Chun Jung Myung and Han Ji Hye Cast in The Duo

I spent the better part of 2010 chanting “please let PIE‘s next project be a sageuk drama” over and over again. Apparently that works, guys! I suggest you start chanting your most fervent wishes, because mine just got granted. Chun Jung Myung aka PIE, is doing his first ever sageuk in early 2011, the switched-at-birth in the Joseon-era drama The Duo.

Today his co-star was (tentatively) cast – Han Ji Hye, who I always find a bit aloof but nevertheless can act and has screen presence. Weird, she’s a much better actress than Han Hyo Joo, but I like the latter much more. Eh, that’s subjectivity for ya. I have a feeling this will be a very promising pairing, and I only hope the script holds up to all the heavy duty sageuk storytelling requirements.

Anyways, back to PIE and sagueks – the drama is a Korean prince and the pauper tale where two babies, one from a rich family and one from a poor family, are switched at birth. PIE plays the lead, of course, and will be the real rich son who was raised by the poor family. Han Ji Hye played the daughter of the village teacher, and will in all likelihood be caught in a love triangle between the two switched at birth men.

The other male lead has not been cast yet, but the options are limited since he has to play the same age as PIE, i.e. early thirties. Supposedly Yoo Ah In was in the running, but I don’t think Moony will be doing another sageuk so soon again. Plus, if he were in it, I would promptly hang up my hat and announce that I cannot pick between the two men. Ever. The Duo is tentatively set to follow Queen of Reversals on Mon-Tues on MBC. Seriously, drama gods, you refuse to give me a break from Mon-Tues, aren’t you?

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17 Responses to Chun Jung Myung and Han Ji Hye Cast in The Duo

  1. endodo4ever says:

    PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! YAYYYYYY!!! *ahem* I wasn’t hyperventilating at all. No, really. (Squee!)

    I remember commenting weeks ago that I was hoping for some more PIE news, and I’m happy my lil’ request has been granted. See? Praying on AKP has worked too! Now I’m waiting for some Moony or So Ji Sub news about future projects.

    • ockoala says:

      Those two are hiding from me by laying low between projects. *grabby hands* I will always update on sexy and amazing-actor faves of mine. Your wish is also my command, but I don’t speak dodo so sometimes I guess on what the squeals mean. 😛

  2. PandaSeya says:

    PIE and Moony in the same drama? It would be a MG/JI choice all over again, I’ll wish to be able to divide my heart in two… Those guys are soooooooo dreamy!

  3. cozycrab says:

    Are you going to make a recap of The Duo? =)

    I think I’m going to watch this, the cast is interesting.

  4. Jnt1024 says:

    LOL, If chanting my deepest wish will help make it come true…then I will chant “I wanna go on a date with Jang Geun Suk!” over and over for however long it will take to make it come true 😉

    Kidding aside, The Duo sounds like it would be an interesting watch…looking forward to seeing it and reading your witty recaps =)

    • lizzyd says:

      Why are you chanting about dating my (other) boyfriend? That’s not nice! But does chanting really work? If it does I should get started because the list of boys for my fantasy harem is so long I’ll be chanting for the rest of the week just to get through it once.

      • Jnt1024 says:

        @Lizzyd: LOL, u know what they say…all’s fair in love and war 😉 I think chanting really does work! I just posted a comment about the effectiveness of chanting after I read koala’s latest M3 ep preview post…apparently there is a drama god cause all last week I chanted “Please let Maeri, Mugyul and Jungin move in together!”…and then poof! next thing I see is koala’s great news =) Now on to my next chant…”Please let me date Jang Geun Suk and have a hot kiss ala M3 ep 8 with him!” LOL

  5. lizzyd says:

    My boyfriend (that would be Yoo Ah In) told me he’s doing a movie early next year so it’s not possible for him to be in this drama.

  6. vorticella says:

    sweet… I actually like her in EOE (although I fast-forwarded many scenes)…but I don’t know about the pairing…does she look a bit more mature than PIE? maybe w/ the magical makeup, they might look like a fine couple 🙂

  7. thureese says:

    After seeing a photoshop pic of CJM with some saeguk style! I was “OHH MYY GOOOOD!!!! freakin’ HOT!!!!” haha im not fan of saeguk but im anticipating this since i love Chun Jung Myung in Cinderella’s Sister especially his oozing chemistry with MOON GEUN YOUNG 🙂

  8. valmylove says:

    ohhh gosh!! CJM and YAI in one??? when I read that my toes totally shake and tangled on its own….it will be too much hotness!! *fans self* let’s see…will chant along too. Looking forward to this ep….i can’t remember but why do is CJM called PIE? thanks.

  9. a_fan says:

    I think this is going to be my first sageuk if Ockoala, you recap it. I like the natural look of Han Ji Hye, same way I like Jung So Min. I tried to watch a sageuk once but it bothered me so much that I could see the stitches on the actress’ eyelids that I couldn’t follow the story.

  10. yolili says:

    My chant/wish for the other male lead is LIM JU HWAN! LIM JU HWAN! 😀
    Its high time he had another turn in a sageuk coz he ROCKS those male hanbok.

    What’s Up? should have wrapped up filming by now rite, so he’s my pick!

    *goes off chanting*

  11. doozy says:

    For 2011, I’m definitely looking forward to The Duo and Noh Hee Kyung’s new drama.

    Re: PIE’s outfit in the second pic
    Was he taking fashion tips for JGS or something?

  12. betchay says:

    pie i love ya sooooooooooooo much, i will watch that drama

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