Written Preview for Episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

What’s that sound you hear? Just me screaming on the top of my lungs, wishing that I had not started watching Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) right now. What I would give to be able to marathon this baby. This is painful folks, but hopefully the written preview for episode 6 will lessen of some of the agony.

Written Preview for Episode 6:

Because of the unexpected kiss from Mu Gyul, Mae Ri is completely frozen. After her first kiss with Mu Gyul, Mae Ri cannot think of him without her heart beating faster.

Mae Ri finds out about Mu Gyul’s slave contract with the bitchy manager, and goes to ask Jung In for help. Jung In talks with the manager and asks her to release Mu Gyul. Mu Gyul gets upset with Mae Ri after he finds out that she has meddled and involved Jung In in his situation.

Mu Gyul goes to find Jung In to tell him to back off, the situation does not involve Jung In. As Mu Gyul is about to get even angrier, Jung In starts to strum the guitar, and Mu Gyul listens to Jung In’s passion and sincerity with respect to music. The following day, Mu Gyul signs a contract with JI Entertainment.

After much back-and-forth, the two men have reached an understanding. Now that they are working together as partners, the awareness arises again that Mae Ri stands between them. This causes both to recognize their own thoughts about this situation.

Jung In’s dad once again reminds Jung In that if he doesn’t get Mae Ri to choose him in the end, he will rescind the investment.

At the opening ceremony for the JI production, Jung In asks Absolute Mu Gyul to perform at the party. Even though Mu Gyul is unhappy about the request, he nonetheless complies. At the party, Mu Gyul sees Jung In and Mae Ri acting close with each other, arousing his jealousy. Afraid of having his fake marriage with Mae Ri revealed, Mu Gyul directly tells Jung In that his marriage to Mae Ri is real.

FINALLY. God, I needed some more forward momentum from Mu Gyul at this point. While I still love his carefree attitude and matter-of-fact way of having Mae Ri in his life, it’s about time for him to start taking a stake in the situation, and sweat bullets that his Merry Christmas needs to be fought for if he wants her.

A word of advice to Mae Ri – oh sweetie, asking husband #2 to help out husband #1 is like prohibition numero uno in the “How to be married to two husbands” handbook. This is only going to ratchet up the dick-waving for the rest of the drama.

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55 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

  1. Imcrazyce says:

    “dick waving”?! Ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha. Koala you be funny.

  2. Natasha says:

    I haven’t even watched Ep.5 but I’m excited…
    This drama is like an addiction…
    And, now I can’t wait for the recap!
    I’m really happy I discovered this website:)
    Thanks Koala:)

  3. hin says:

    aww thank you so much Koala.
    I watched Ep5 live today and haha both In and MG were so cute and hot at the same time.
    Can’t wait for your recap.
    And I love reading your blog. ❤

  4. Kerstin says:

    dick-waving lol
    I’m sooooo loving this show, the moonies are utterly cute together^^ can’t wait to watch the next episodes…

  5. sobe says:

    ep 5 made me jump outta my seat like crazy and watch ep 6 will literally kill me XDDDD

  6. rich says:

    OMG! Things are getting really fast in this drama which I really like. XD I wish I can be Mae Ri! XD I wonder how it feels to be in her situation… at this point I’m squealing already. XD

  7. katieq says:

    ahh omg i will literally kill myself if i don’t watch ep 5 todayy
    — hin where’d you watch it?

  8. antonia says:

    Thank god i discovered this page
    thank you for all the info and pics and spoilers!!!
    i promise myself not to watch spoilers but i gave in, i can’t help it

    love jgs and m3, can’t wait to see 5 epi… and the kiss 😉
    maery christmas!!!

  9. oi says:

    you are so funny and so right. How to survive the wait week after week until my JI gets his girl…..kekekekke

  10. celestialorigin says:

    OMG! I’m in trouble… Now, attempting to DL M3ep5 in Washington Dullus airport. I have no idea how fast the wi-fi is here… Oh, no, not that fast…

  11. cjm22 says:

    Where can I watch episode 5 with english subs!? huhu 😦

  12. ziren87 says:

    lol…i cant stop laughing at the dick waving word you gave there….oh my imagination suddenly becomes wild…lol…

  13. Ellen says:


    I agree with you 100% regarding this:
    What I would give to be able to marathon this baby.

    OH MAN

    But yeah, about time My Gyul pulled his act together. = 3= AAARHH

  14. Kate says:

    OMG – Jung In, you need to step up to the plate boy and make some moves. :))

    Thanks Ockoala I’m hooked as usual. 🙂

  15. Erika says:

    Thanx for this.yeah mary add litle triger to make both hubby fight over her.you go girl though she so oblivious bout it.can’t wait MG start to act all jealous.love this drama,my new addiction.can’t wait for recap..haha because I only know a bit of what they are talking about.

