Discussion Forum: Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 16 Finale

Psst – I’ve got some spoilers ahead. It may or may not make you happy, but rather than rumors its definitive proof as to how the drama will likely end. You know you’ve got it bad when you’re on a bus, in the mountains, drifting snow outside, and you are desperately searching for a signal to get online. At least what happened to me was reasonable if not a sad homage to addicted drama fans the world over who happen to go on vacation the week your crack drama ends. The random bus scenes and Mae Ri on the mountain in episode 15 – that was all WACK! As pissed off as the preview for episode 15 of Mary Stayed Out All Night made me, I still wished I could recap it and discuss with everyone.

A few quick thoughts before I deliver the goodies: (1) DC Gall and Baidu was awash with fan speculation last week – none of it was actual production leaks, therefore not credible, so don’t let the crazy talk amongst angry fans or creative fan-fiction upset you, (2) I am mad not because the ending isn’t Mu Gyul-Mae Ri (it is, trust me, I’ve said it before and will keep saying it, this is their love story), but because the new writer really took their journey on an unnecessary and irrational detour to the foregone conclusion.

I hate that. I want both my ending and how they got there to be consistent and meaningful to watch. M3 lost me (and every viewer with a functioning brain) at the latter half. I can defend the first meandering and rather plotless half as the very charm of M3 for me. The last half became plot over character consistency and story development. But it’s all come to a end, and I am really sad. I know everyone came here to find a happy M3 haven, and I hope all the fans enjoy the ending (keeping my fingers and toes crossed) and have fun chatting about it here!

As an added bonus, have a very spoilerrific M3 pictures from today’s shoot in Hongdae. In case it’s not clear, Mae Ri sports a more mature look. I see time jump happiness for our Holiday Couple.

Have fun reminiscing about M3 and shooting the breeze (and any slings and arrows). A mediocre drama is very forgettable, and almost always its the truly great dramas that stay in our minds. With the exception of the train wreck dramas, where years from now I still make fun of fondly and with a snarky eye. Much as I love M3, this thing was a train wreck that I find myself happy to have enjoyed because it gave me my most awe-inducing couple of the year in Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok. Captain of the Holiday ship – signing off for now!

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352 Responses to Discussion Forum: Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 16 Finale

  1. rory's mom says:

    Moom it was a staff member at KBS is all I could gather but if it is true who knows. If you watch BTS 17 you can see her trying to compose herself.
    Zoe: No lie but a lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese do not like her and I believe I read it in gall.dcinside also MSOAN facebook and a JGS fansite.
    BTW yes I can read backwards translations that Google hands out but I will never go back to that site now (gall.dcinside), too busy.

    • moom says:

      thanks RM.. in BTS 17, i thought that pause before they did the scene was so that she could compose herself and bring on the tears for the scene.. the KBS staff said that they both teared after the filming ended as well? awww..

      abt MGY, I feel she is a wonderful actress.. but regarding her looks, it depends on how she is made up.. she can look very plain jane.. ( my husband commented that her eyes were ‘upside down’ and that she looks like a bush-baby..men..) and she looked gorgeous in the bridal dress when she was chasing MG outside JI’s place.. so to me.. her look varies, and that is why she is so versatile and believable as an actress.. will definitely be watching out for her in future

    • Zoe says:

      I sorta dig the plain-jane look. I also read that a lot of people were criticizing her clothing in M3, which I find kind of annoying because the WHOLE F-ING DRAMA revolves around an indie band, so their characters are MEANT to dress like that!

      Sorry for yelling some of that. Overly-hateful people hating on things that are just plain awesome tend to make me mad.

  2. moom says:

    @bashful.. yes MGY was nominated for a baeksang ( for mary AND cinderella, I think).. this little girl is a great actress.. unfortunately I tried Cinderella’s sister when it started and found it a little depressing.. may go back and finish it up after the holiday madness..

