Preview and Spoiler for Episode 10 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (with dialogue translation)

[Edit: Latest M3 news – we’ll be hearing a new Mu Gyul song called “Hello Hello” in this week’s episodes, the cast was filming episode 12 at a coffee shop at 3 a.m. on December 12th, and the spectators caught a glimpse of the new script]

The interminable wait is almost over. Nothing in the preview or spoiler for episode 10 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) surprised me, but I’m still seeing red (over Seo Jun) and seeing rainbows (over the making of a lovely memory). The above wallpaper was made by a talented Baidu M3-fan Xiao Li Que, who was happy to share her handiwork and has graciously allowed it to be shared and disseminated. Her words were: grab whatever you like, it’s for everyone to enjoy! I’ll do another post with all her gorgeous creations later.

Preview for Episode 10:

Newspaper headline: There is increasing interest in Kang Mu Gyul, theΒ man Seo Jun was kissing.

MR’s dad to MR: That playboy! I’ve caught him this time! He’s been fooling around with an actress.

MG to his mom: You keep getting lied to by men. You keep getting tossed aside by men. Why do you continue to live like this?

MG’s mom: Because I’m a bad luck person!

MG: What kind of bad luck person can you be? You had me, didn’t you?

MG’s mom: Yes, I shouldn’t have decided to have you.

Reporter: What is your relationship to Lee An?

SJ: We are just colleagues working on a drama production together.

Reporter: What is your relationship to Kang Mu Gyul?

SJ: Kang Mu Gyul is the man I love.

I know angst is coming at our M&M couple full throttle, but how can I not sigh and give a great big blissful smile when I see the picture below? I have nothing more to say at this juncture, but rest assured that, good or bad, I will have quite a lot to say about episode 10 in my recap.


[Credit: dialogue translation done by me from the C-subbed version of the preview done by Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young’s Baidu bar]

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73 Responses to Preview and Spoiler for Episode 10 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (with dialogue translation)

  1. koyangi says:

    sighhhhhh….melting…only for episode 10, i plan not to watch it before reading your recaps. looking forward for your recaps ockoala, gomawoooo….

  2. Leah says:

    Is there a youtube version ?? Cant see it on my ipod 😦 😦

    • ockoala says:

      There isn’t (yet). I will update with the YT link when its up.

      • Leah says:

        Omgg that SJ is such a bitch. I hope she doesnt ruin MG and MR’s relationship…THEY BETTER STICK TO THE MANGWA

      • ockoala says:

        Hi jellybeaniebaby,

        I won’t try to eat you, don’t worry. I deleted the YT link you posted because I embedded one in the post already. But thank you! πŸ˜€

  3. hmseen says:

    Thanks to Xiao for sharing and you too koala….swoon swoon…melt melt…swoon swoon again….so romantic….I am hopelessly romantic….hahahhaha I guess by this juncture of the screencaps…they have already resolved the SJ kiss MG issue….:)

  4. Kender says:

    What a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.

    That is all.

    • ockoala says:

      I don’t think you have enough “i”s in that sentence. She deserves more. She’s edging towards WUAS psycho second female lead level here. And hey, Jung In is also edging towards WUAS ephemeral second male lead level here.

      Shit, if M3 bites the cracker in the second half the way WUAS bite my ass, then came back to bite it a few more times for good measure, imma going to have to take a break from K-dramas or else I will need medication.

      • erika says:

        yeah she deserve more…I think I’m going to read your recap first, if its safe then I will watch it if full of cry and MR suffer a lot then I will skip and watch again until safe episode where our OTP back being happy nyappy again

      • Joey says:

        I know it’s kind of a funny picture: but from your description, am suddenly envisioning our 2nd lead characters that behaved Dr Jekyll for the first 8 episodes and their Mr Hyde personality emerging from ep 9 onwards and unleashed in full force for the subsequent episodes before reverting back to Dr Jekyll in the final episode. If that’s gonna happen, I am so swearing off k-dramas for a while as well before I have the courage to pick it up again

  5. estel says:

    Oh Seo Jun, just give it up already. I mean, seriously. You’re just delusional, is all. However, I am kinda glad to see Mu-gyul yelling at his mother. Not that I normally condone that kind of behavior, but she clearly needs it.

    And P.S. Seo Jun — you will loose in the end. Because there is nothing that trumps True Love. So there.

