 10 years

  14. Larkspur says:

    Thanks for posting this. When I saw the old photo (taken over ten years ago), I remember watching the drama and finishing it in three days. It left me dehydrated and drained. I think I cried in every episode, starting with MGY’s scenes. She showed great promise in that drama so no wonder she’s active until today. Although acting was great (by all of the cast), it’s one drama that I’m not going to watch again. It was too depressing, from beginning to end. It was the first time I saw Won Bin, and the first time that the second lead won me over. When I saw these pictures, it doesn’t seem that ten years had passed. He just look slimmer but really didn’t age at all.

  15. yna says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Autumn In My Heart was the first K-drama that i watched (beginning of 2010) and I totally fell in love with Won Bin!!! (actually he is the first Korean actor that i love, still love, and will love!) He’s HOT! Water please! I hope to see more of him on screen…

  16. Sweety says:

    OMG!!! I’m in love!! Who’s that MAN???

    I can’t wait to see pictures of him and MGY, whom is like fine wine apparently since she gets better as she ages!

  17. leema says:

    i didnt no who won bin is
    this was my 1st time seein him
    an i hav 2 say he… is… H.O.T i mean WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    why r asian guys r so hot
    also i couldnt believe he is 33 cos he looks so young 4 his age
    whats his secret lol
    i will watch his movie “the man from nowhere” looks good an different 4m others
    he needs 2 do more movies or shows compare 2 other actors he hasnt do much work people r crazy about him lol keep up da good work hope 2 c u soon

  18. dangermousie says:

    OK, now I need to see this movie.

  19. Hikaru says:

    He looks soooooo HAWT!!! XDDDD

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