    • bashful says:

      Thanks @moom for confirming! I saw and finished Cinderella Sister. Yes, it was despressing but it really showed the very strong acting range of MGY, even though in “Painter of the Wind” where she won the Daesang award, she already had shown here acting prowess. That she portrayed a very angtsy character in Cinderella Sister and then portrayed Mary is just amazingly awesome!!! Moreover, in both dramas, writers were changed midway the broadcasts. Still MGY delivered such convincing performances! Oh how I will miss her when she goes back to school (which I truly applaud)!
      As a J-dorama fan also, I wondered if there is a chance, when she returns to drama, she can do a remake of “Hoshi no Kinka” (Heaven’s Coins). I loved Noriko Sakai’s portrayal of a mute girl but I think MGY can equally if not better do the same superb portrayal. Go MGY!!!

      • adachu says:

        @Moom: pls. try CS, i think it’s good. I love Eun-Jo character.
        I always adore MGY, she’s a perfect girl in my eyes, i love her real life character much more

  3. antonia says:

    Good luck MGY i never saw you before, but i love you in mary. one of my favorites actreses, and that’s not easy cause i usually don’t like the female lead. exceptions: sam soon (my fav), go mi nan in YAB, eun chan in coffe prince, eun su in que sera sera, and now mary. other female actreses i just tolerate or simply like, but never LOVE. (i use to focus in male leads ;)) i’m going to find time to watch ciderella’s sister and painter of the wind.
    btw at first i didnt like her looks much, but now i find her beautiful and adorable and a perfect pair for my jgs. i always fight with my mom cause she says mgy is ugly and has thin and crooked legs…

  4. rory's mom says:

    One last thought. The atmosphere in early interviews and bts were so happy it seems to me that the atmosphere changed in later bts. MGY was more reserved or not very talkative and they all seem different now than 2 months ago. This drama must have really taken a toll on all of them. What I am wondering is if the two regret working with each other or are they still friends. I hope you all have a great new year.
    Ockoala, can’t wait til you put your 2 cents in.

    • Twinklefan says:

      I think the casts & the crews were just tired in the end, I believe they had to film the last episode in like 2 days (that what I read somewhere). Moon & JGS have always been good friends way before they started filming for this drama and I don’t think they have a bad rating will effect thier friendship as they both know that it was the bad script that caused it.
      However I’m wondering are they more than friends since they seem so close to each other during filming…they just look so cute and compatible with each other it makes one wonder….

    • moom says:

      RM; I have also been trying to guess abt whether the actors’ relationships were strained as a result of the script disagreements but i can’t really tell as there is pathetic absence of BTS released by KBS .I also had my suspicions when JKS said in BTS 17 that even amongst the actors, there was great discussion/disagreement abt the script etc.. sad sad sad..

      have you come across any statements abt the casts’ relationship in your reading? I read a fan acct of someone watching the filming and they said that JKS and MGY seemed to have a friendly relationship ( think it was middle of drama) as they would chat and laugh between takes.

      I’m new to MGY but my guess is she is probably a fairly reserved person on camera. So she won’t be that chatty in these BTS shots anyway..any old-timer MGY fans can testify?

      Twinklefan– I think JKS and MGY only started being friends after M3 started. They did mention how they were initially shy and reserved when they first met but loosened up after 4 bottles of soju LOL.. KBS did release some’news’ abt the 2 ‘being such good friends’ ‘being very close’ and other such information but one wonders if it’s all only for publicity, in a bid to push up ratings

  5. antonia says:

    Finally watched 16 episode english sub. YAYYYY the bed is bigger indeed!!!!!!!
    i can sleep well tonight, its so late….

  6. Irene says:

    OMG! They’ve won so many awards tonight(5 I think 🙂 ), I am so happy for them both!!!!
    Look at him, he is so proud of her! 🙂

    Happy New Year to you all!! 😀

    • moom says:

      congrats to our lovely OTP.. best couple, male and female popularity and MGY, best female actress (?).. she was so emotional and cried..

      Irene, so did she eventually thank him after his ‘fake anger’ reminder? LOL

      • berry says:

        she did.. coz i think i heard that =)

        she was smiling when she saw JGS reaction. haha.. and the she mentioned his name =) im happyy

      • moom says:

        I just realised KBS gave out best couple to like, everyone? how meaningless is that? bah, humbug… someone should tell KBS the meaning of ‘best’…tsk..

        thanks berry.. will go look for the clip

    • antonia says:

      is he dark haired again????
      i love it!!!!