  16. sandi says:

    Dear Ockoala,
    Thanks so much for epi 6 preview. It is very interesting to watch. You won’t be believe that if I say now I haven’t watched any of epi yet.
    But I really enjoy to read your details awesome writing.
    I love this epi that we are going to see MG’s jealous, I like Jang Geun Suk’s jealous acting in “you are beautiful”. So I cannot wait to see one of his best acting of jealousy scene, which make me exicting. Hahahah……
    I might start watching M3 from episode 6, instead of watching fm epi one……. then back to epi one…..

    Big thanks for your speedy update.

  17. xmga says:

    I’m still waiting for your recap for the 5th episode, but still I read this…this made me more excited…thanks much!

  18. rory's mom says:

    Painful yet addictive. JGS never gets the girl! I was reminded of Hong Gil where he falls in love too late and the same will happen here. I foresee Maeri’s dad and MG’s mom being an item therefore deterring any involvement between the two free spirits. I will keep watching cause it is a great drama but I will be angry at the end, I am sure.

  19. Angel says:

    Just read for recap of epi. 5..and I’m already looking for previews hahaha 8D
    Cannot imagine how I can survive 6 days of no msoan after tomorrow D:

    I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s very interesting for realz! xD

  20. mayssenger says:

    It’s pretty obvious MG’s going to get the girl here cos:

    1. he’s THE MAIN LEAD
    2. he’s poor (the other guy’s rich so his money will help him to patch up his broken heart later LOL)
    3. he got to piggyback Mary first
    4. he got to kiss Mary first
    5. he got to kiss Mary first in front of Jung In (Note: Guys, this is always a plus factor: kissing the girl in front of your rival adds like a zillion points in your favour:)
    6. he’s got an ex (Note: the guy with the ex always gets the girl – we need a TRIANGLE, remember? Jung In. poor unlucky chap that he is, has no ex)
    7. she’s knitting for him
    8. a weird-looking black cat thingy pops up every once in a while at the bottom of your screen and we know that he and her have got a cutesy miaow-miaow and woof-woof thing going) Note: Poor Jung In doesn’t get any strange creatures popping up when he appears
    9. MG and Mary pics are EVERYWHERE, compared to JI and Mary pics….so unless they are posing for the 2010 Korean Knitting Club Committee, I guess it means …they are the Destined Couple?

    Poor Jung In…my heart bleeds for you, but a second lead’s a second lead…second leads get their hearts broken all the time. Better luck next time?

    • allenif says:

      omo… i’m late again. heheh! annyeong, chingu mayssenger! your point# 2 made me LOL and that “posing for the 2010 Korean Knitting Club Committee” just killed me. whahhahahahhahha!

      you are definitely correct. *sigh* WHAT TO DO… WHAT TO DO… WHAT TO DO????? nevertheless, am still rooting for our beloved KJW. remember, Loyalty is very important above love, trust, and hope. LOL and still be singing the “nobody but you”, doing your “twirling cutesily-pointing cutesily-clapping cutesily”version which i find much cutier than my version. wahahahahha!

    • allenif says:

      and may i add.. though JI has no strange creatures popping up when he appears, he has always us… the strangest human beings doing the craziest thing for him. LOL

      • mayssenger says:

        @allenif my chingu! Yeah, we must be STRONGGGGGG!!!!!! but I fear our Jung In ship is bound for nowhere and may crash soon…but we will drown HAPPILY singing the NOBODY song with Jung In our chagiyahhhhh

      • allenif says:


  21. Carol says:

    you know, its more and more appropriate that this show has come to be my nicotine patch for Playful Kiss. The two guys fighting over a girl, one waaaaaaaaay more intently than the other (who’s in denial for a good long time), some serious, and obvious dick-waving (anyone remember the can kicking session in Playful Kiss?) and the oblivious little girl in the midst of it all…. and of course, the KISS….

    and of course, SG has become my SKKS replacement. sigh. and i thought that i’d never have such a run of dramas I adore after the Gumiho-SKKS-PK triple combo. this one might be a five punch sucker too, with M3-SG and the upcoming Paradise Ranch with Changmin (I admit it, I am an unabashed DBSK fan. Have been since their Rising Sun album) and My Princess (come on, you know that there is potential for some serious crack there!) and last but not least, ATHENA!

  22. zleb says:

    Thank you for the previews, even it’s not subbed yet, I somehow understand the flow because of your reviews. You are such an angel for the dramaddicts! I watched the manhwa of MSOAN ( I don’t know how to read Korean) and it’s a matter of fact that the story evolves around MKyul and Mary, though they changed the story, somehow they stick to the plot. I also love the character of Jung In (much lovable in comics, he seems to sincerely likes Mary there, even without the father pressure) and the two leads are supposed to love each other from the start because of the strawberry not the car incident. Anyways, I love the plot now, it leaves me with so much anticipation for each next episode. I just can’t wait for MORE! MORE! MORE!_Power to You…

  23. Bianca .T says:

    if you want to watch the drama with eng sub..u may want to watch it on kimchidrama..
    it comes out on thursdays and fridays i think…
    and without eng sub. u can go on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/MickymomoMickyy
    this person is rlly helpful (: uploads on tues and wednesdays ^_________^
    so loving this drama.

