Secret Garden Update For This Weekend’s Broadcast

Isn’t that picture above fan-freaking gorgeous? It’s the cover for the upcoming Secret Garden OST, to be released shortly. One word: wow. I’ve read the written preview for episode 6 and it confirms that Joo Won and Ra Im have swapped bodies, and spend the episode confused and dealing with the situation. I don’t have time to translate, but it’s very short as usual and I just summed it up for you.

Below is a picture from episode 5 that is super spoilerish only for people who think we’re talking about a Frances Hodgsen Burnett novel when they hear the title Secret Garden. Cheerios, SG-addicts. I’m off to board ma lil’ plane headed back home. When I land the episode will have aired. *Claps hand excitedly*

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14 Responses to Secret Garden Update For This Weekend’s Broadcast

  1. yeisha says:

    SG is now Pride and Prejudice meets Secret Garden (FHB novel) — the lit geek in me is squeeing with glee. hee.

    and yes, that pic is gorgeous. only actors with their level of experience can pull off that look of awareness, intensity, longing, tension…and then some. aaaahhh, i can’t get enough of two.

    • lulybunny says:

      why am I not surprised yours is the first comment? :p Mmmm, the Situp Staredown. Lovely picture.

      Anxiously awaiting ep 5, waiting for subs iskilling me. Got totally spoiled with PK.

      • rainyrain says:

        here too , in love with SG πŸ™‚

      • Lulybunny says:


        It’s soooo good. I’m all in for the OTP but my fave character is Oska. I laugh so hard at him.

      • rainyrain says:

        I’m loving the OTP more and Binnie is a heart , but I’m also loving the other side , the sad and hurt side of Oska , really curious to know what happened between him and SEUL

    • Lala says:

      Oh, I know! I thought the same thing as I was watching: “This has bit of Pride and Prejudice.”

    • mayssenger says:

      hey yeisha, lulybunny, rainyrain, how are you guys doing? I watched SG; oskar is hilarious, I laugh so hard every time he appears. Binnie is sad and intense and cool…just don’t get why she keeps rejecting him…if it were me I’d be married to him and have triplets by now. But the one that really makes me all choked up is philip ho..the guy who plays her stunt boss? It hurts so bad every time he looks at her with that yearning look…it’s sooo sad and many sad lonely people in this show

      • yeisha says:

        @mayssenger, oooh…are you crossing over to SG, my friend?
        i am so in love with this show its not even funny. it may surpass all other affection that i have for previous dramas and that’s saying A LOT. i just can’t get over how flawed and yet how vulnerable all the characters are, especially Lime and Sparkly Tracksuit. and i have a huge silly grin on my face ALL.THE.TIME watching their crazy antics. of course, the chemistly is RAWR. πŸ˜‰

      • yeisha says:

        oooopsss…i meant, “chemistry”. see what these two have done to me? i can’t even type straight. hee.

      • rainyrain says:

        yeisha , I can stop watching the restaurant scene with RI-OSKA-JW , it’s just too good : how JW reacted to oska-RI flirtation and then how he and RI were so sad and hurt when they had the flashback than back to the funny JW three states of mind in just one scene , that was great .
        @mayssenger : hey good to see u by here friend , the show is great .
        BTW and out of topic , did you read the latest diaries of Baek senug joo and Oh Hani : they are great , go to soompi , they are a bonus , never scene before with a story we didn’t see in episodes and webisodes πŸ™‚
        the writer said it’s her gift for all PKessers πŸ™‚

  2. sansukini says:

    Loks like she’s got a lot of potions to brew. Bruhaha! I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode.

  3. You’re not the only one Rainyrain πŸ™‚
    I really like this show !!

    And more, I have to say that Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novel and movie !!
    So I’m so happy !!

    • rainyrain says:

      yes Pride and Prejudice is a really good story , I love it too , the chemistry between OTP in this show is great , all chracteres are aww πŸ™‚

  4. sunshower3 says:

    i’m curious koala. u know the korean langauge? if not how do you provide recaps so fast even before subtitles are out?

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