      • antonia says:

        and congratulations to both!!! you’re the best
        i almost forgot cause i got so distracted by jgs looks 😉

  7. Ivy says:

    To Reiven,

    The sequel was only in my mind, and I don’t have the habit of writing tediously long fan-fiction. Since you asked, I thought I’ll try and write it out, and I did, and had much fun in the process.

    I’m not a good writer or scriptwriter, so apologies if I tend to use the oldest plot clichés. I don’t really care, because all I want is a feel-good happy and romantic love story.

    If anyone here has not watched HGD, you may wish to skip this tediously long post, and my apologies to koala for making use of your blog space to put my attempt at HGD sequel : )

    Part 1 is long. I tried to shorten Part 2 and Part 3.
    And there are several sub-plots that I didn’t bother to add in : )

    Oh yeah, one last note, I wanted a female lead that is opposite of Yi-Nok, so I came up with a lady who is intelligent. ( i cannot take any more of Yi-Nok’s stupidity or clumsiness. How can she totally miss the fact that Chang Hwe loves her???)

    LCH – Lee Chang Hwe (Jang Keun Suk)
    CCP – Ching Chinese Physician
    DGL – Dragon Gate Lady (LCH’s senior lady mentor, forgot her name)
    POI – poisoner

    HGD Revised Ending

    To avoid unnecessary bloodshed, HGD and LCH make a pact on the mountain. HGD gives LCH 5 years to make good his promise to be a good king. LCH will ensure no killing, but HGD and band will be exiled from the country upon pain of death. In return, if LCH fails in his duty after 5 years, HGD can return to take LCH’s life.

    Sequel [ 5 years later]

    PART 1 – The meeting of LCH and CCH

    DGL gets increasingly sick, and Korean physicians fail to diagnose the reason. LCH recalls a very skilled, elderly physician from the country Ching that he had met in earlier years [past encounter can be elaborated on] and sends a letter to entreat him to come and treat DGL.

    Unfortunately, the physician is often away travelling, but he has a female disciple CCH (aged 20) who is also very skilled in the art of healing, having inherited her Teacher’s knowledge. She answers the call of the letter and travels to Korea to LCH’s palace.

    [* Note: CCH speaks Korean having travelled there before with her Teacher, and LCH knows some Chinese having grown up in Ching, so assume no problem in communication.]

    CCH employs medical investigative methods considered innovative in that era, and after a few days, diagnoses that DGL has been poisoned gradually and slowly over a long period of time, so DGL’s condition has been mis-diagnosed to be due to natural causes [mode of poisoning details can be elaborated on], and the poison has thus escaped detection. LCH undertakes to trace the culprit.

    DGL is slowly recovering under CCH’s treatment. LCH visits DGL every day and thus has the chance to spend time with CCH. He is impressed by CCH’s healing skill, professional dedication and intelligence. On the other hand, CCH has a chance to learn more about the kingdom under LCH’s rule. In all her travels, this is the first time she has come across such a benevolent ruler who genuinely cares about his citizens, and she is touched and impressed.

    Having been emotionally hurt 5 years ago, LCH still remains cold and aloof on the outside, but in the space of these 5 years, LCH has implemented many policies and initiatives to improve the welfare of his people. The following are some examples:
    – Focusing on economic development for multiple aims of increasing employment and wealth among people and increasing the country’s wealth to finance welfare projects
    – Hospital with differential pricing system that provides heavily subsidized treatment to the poor (or free for people verified to have no money)
    – Poor children / teenagers / people are, by law, pulled into some form of re-training scheme that provides labour to the various trades and industries

    LCH takes CCH on a tour of the hospital at her request, and CCH expresses a wish to volunteer at the hospital. LCH says he will arrange that after DGL’s recovery.

    LCH traces the poisoner to be someone in the palace POI [insert sub-plot on usual palace politics], who perhaps wants to achieve some political aim or have some personal vendetta against DGL. In the course of pursuit, POI breaks into DGL’s room and attempts to kill her. His attempt is foiled by LCH but in the ensuing fight, POI takes CCH hostage and escapes from the palace with CCH. LCH and soldiers pursue.

    The chase ends at the edge of a cliff. Amidst the ensuing fight, POI gets killed but pushes CCH off the cliff. LCH jumps off as well to rescue the lady. [note: sorry for oldest trick in the book. Please feel free to improvise].