  24. rory's mom says:

    Maysenger, thanks for the positive but:

    1. Mae Ri is the lead.
    2. MG will be rich before it’s all over
    3. Friends give piggy-back rides too.
    4. I will give you that one. But it was loveless.
    5. He was angry.
    6. This drama is a quadrangle.
    7. Friends/family do that too.
    8. They have a bond because their parents are so messed up.
    9. I maybe wrong but Jang Geun Suk’s popularity on this planet is beyond belief. I get dizzy going on YT or Google to find something about him and thousands of pictures and articles pop up. In other words, they are selling the drama because the sneak is Mae Ri and Jung In will be together in the end.

    My hope is she picks neither rather than that.

    • mayssenger says:

      @rory’s mum Wow you really think so? I was positive (as are so many here) that she’s going to end up with MG….if she really ends up with Jung In, I’d be ECSTATICCCCCCC!!!!!!

  25. Jei says:

    I am so pumped to watch Episode 6!!!! I love your previews and recaps ❤

    I can't wait to watch the next episode, esp since Episode 5 was so stellar and had me squealing every three seconds. It can only get better ^^

    And I absolutely love the dick-waving line. And just for the sake of sharing…

    Dick Waving Contest

    An activity that usually involves two people who dispute their superiority to the other. This is accomplished by the recitation of individual skills, exploits and accomplishments whose merit is questionable at best. Also, the purpose of discussing said activities serves no purpose but to prove superiority to the other:
    "Jack and John debated for 3 hours who had the most money, girlfriends, best car, etc. It was really just a dick waving contest that made me sick. "

    definition c/o of UrbanDictionary.com

  26. miso says:

    This drama is satisfying my post playful kiss withdraw 😀 hehehe How it brightens my day after a day at work. Tx ockoala so much!!

  27. Lie-chan says:

    Thx for the recap !!!
    Episode 6 can’t be find anywhere… Apparently there’s some probleme with KBS or something … Do you know something about that ???

  28. pikaju says:

    No ep. 6 this week. I watch this drama. In my opinion, it is fun and addicted because I am cheering WMR and KMG to success in their love life and stay together since her father doesn’t like him, is mother is penney a…, JI’s father is bossy, beautiful ex-grilfriend and so on. Moreover, it reminds me when I first fell in love and dated with my husband. This drama is very cute and give me a possitive feeling every time I watch it. Beautiful and wonderful drama,

  29. pikaju says:

    Remember in the ep.5 KMG said to JI that he wont get involved in the drama that is not real. That is why he will make his fake marriage become real marriage. Ha ha ha ha live it!!! cute cute cute!!!

  30. Seulin says:

    Thank you so much! When I learned about that stupid war postponing the drama I felt like my world was smashed to the ground but with the written preview you saved my day. Your comments just cracked me up! Just keep on doing such a great work!

  31. Tina says:

    Thanks Koala.
    my patience jux extended thnx 2 this writing preview.
    I can’t wait 4 the ep. to come out! 😀

  32. mira_nas says:

    you know what… I can’t sleep and keep smiling like crazy after watching all the available episode.. really.. my addiction cannot stop anymore~~

  33. scha says:

    ooooooo u koala have saved my life..i’m dying for episode 6,now getting to know the storyline for that episode have tremendously relieved me..huuu keep out ur hard work..already bookmarked your website..ngee ^^

    to mayssenger: i’m on your side.. go MG ! figthing..if Maeri ends up with JI, i’ll kill the director and the script writer..ha ha ha..

  34. Babegirl04 says:

    thanks for the preview, koala. i’m really excited to see epi 6 now more than ever! i hope the next epi gets uploaded and subbed faster!

  35. maria ^__^ says:

    dick waving?! haha funny funny =)

    i love it when Mu Gyul got jealous. He’s really cute. both Mu Gyul and Jung In are handsome.. oh my, i’m so confused who to root for! Mary, can I have them both? lol hahaha

    thanks for the written preview. But really this is just a preview? it is more like summary of episode 6 hehehe. I’m dying to watch it now. Super thanks!

  36. suvanna says:

    Well! Mary stayed out all night ended but it display Kim JW is a good actor.

    In this drama, he is cute and funny.

    I think Korean actress Jung So Min is cute and funny too.

    I suggest both KJW and Jing So Min to act in one comedy drama. It will be very interesting.

    Jing So Min acting is natural, look good and dress well.

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