  6. Linaze says:

    Thanks for the preview and spoilers!!
    Could you tell me what Mu Kyul and his mum are talking about?
    Thank you!!

    • shiro says:

      Translated from Chinese by candilicious @ soompi

      MG: Why are you always getting cheated and being ditch by guys?
      mom: Because i am unlucky!
      MG: Even if you are unlucky, u still gave birth to me!
      mom: yeah, I shouldn’t have gave birth to you.

      Da*n, this excuse of a mom is getting worse and worse. Of all the things she could have said… UGHHHH *chomp on her head*

      • Linaze says:

        ARGHHHHHHHHH How can she say that????
        And Poor MG who is tearing up… T_T ARGHHHHHH I feel bad for him!!!

      • jellybeaniebaby says:

        There are no words. It’s a horrible thing to say.

        And it was like he was parroting Mary, that it was a lucky thing he was born, how Mary had said he was fortunate. But his own mother couldn’t even agree with that.

        It is as if Mary is the only one who consistently believes that it was lucky and fortunate that he was born. I hope he fights hard for her. He needs her in his life.

      • erika says:

        I can see where this argue will lead…MG being all despair from his mother then the rumour and SJ confession at conference press and then maybe just maybe that MR bit sad and blank with this make MG loose it when he try to find console in MR..I just hope he wont be break down because this is the time MG must be strong and deal with everything and help MR, MR too help MG and maybe that way they can over come this storm, I just hope the writer wont drag it until 3 sir!!my heart can’t take that..I will be dying before MG&MR back being lovey dovey and can express their love freely..

  7. Reiven says:

    I’m like a junkie for M&M and you are my pleasantly constant fix. I feel completely enthralled and involved in Maeri and Mugyul’s relationship in a way I have never felt for a drama couple before and this preview is just…GAAAAAAAAH SEO JOON. I actually understood where she was coming from for a while, but now she’s reached almost Jung-In-daddy-creepy-stalker level and bitchery. WTF?! Even though I didn’t think this is Seo Joon douchery would actually make a dent between Maeri and Mugyul, somewhere deep inside I was a little apprehensive. At least after Maeri’s confession that she and Mugyul weren’t actually married there was a preview and we actually saw them together.

    But this time no preview and for all we know the writers were pulling out leg and this whole time Maeri was supposed to end up with Jung In. If that actually happened I swear I will swear off Kdrama’s forever.

    Thank you for being such an awesome Maeri & Mugyul shipper.

    Screw the haters. M&M adorableness trumps all.

  8. vorticella says:

    I’ve just watched the preview and now read the translation….

    MG’s heart-breaking scene with his mom was the most memorable for me. Tears filled his eyes with the unspeakable pain when I first watched it (not understanding what he’s saying). Now reading the translation…really…if your Mom regrets having you, it hurts! not just hurts but it hurts really really really bad. Poor MG. Family internal conflict. Ex-gf external conflict who couldn’t have him and now try to take revenge.

    The drama has taken a serious turn here the preview turns out what it is. The dovey-lovey beginning now has now gone. Hopefully, the scene between MR and MG will keep the magic alive.

    I don’t know if any of you notice, seeing him in YAB and now here, his facial expression is really phenomenal. His eyes especially were so expressive. They show sadness that no word can even describe.

    Even the plot is not a super-star, I love the acting of the main leads.

    For for SJ: I have no word for her. Probably not worth to mention at this point. She and JI need to go to psychiatrist. Should we refer her to JW’s friend who is a psychiatrist in SG? πŸ˜€

    • erika says:

      yeah I do believe that, here JGS have more showing his acting amazingness, although I adore and think (still Am) that MGY in Cinderella’s sister acting still is so way high but I like her in this, so different and fresh and she can so make real good chemistry with JGS.
      yeah we were like run out of curse words for SJ…at first I just saw her as a bug, not effecting me much..but now she got my nerve.

  9. kittykat says:

    kaaaaaahhhh!!! Seo Jun!! why you?!! biiiaaaa*************************?!@3!!!!!!!!
    ( drops laptop.. purchases tickets to Korea… and is waiting around the corner to do some serious decking of Seo Jun!!!!! )

  10. rich says:

    Aiish! I really hate Seo Jun now more than I can imagine. T.T

  11. dangermousie says:

    I liked Joon well enough earlier but she needs medication and maybe a shrink (still not as bad as WUAS secondary girl – that one set the record this year).