    Both fall but not seriously injured. [don’t ask me why! Drama gods perhaps? Cliff not high enough?] They end up in a very remote, forested area. CCH says LCH, as the ruler of a country who needs him, should not have risked his life to save her, while LCH maintains that he owes it to CCH for saving DGL.

    Both try to find their way out. LCH gets bitten by a poisonous snake (despite his skill in martial arts – perhaps in his sleep? Or it could be while he’s trying to protect CCH). Without the tools of her trade with her, CCH sucks out the poisoned blood [note: you decide which part of the body LCH is bitten on ; p ]. CCH does this not only out of her duty as a physician, but also because she has some feelings for LCH. LCH offers some feeble protest but is unable to stop her.

    After walking for 1-2 days [insert other survival encounters as necessary], CCH’s feet are much blistered as the filmsy shoes she wears have been worn out. She doesn’t utter a word of complaint but lags behind LCH, who notices it and carries her on his back. CCH is reluctant initially but has no choice as she cannot walk anymore. Her feelings for LCH grow.

    After another 1 – 2 days, both finally come across a lone hut wherein live an old man and his wife. LCH approaches the old man and without revealing his identity, asks politely for help. The old man, seeing that both have sustained some injuries, offers them the hospitality of his humble home, and some coarse food. CCH is further touched when LCH does not complain about their difficult situation but instead shows concern about the old man’s welfare. It turns out that the old couple prefers the solitude of their home where they have spent their entire lives, and the old man informs them his son is living and working in the nearest village which is still a day’s travel from the hut. The old man only has one spare room to offer LCH and CCH for them to stay one night.

    CCH manages to clean and bandage the blisters on her feet, and the old man gives her a pair of new straw slippers initially meant for his wife. The wife has not made an appearance yet, and CCH finds out that the old lady is suffering from an illness and has been bedridden for some time. Immediately, CCH offers to treat the old lady. The old man is delighted. CCH diagnoses that the illness can be cured with the appropriate medicine, and both LCH and CCH promise to send the medicine over when they get to that village.

    Come night time, LCH and CCH are in the spare room, trying to decide who gets to sleep on the bed : ) After some debate, they try to share the bed (!) but in the end, after some tossing and turning, LCH decides to sleep outside [please insert own details ; ) ]

    The next day, both LCH and CCH reach the village and also get rescued by people from the palace. LCH sends the old man not only the medicine, but other supplies and gifts. CCH is touched when she learns about it.

    PART 2 – Return of HGD and Yi-Nok (YN)

    HGD makes a surprise trip to the palace because he has heard of CCH, the gifted physician who can work miracles. HGD brings with him YN who is poisoned, unconscious and on the brink of death [insert details of how she was poisoned].

    CCH tries ways and means to treat YN but to no avail. LCH gets increasingly worked up, not that LCH still loves YN. LCH has put his love for YN behind him already, but YN still has a special place in his heart and he is still very concerned about her. Also, HGD and YN are the only true friends he has now.

    HGD sees the interaction between LCH and CCH, and comes to the conclusion that these two have feelings for each other, but the blockhead LCH has not realized nor admitted it. HGD lets slip to CCH that LCH has once loved YN deeply.

    CCH experiments medicine on YN, but on one occasion, such experimental efforts worsen YN’s condition. LCH flares up at CCH for putting YN in further danger. CCH misunderstands that LCH still loves YN, and exchanges sharp words with LCH. CCH is hurt by LCH’s temper flare-up, and is determined to stake her life on YN’s recovery, to the extent that she takes the same poison as YN, and experiments medicine on herself. CCH keeps her condition a secret, but only for a couple of days before the rest find out. LCH is super furious with CCH for risking her life. He realizes the extent of his love for her but does not say anything.

    To cut long story short, CCH manages to find the cure and save YN and herself. Once YN has fully recovered, she and HGD stays at the palace for a few more days to visit and reminisce about the past. Since LCH has fulfilled his pact, the 2 guys settle their differences. Insert more misunderstandings between LCH and CCH over YN.

    Finally, all the misunderstandings and jealousy come to a climax and upon resolution, LCH and CCH confess their love to each other.

