Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok Confirmed as Winners at the 2010 Yahoo Buzz Awards

Finally! The controversy and conspiracy theories can be laid to rest now. Yahoo has investigated the allegations of voting discrepancies, and have discounted any votes from any suspicious IP address, which did not just appear in the votes for any one star but throughout the nominees pool. As a result, Yahoo released the definite and confirmed winners for its 2010 Buzz Awards. Congratulations to Jang Geun Seok (Korea Male Star and Asia Star), and Moon Geun Young (Korea Female Star)!

Jang Geun Seok is coming off a stellar year with You’re Beautiful and now Mary Stayed Out All Night, and Moon Geun Young got a lot of exposure earlier this year for Cinderalla Unni. Seriously, this news makes me giddy as a school girl again. The thought of Geun-squared showing up to accept their awards together is giving me the fangirl shakes. I would pay money for them to show up dressed and in the character of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. How adorable would that be? Out of this world adorable.

But I worry that neither may be able to attend the awards show on December 17, 2010 in Hong Kong. M3 is pretty much on a live-shoot schedule now, and I don’t know if the drama can afford to lose its two main actors for 2 days, minimum, right when that week would require them to likely film the final few episodes of the drama.

Drama gods, please make it happen that the most adorable and chemistry-laden K-drama couple this year can give me some awards show fanservice. Unless we’re talking Baeksangs, I normally don’t pay attention to these popularity contests. Right now I care only because Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young have stolen my heart. Oh my darlings Mae Ri and Mu Gyul!

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38 Responses to Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok Confirmed as Winners at the 2010 Yahoo Buzz Awards

  1. Francesca says:

    I agree with you…I love to see them dressed like MG and MR in the award show…They are so cute together…

    Ockoala, thanks for this information…

  2. magoo says:

    I hope they’ll at least do a live broadcast appearance to the awards show? from their M3 set? haha that would be something……go Geun^2 πŸ˜‰ Thanks Koala for the news bit..

  3. Erika says:

    Squeee yeah for geun geun couple.I hope they can come,maybe thei pd think this will help to promote more and gain more fans for m3&show how great geun2 couple in and out acting.thanx for info.oh I wish they would come and give bit fanservice to make fangirl go crazy.

  4. jennifer artates says:

    congrats to the one and only jang geun suk..and olso to all the fan’s..hep!hep!hurray!

  5. antonia says:

    Me too, hope they could go… i’m so happy they won, it’s almost like i was the one who win πŸ˜€

  6. xmga says:

    Wow! Congratulations to both!
    Thanks for the information. πŸ™‚

  7. blueangel says:

    I’m so happy for them!

  8. Joey says:

    Congratulations to both πŸ™‚ Wonder if they will show the awards ceremony live online, it’ll be great to see them both receiving the awards at the show

  9. hmseen says:

    hoooorrraaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy let’s throw a cyber-party for them and congratulations for the win! they deserve it…. they have been quite a buzz! and the award is really appropriate…:)

    Thanks koala for the news! Yes, I am feeling and behaving like a school girl now…. all giddy and fuzzy and aflutter….

  10. sandi says:

    Thanks so much for posting this great news, Dear Ockoala.
    I would liket to say CONGRATULATION to both Geuns ….. Jang Geun Seok/ Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young.
    I wish they can accept those awards on the stage on 17/12/2010 at HK.
    Pls make it happen, I am praying for that now.

  11. Ivy says:

    hi all, don’t think JGS can go to Hong Kong on 17 Dec cos he has to attend a Samsung Yepp event that very day in Seoul …

  12. M3lover says:

    Finally, the controversy has now been put to rest. Thanks Yahoo Asia & thanks to the fans who voted and give their untiring support to these two actor/actress. I’ve been affected by this brouhaha because I love both Kim Hyun Joong & Jang Geun Suk but I can understand why a lot of people like Geun Suk. He is such a good actor and then this drama really coincides with the poll. It also pains me to hear negative comments about Geun Suk from my friends who are also a fan of Hyun Joong accusing fans of JGS of fraud. I watched both Playful Kiss and now I am also watching Marry Me Mary and I must say that while PK is totally eye candy esp KHJ, M3 gives me a feeling of anticipation & excitement to look forward to the next episode. Although it has a simple storyline the cast compensated in their acting ability in making their character alive for us.

    I would like to give a big thanks to you “OCKOALA” for all your recaps & insights to this drama. It made me appreciate it more and of course love it more…..

  13. GeunSeok fan says:

    congrats to both!

    i have a question.. i sometimes read in forums and blogs that JGS is a “diva”. Do you guys know what they mean? Are they referring to his overly heightened “femininity”, or simply that he thinks of himself as such a big star? If it’s the latter then i don’t think there’s anything wrong because he’s really quite popular and very talented to boot. Besides, i’m yet to hear him say or do anything that would mark him in my book as an airhead. Though i am guessing that’s the beauty of JGS’ charm. He can be totally praising himself, and still come off as adorable because of the way he would put whatever it is he is saying..

    Now if it’s the former.. I don’t know. I’ve struggled at trying to accept his hairstyle and fashion sense. Though nowadays i have already gotten used to them. I guess the bottomline is, i definitely hope he’s not gay.

    • haru says:

      I’m an official eel^^ JKS forever^^

      ..but, YES, HE IS A DIVA!!!! But he totally gets away with it, and I love him for his DIVA-ness:)

      Basically, it’s his sense of style and his unabashed awareness/self-declaration of his talents and stardom. But it’s all true and he’s so gorgeous…so it’s a cool kind of DIVA:)

      • M3lover says:

        Maybe it’s mainly because he always joke about it but you know antis will always take it the wrong way…. and he’s definitely not gay he’s just have a different fashion sense and style. I’ve gotten used to it actually, if you noticed Korean celebrity has a totally different fashion sense so it is not surprising any more.

