Secret Garden Episode 5 Written Preview

If anyone is waiting for my recap of Mary Stayed Out All Night, its not forthcoming because episode 6 was preempted today for the Asian games. I don’t know if KBS will air three episodes next week, or just push all the airing dates back by one episode.

The same preemption happened this past weekend to some dramas as well, but did not affect Secret Garden. SBS just released the written preview for episode 5, and not a minute too soon. I was losing the ability to wait patiently, like Joo Won was unable to breath in the vicinity of Ra Im in that dressing room.

Written preview for episode 5 of Secret Garden:

When Ra Im sees Yoon Seol, she gets very angry and confronts her about whether Yoon Seol called the department store to get Ra Im’s friend fired. When Joo Won sees this confrontational Ra Im, he actually asks Ra Im to apologize to Yoon Seol.

When Joo Won sees that Ra Im remains silent, Joo Won asks if she is angry at him? Ra Im asks Joo Won – how can a person behave like he does? Joo Won had intended to explain to Ra Im that he was not helping Yoon Seol…..Ra Im asks Joo Won how does a person spend one billion won at a department store [remember that access to the special lounge in episode 1 was given to members who spent that amount]?

Contrary to Joo Won’s expectation, Ra Im does something so unexpected that it leaves Joo Won speechless….

Secret Garden is so wonderful it’s almost defying me to resist writing about it. I’m worried that once I start, I won’t be able to stop. It’s a drama that needs to be WATCHED, it’s beautiful, melancholy, mystical, and above-all-else, mature and sexy.

Sometimes when I am watching SG, I have to remind myself to breathe. Without realizing it, I’ve tensed up from the riveting chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.

[Written preview from SBS Secret Garden website]

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20 Responses to Secret Garden Episode 5 Written Preview

  1. ladysaotome says:

    I only found out about M3 #6 being postponed a little while ago. 😦 But at least we have Secret Garden to tide us over!

  2. momosan says:

    GAH!!!! And now I’m speechless for the next 5 days!

  3. crzycpl says:

    I am in LOVE with Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. Seriously. These two are rockin’ it in Secret Garden!! Can’t wait for the weekend to come around….

  4. i agree SG is great.. It so fast phase that it leads my brain worked up so much. scientist say that our brain works around 10% of ts capacity but for me when i am watching SG i feel like my head is in overdrive. this really is the drama that is saving me from my PK withdrawal…

    but i am kinda worried, i mean i love the dynamic between the neurotic-‘perfect’-Chaebol-Son JooWon and the Tough-on-th-outside-mushy-in-the-inside RaIm As it is. with the body swapping, errrr, it is kinda making me worried…!!! damn worried…
    i want my Binnie to be screaming because he is neurotic not because he is a girll!!!

    • rainyrain says:

      hey , nice to see you here , secret garden is also kind of saviour from my PK withdrawl also , I’m loving it and I’m loving the main leads too .
      concerning the personnality/body switch , I was worried also until I watched the long preview of the drama and seems it’s gonna be funny when this switch is gonna happen , JW in the body of RI will behave in a funny way and same for RI , so just relax and enjoy 🙂

      • readlead says:

        totally agree with you. like others too, SG is saviour from my PK withdrawl too… let’s hope, this drama will be good like since ep 1st until the end…

    • sasha says:

      this really is the drama that is saving me from my PK withdrawal…>>>> ya rite!!! its so difficult for me to get over seung jo and ha ni out of my head…finally, hyun bin saved me in SG hu hu hu….:D *shamshik is back*

  5. Jekei says:

    Waaa…thanks thanks for this preview!!
    I really have to learn korean!! 🙂
    I can’t wait for next episodes !!! ^^
    Yes…today is wednesday…cool !! 3 more days before episode 5 🙂

  6. Ellyfan says:

    I have never been more aware of time passing. I realy wish i could sleep through the week and wake up only to watch this show. Sadly i can’t; so i will content myself with talking about the show till my roomates lock me out .

  7. Renee says:

    hey ockoala! Can I say I’m missing your recap on SG?? yeah.. I know M3 and SG back to back is too much BUT SG is so delightful!! The funny bits is so with style and the dialogue is fantastic!! Mature & sexy to boot!!! I love the chemistry between HB & HJW!! it’s electrifying man!!! Whew!! The hotness close up of them is too much to take!! HB is so darn handsome altho he’s on the thin side now and HJW is simply so ethereal despite being a stuntwoman and all. How you manage to stop yourself from recapping this — ka ka … I don’t know… But you are right that SG is a must watch – the camera shots are great and where did they find all these nice backdrops? The house is unbelievable too!!! LOVE everything about it ….

  8. deannadsc says:

    Ockoala, it seems I can’t stop swooning over Secret Garden!!! You’re right, it has all the signs of a City Hall-in -the-making vibe…but since it’s just ep.5 & 6…I’m hoping it can surpass CH’s standard & make it to my all-time-favorite-list!!!
    In fact, I’m loving this drama 3 times more than M3 already!!!
    So sad that you don’t have enough time to recap this awesome drama, though!!!

  9. Emeldy says:

    Thank You … Ockoala

  10. miswa says:

    Thanks Ockoala!
    This drama so good that I feel so frustrated that only 2 episodes are released each week. It’s driving me crazy!LOL

  11. yeisha says:

    goodness, i let out a legitimate squeal watching the sit-ups scene!!! and that dressing room scene….RAWR!!! i really really wanted, no *willed*, Binnie to rip her clothes off right then and there. its too much, too too much, i hope they don’t go up in flames with all these sparks shooting all over the place. ha!

    i know its too early to tell but this might just be The Drama for me. cinematography, soundtrack, editing, everything about it…ah, sooo good. not one single frame is wasted. and of course, there’s the delicious dialogue between the OTP that i can’t get enough of. makes me want to learn korean just so i won’t have to wait for subs.

    which reminds me, i want to memorize that nursery rhyme that Binnie is always chanting. anyone knows where to find it? heee. 😉

    p.s. thanks again ockoala for the recommendation.

  12. rainyrain says:

    thanks ockoala for the preview , I’m really loving this drama and I’m impatiently waiting for the week-end to come , not only becoz I’m off but also becoz I’m gonna watch the show .
    I so wished u could have the time to update this drama but I know how busy a lawyer and a married woman can be 🙂
    the swtich is gonna be funny so I’m waiting for it .
    M3 I really don’t know why I’m not able to watch this show till now eventhough I downloaded all epi and subs and eventhough I have the time , really not willing to :S

  13. sandi says:

    Thanks Ockoal for posting SG epi 5 written preview.
    I am waiting to be headed into the emotional territory (its your word fm M3 recap epi5) form SG.
    I think SG is good story to watch. I knew Hyun Bin form “My name is Kim Sam Soon”.
    I like his acting. I haven’t seen SG yet. I will start watching tonight.

  14. blooish says:

    Hi thanks for the episode 5 preview.. can’t really get enough of SG!!! I’ve already watched episode 3 & 4 in raw and with subs a number of times already and I still can’t get enough of it. How wish it’s Saturday and Sunday again.. can’t wait to watch episode 5 even without subs! Only K-series I’ve watched even without the subs..that’s how freaking awesome SG is for me.

  15. hena says:

    oohh.. i really really loved SG and M3…

  16. czak says:

    go go secret garden….!!!
    hyunBin!!! hotness epicsome!!!

  17. Arian says:

    Can’t wait for the upcoming epi of SG. Hyun Bin and HJW has the right chemistry and heats up the drama;)

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