    How you can form a life-lasting obsession after dating someone who wasn’t terribly interested for a month, is beyond me.

    As to Mugyul’s Mom – dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. pikaju says:

    I understand not why KMG needs Mary because there are a lot of bitches around him, his mom, SJ, and others. Dang!!! he is lucky that he has Mary. I am sure that she will not leave him

  13. antonia says:

    this scene with mu gyul and his mother, wonderful acted, it makes me forgot about the b*tch sj (hate her). can`t decide wich i hate more: mother or sj, poor mu gyul, i still hope he has mary to support him 😦

    • erika says:

      both are horrible but her mother is the most…gaaahhh that forbidden word to say to your kid…I should never have you born!!bitch!!

  14. thureese says:

    that Mom’s the b*tch!!! How can she say that to his son????? TT_TT pooor Mugyul!!
    and i hope its not JungIn’s plan on what SJ said during the presscon!! >.<

  15. rory's mom says:

    Looking at the preview it seems to me that what they wrote for 10 is a plot by SJ(s..t) and JI(psycho) to break up MG and MR. Once MG is hounded by paparrazzi he can’t be with MR. JI does not love MR but if he can’t have her no one else can. He is his dad.

  16. Joey says:

    Ouch, looks like what I’ve hoped for in my inference of the previews may not happen, but I shall reserve my comments until I read the recap or view ep 10 myself

    • erika says:

      I do too…I only hope that despite all their around bitching them, MG’s mom, SJ, JI, 2 evil dad, MG will find MR for comfort and so do MR and they become more strong not having fight and start to hate each other due heart breaking…pray for the best for them.

  17. amy says:

    Mugyul needs Maeri in his life because she’s the only woman who means something to him who isn’t crazy (his mum, Seo Joon though she isn’t a very big priority in his life but she does appear around him alot), Maeri the same (her father, Jung In’s father, Jung In not so much but forcing someone in a marriage she doesn’t want to be in is just -_-).

    I really hope the ending of the drama shows something about M&M having kids so that Maeri will get to be a good wife and mother like she dreams of and Mugyul would get a chance to realise that he can be a good husband and father.

    • vorticella says:

      *hugs* I hope so!

      Their simple dreams (sound and look so simple) are made harder for them. Hopefully, they will survive this test and come out together stronger than ever πŸ™‚

    • erika says:

      *big hugs* I hope would be the best ending…they finally get rid of them and being married and have lots kids so that their live will be in heaven..imagine we can see little Mung mung and nyauw…

    • antonia says:

      oh dear, i wish it would be so
      a perfect ending πŸ˜€

  18. Renee says:

    I hope MG’s mom meets JI’s dad and they take out all their unresolved issues on each other, rather than their poor kids.

  19. zure says:

    In episode 9 Mu Kyul’s mother won the award of “worst mother of the year”. This upcoming episode, she has definately clinched “worst mother of the decade.”

  20. hmseen says:

    What if….just what if yeah…..there were something in the past between MG’s mom and JI’s dad? Have any of you thought of that possibility?

    • Zoe says:

      I was thinking about that, but then decided that it would be waaaay too creepy and would completely ruin the jump-up-and-down-and-grin-like-an-idiot magic that M&M possesses.

    • jellybeaniebaby says:

      I thought about it and it fit perfect with MR’s comment in an early episode asking MG if he was the illegitimate son of a chaebol. ha ha At least that way, when MG and MR married, MR would still be JI’s dad’s daughter in law.

  21. Pae says:

    Thank you for your recap

  22. Zoe says:

    MG’s mom needs to be brutally ripped apart by alligators, then come back as a zombie where she should then be stabbed a billion and five times by all fans who hate her as much as I do, then be brought back to life again so I can personally run her over with a bulldozer with lots of pointy spikes on it.

  23. lizzyd says:

    I would have smashed something if not for the pics at the end. Thanks for that. Can we submit script recommendations? Or better yet, some of you ladies need to move to Korea and get a job on the writing teams.

  24. Francesca says:

    I can’t concentrate with my work today after watching the preview of episode 10…I feel sad for MG and MR…I just hope they can overcome all the trials that will come their way…

    Ockoala, thanks for the information…I will be waiting for you recap for episode 10 and 11…

  25. rory's mom says:

    Actually JS(bit..) is not evil because after all she is a woman in love(the stalker kind) but she is incapable of handling MG by herself because he is not into her at all so she needs help from the real EVIL!! JI. The actor’s fanbase do not see that but I do. The actor is good. BTW, what a beautiful woman MGY turned out to be.