        And he really is a damn good actor if not the best in his generation. You can see that most of TV dramas was offered to him first before it was given to any other actor. He can turn down or accept a project that would suit to his craft and acting abilities so I can say that he can be a DIVA if he wants to.

  14. xiaoSxin says:

    Yay! I do hope they can attend the awards together!!

  15. JGS fan club says:

    Thank you for your update of Jang geun suk and Moon geun young news.
    I’m really like both of them so much.

  16. Sweety says:

    Yaaaaaay!!! Congrats to them,

    I hope they can make an appearance too, JGs is sooo good with fanservice,

    Maybe they’ll even spil us ^^

  17. shiro says:

    Congratulations to both Keun Suk and MGY.
    It would be fabulous if they could go to the award show in characters ^.^ I would love to see the hobos taking over the red carpets lolz
    However, the chances of them attending is small… Suk has YEPP event on Dec 17 from 6-9pm, and the filming schedule would be so tight… I think the HK award comes with 4D3N trip? It would be almost impossible for both of them to go. Hopefully they would attend the year-end award show…

  18. rich says:

    Wow! Congratulations to the Geun-Geun couple. ^^

    I never thought that MGY is that thin… T.T

  19. Ami says:

    Ha! The conspiracy theorists were so serious it scared me. I love both the stars in question.. well, one gets more of my love than the other.. but it makes me uncomfortable to have JGS fandom being called into question… and I was mumbling to myself that whoever would win, I’d cheer for him anyway.. hehe. Happy to see JGS won it.. (altho I still can’t see what’s the magnificent fuss was about.. I guess I’m too old to give a shiz)

  20. aish says:

    why JGS wins the asia category?? Himself and his drama She’s beautiful will not recognized in our country. i think he’s not deserving for this award since he’s not a popular as what YB proclaimed

    • newbie says:

      Have you visited the official website of JGS? His avid fans in China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. commited to vote for him every 10 minutes for him to win. He may not be popular in your country but there are a lot of Sukkie fans all over Asia who are LOYAL and dedicated to him.

      • aish says:

        I’m from one of the country you’ve mentioned but he is no longer recognized even of the other countries. Actually, i recognized him only yesterday when i visit this blog and read this news. He may have fans in Asia but not that many that YB proclaims..If he visit the countries you’ve mentioned and his fans will welcome warmly in the airport which other K artists’ fans did, & of course FM too coz that’s the prove he’s the most popular among all K stars.

      • Meanaahh says:

        I totally agree with you, I love Sukkie n am very committed when it comes for J.G.S!!!
        Congratulation to Sukkie… ;0)

      • chinmae says:

        who’s JGS?

  21. newbie says:

    Congrats to the Geun-Geun couple!!! ❀

  22. Camilla says:

    I am a Kim Hyun Joong fan he is my absolute nr 1, but i am still glad that Jang Geun Seok won this. It was deserved. JGS is a great actor, and even as a KHJ fan i can admit that JGS is a better actor. Congratulations.

    • banny says:

      Maybe he deserves to be a best actor in drama category but not the most popularity wise especially in ASIA. I’m also a fan of kim hyunjoong but I don’t even vote him as a best actor since he’s not capable to deserve it. I voted him as the “best popularity actor not only in local area but in whole Asia” as we all know that he deserves it…Don’t use Kim Hyunjoong as your idol because you are definitely not. _Peace-

      • YYW says:

        I totally agree with Banny. JGS’s acting is better than KHJ (don’t forget that he has many years of experience compared to KHJ). But come to popularity worldwide, KHJ is definitely much better. No hard feeling but it is true.

  23. Spring says:

    All fans who were blocked from voting for 3 days by JGS’s cheaters finally get our last laughs because if you have not heard the latest news yet, KHJ has won 3 awards from YAB!!!!! YIPPY!!!! All the hard work fans had been putting into day and night voting (fans from China especially)are rewarded and HJ is flying to HK on Friday to attend the award ceremony! He will also be singing!!
    SO cheaters don’t win! Truth triumph! JGS’s candidature should in the first place be disqualified for being caught cheating!
    Shame on all his fans who made a fool of their idol! Hahhahahah!!!
    I have nothing against JGS but his fans, if they voted and he win then it’s fair and square but not by CHEATING!

    • YYW says:

      True. Yahoo should have void all ‘autoclick’ votes. However, since Yahoo still gives 3 awards to KHJ, this shows that Yahoo knew pretty well how famous is KHJ.

  24. Christine says:


  25. atinair says:

    Ja, ja, ja, this stupid Buzz Award!! I was actually voting for both KHJ and JGS cause I love them both just fine. I also thought that KHJ was surely gonna win seeing that until the last days he was ahead by millions of votes. But….starting from Saturday until the voting was closed KHJ fans could barely vote and my oh my JGS numbers increased by millions overnight! Dedicated fans who click nonstop on a weekend? I don’t think so!!!
    He he he, whoever it is who used the autoclick program to win JGS is the real Yahoo Buzz Award Winner 2010. He/she/they should go to HK to accept their awards! LOL..

    • Juno says:

      Yeah, absolutely agreee! Give the all awards to the CHEATER who activated the auto-click button for voting JGS. Haahahahaha! How shameful , Boo! and rotten eggs!

  26. cadray says:

    congratulations your movie is very inspiring i hope next time you have a movie again together.. ilove the songs thank you for inspiring us..

  27. cadray says:

    you guys are deserving to be awarded .. congrats again mwuuuuuaaaahhhh… merry Christmas

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