Mary Stayed Out All Night BTS Video of Nami Island Date

KBS released an official behind-the-scenes video of the Nami Island shoot with Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young for Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!). Jang Geun Seok revealed in an interview earlier that he and Moon Geun Young actually ad lib a lot of their lines. That can only happen when the actors are as talented and in sync as these two are. I’ll update this post with a YT link if someone uploads it there. Otherwise, you can click to watch it on Youku.

BTS of Nami Island shoot:

It’s so cool to see that Jang Geun Seok really does know how to play the guitar, and can in fact sing the songs just fine without a full studio mixer. This couple gives me both the warm and fuzzies, and the worries and sadness – which is the best feeling an OTP can possibly give to a viewer. I also just realized that my last 10 posts have all been about M3 or tangentially related thereto. Not even during the Playful Kiss days did that ever happen. I promise the next post will NOT be about M3. I’ll try to think of something else I want to share.

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19 Responses to Mary Stayed Out All Night BTS Video of Nami Island Date

  1. estel says:

    Revelation that JGS and MGY ad lib = true โค

    Omo, I am so in love with MR and MG's relationship. It's almost like a whole other entity in the drama, and I adore it. Thanks, Oh Koala Greatness, for feeding my addiction! ^_^

    • estel says:

      Oh, as to your last comment — Did you perhaps catch the first episode of Channel X? Or see the seven-minute preview of Athena? I have been greatly wondering about your thoughts on both.

      • ockoala says:

        I don’t want to watch the Athena long trailer – I’m a little Athena media frenzied out, and want to lay low and enjoy it when it premieres.

        Channel X was dreadful – heavy-handed, clunky, and all-around stiff as hell acting. I have no idea what the frak SETTV was thinking – the story is going to implode on itself because the execution is terrible and there is no subtlety in any aspect of this drama.

        But Joe looks amazingly handsome. I was so bored with the drama I ff’d the first episode and read the subtitles to make sure that the story was as obvious as it appeared to be.

      • estel says:

        @ockoala Yes, that’s pretty much what I thought, only I can’t read/don’t speak Chinese at all.

        Oh well. Joe ispretty darn yummy looking. That’s worth something, at least. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Dante says:

    But your M3 posts are to die for! Doesn’t matter anyway. I eat up everything you write.

  3. meli says:

    i think many of us are so obsessed with this show that we would welcome any updates in between episodes. ๐Ÿ™‚ i like that the jgs and mgy seem to be good friends off-cam also (and their chemistry shows on cam, too).

  4. Francesca says:

    Ockoala, please post more information about M3….I am so addicted to this drama….I really like the chemistry between JGS and MGY…I’ve been telling my friends to visit your blog site…My day is not complete without visiting your site…Thanks for everything!…

  5. Larkspur says:

    But I love everything M3 that you’ve posted and so thankful for them Ockoala!!!

  6. Erika says:

    Thats so cute of them.will make sure to see that bts.lets spread the love

  7. moom says:

    Dear Koala, I don’t mind at all that all your posts are abt M3, more please, hee
    not sure how I am going to detox when it ends tho..

    Abt the BTS; even off-cam, they seem to be quite comfortable with each other.. sharing a few laughs and JKS teaching MGY how to place her fingers on the guitar strings.. nice.. I hope that all the comments abt the 2 being good friends is not just publicity by the crew and that they remain close friends even after M3 is over..

  8. Sweety says:

    Thanks !!!

    I like interactions between the cast ^^ I want to see JI’s BTS, I’ve never seen another work from him and I’m really curious about the actor ’cause JI is so stiff.

    JGS must really be a nice guy, I’ve seen only 2 dramas in which he stars but he always seems to make sure his co-stars are comfortable! that’s the vibe I get anyway.

  9. antonia says:

    “I also just realized that my last 10 posts have all been about M3 or tangentially related thereto”
    for this i can only say: THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. scha says:

    please please pleaseeeeeeee don’t stop posting bout M3…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~~ T_T

  11. Venus says:

    COME ON!!!! we need more M3 news…u need to keep feeding our addiction….pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!….

  12. NittayaP says:

    Don’t stop pleaseeeeeeee …. I’m really lover your posts abou M3 so much.

  13. Yama=Kaze says:

    Like a lot of other people I just love the GeunGeun-couple, so please just continue to spread the love ๐Ÿ™‚ I just want to inform you that Moon Geun Young has won a Yahoo Buzz Award!

  14. xiaoSxin says:

    It’s Ok.. continue with the M3 love posts!!! Thanks so much!

  15. koyangi says:

    ockoala:”I promise the next post will NOT be about M3. Iโ€™ll try to think of something else I want to share.”
    me: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..andweeeeeeeeeeee…….

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