  26. Mhel B says:

    ITs getting heavier this time. They have obviously taking it to another level. Evidently the writer is new…

  27. Mhel B says:

    Evidently, the new writer of the drama has changed the atmosphere. Theyre shifting it to a heavier level and more tearjerker. Liked the lighter side too, but love the fresh, and deep drama. MGY and JGS real capabilities are starting to show. Aww, for the first time in this drama, I felt kinda heavy, Id like to cry…This is what Ive been waiting for.. cant wait for more… Hopefully, the rating will go up and will appeal the older market as well…… πŸ™‚

    • Mhel B says:

      I was informed that the new writer started with episode 11. so, this good be a good last shot for the old one. they have made a quite transition. I wonder what will be the new writer’s idea… cant wait…..

    • hmseen says:

      If it is so…I’d better not cry if my hubby is watching …. it would be too embarrassing … huhuhuhu

  28. xmga says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait for tomorrow for your recap. πŸ˜‰

  29. hmseen says:

    When I look at the captions…now it just occured to me…how the heck did the reporters get to know about the kiss? Was there a paparazzi around and snapping away to make it to the headlines? *sigh*

    • rory's mom says:

      Bingo! You hit that nail on the head. Evil JI dad or JI planned it with SJ beforehand.

      • erika says:

        yeah yeah yeah…that make sense, they just waiting for MG flaws so that they can hit the jack pot..gaaaahhhh lame excuses to make angst…if I got to write the script, I will make sure that we all have lovey dovey MG&MR all they way….

  30. erika says:

    that SJ Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttcccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Gaaaaaahhh I hate her, I wish she will be eat by shark so that they wont even find her body…why she can calm saying she love MG in front of everyone…I hate her!!!!!! can’t she just die???what is this!!!!! If they make MG&MR suffer for 4 episode I’m going to hate Kdrama and wont come back for unknown time…I will go back to Jdrama…..I like this drama because from the start it so focused on OTP and their cuteness, I like their development finding love for each other..why must they mess it up…gaaaahhh I’m afraid to watch episode 10 because MR will cry alot and have a deep pain,,,but but…gaaaahhh I’m so used to watch M3 in Tuesday and wednesday, what should I do??oh I wish I can just ff and move to episode 14..I’m sure in that episode we can see our MR&MG happy nyappy love…can’t they do that?just skip the angst into lovey dovey??

    • hmseen says:

      erika, BTW, I have been trying to decipher lots of acronyms here but I could not find a clue..since I am still new with these recaps thingy….what is OTP….? LOL!

      and I am with you…I think there will be lots of suffering for MR and crying too and relenting to loser dad and evil dad….

  31. Susan says:

    honestly i dont care with the rating, the epic story is all the matter long as MG and MR together …that will be great

  32. sandi says:

    Thanks u for epi 10 preview and dialogue translation.
    Now I see MG explosion, but to his mum, not to MI. but its reminds me “Your Are Beautiful”. I am waiting for his action on that Ohhhhhhh cannot wait for tonight…..

  33. frizka says:

    JGS!!!! I love you so much, I don’t know why everytime he cry, I’m crying too. sometimes I don’t even understand what he’s talking about. his tears just look so real and touch my heart soooo deep. . for me he’s the best actor ever. JGS fighting!!!

  34. Sheng says:

    Hi koala! Just can’t wait for your ep 10 recap. Checking your blog @ 3:24 in the morning here (California time) and just wishing you’ll post something about M3 and was so glad you did πŸ™‚ thanks so much!!! Well, guess I can go back to sleep now πŸ™‚ mwah! Mwah! Lol!

  35. Ami says:

    I don’t get people like Seo Jun, I really don’t. In love, as in war, we should not when to retreat and when to surrender. I feel like blowing this character up to smithereens and replacing her with another villain I at least can identify with.

    What is it about mothers blaming their children for being born anyway? They’re the ones who had fun sleeping around, they’re the ones who decided to have the babies, they’re the ones who left their own children lying around in some street corners, abandoned stairways or relatives’ houses. Then when the poor kids are all own grown up, they go.. “I have all this problems in my life because you were born!” Does anyone else understand this ‘logic’?

  36. Good Work,very thx.You are best…

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