    PART 3 – Love & tribulations

    LCH and CCH enjoy a period of sweet love, which is the calm before the storm. More complications arise. LCH is under pressure from his court and country to marry and for procreation, but he cannot make CCH his queen because CCH is not a Korean. The whole country is against their marriage.

    CCH comes to realize LCH’s predicament, and tells LCH that so long as he loves her, marriage is not essential and she will remain by his side forever. But LCH has to marry. CCH, recognizing that LCH has his ruler responsibilities, tells LCH to marry and take a queen, on the condition that he must choose a queen who is kind and will not harm her and their children (if any) in future. LCH agrees.

    [Insert complications relating to LCH, queen and CCH]

    But in the end, LCH did choose a kind queen who co-exists with CCH peacefully.
    And LCH and CCH live together in bliss, forming their own family.


    • Reiven says:

      Did you already have this written or did you write it out on a whim, because for a “summary” so to say, it’s incredibly detailed and funnily enough, better than some of the fanfictions I’ve seen people post as completed stories. If you do decided to type it out as a fanfiction one day, I’m sure it’ll be phenomenal (and perhaps the second HGD fanfiction in existence) .

      But thank you for taking the time to show me. All this talk about HGD has made me feel like watching the show again, since now I have nothing to look forward to on Monday’s and Tuesday’s anymore 😦 I’ve been considering Sungkyunkwan Scandal as well, have you seen it?

    • Ivy says:

      hi reiven,

      like i said, the complete story is in my mind, as in, really complete with all the scenes etc that i enacted in my mind, perhaps that’s why there’s enough details. so i wrote a summary.

      not sure what a completed fanfiction looks like, but i guess i won’t be writing any more on this (lack of audience!).

      I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but may try ….

      i tried to watch some of the dramas recommended by koala, but only successfully completed City Hall (hilarious, good and worth the time). I tried Flames of Desire and Giant, but stopped mid of 1st episode, because I really cannot stand heavy-duty drama, especially super tragic one like FoD.

  8. Ivy says:

    Sorry, the female lead’s code name is CCH and not CCP as indicated in the legend. I was confused.

    Also to clarify that LCH does not love the queen, only CCH : )

  9. Irene says:


    “I just realised KBS gave out best couple to like, everyone? how meaningless is that? bah, humbug… someone should tell KBS the meaning of ‘best’…tsk.. ”

    Netizen award was more confusing, even for the nominees. 😦

    Here, you can download the show(no english sub. 😦 ):

    Oh… oh… How good the storyline’d have been, with a better scriptwriter. 😦

  10. meg says:

    I always have this problem of rooting for the “lesser” guy, so to speak. In YB, I rooted for Shin Woo. In SKKS, Jae Shin. And of course in MSOAN, Jung In. I stomached the first two dramas, knowing well who’s gonna end up with the lead actress. But in MSOAN, oh for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore somewhere along the middle.

    Here’s the deal: ppl like us REALLY LOVE watching dramas. And along the way, with every drama we finish, we acquire a more discriminating taste. That’s why we choose carefully before starting a new one, checking the plot, the lead, and the reviews about it. I’m no JGS fan, but he’s really good. That’s why I decided to give this a go.

    I never expected it to fall apart at some point. They should totally re-do this drama, take out all the unnecessary stuffs and add a little spice to the story. Man, I hate wasting the time, the effort and disk space to download a 700-mb-per-episode drama with a mediocre script.

    • LizzyD says:

      Please see the discussion for Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok at the KBS 2010 Drama Awards to read about what went wrong. 😦

      • meg says:

        I’m sorry if I offended you, but I was just saying what I thought about the whole thing. I’m not saying this is JGS’s fault, for I’m sure he’s a victim of this too. Let’s face it, You’re Beautiful is at least a hundred times better than M3.

        Imo, such stellar casting deserves no less than an amazing script. But looking to the brighter side of things, I’m sure the leads would REALLY do their best in their dramas that are yet to come. 🙂

  11. Hazzy says:

    Marry me, Mary is killing me!

  12. pipa says:

    Just done watching M3..all i can say is two thumbs up!
    JGS and MGY are damn gorgeous together on and off screen and
    their acting..are just amazing!!
    Looking forward for more of their future projects together 🙂

    Btw..nice site!

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