Ethan Ruan Wins Best Actor at the 2010 Golden Horse Awards

At the least the Taiwanese awards shows these past few years are consistent – consistently making my jaw drop. I think this has been trending since Mark Chao won the Best Actor award to the Golden Bell Awards in 2009 over co-star Vic Zhou. Followed by Rainie Yang winning best actress in the same drama awards in 2010. And now they both just got PWNED by Ethan Ruan, who is Taiwan’s newly crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards. K-ent fans, winning Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards is equivalent to winning the Baeksang.

Ethan was so overwhelmed that he brought his new BFF Mark Chao on stage with him in the form of a cardboard cut out. His long (suffering) girlfriend Tiffany Hsu could only watch as Ethan mooned over his just-acquired statue and cardboard Mark on stage. Mark co-starred with Ethan in the movie Monga, which was both a critical and box-office success. And this was the movie Ethan was nominated for and won (he played a high school delinquent gangmember/possibly gay guy who was in love with his onscreen BFF played by Mark).

I never thought the day would come that I would have to introduce Ethan Ruan as a Golden Horse Best Actor Winner, especially not before either Joe Cheng or Vic Zhou won first. Nonetheless, congrats to Ethan! He’s certainly come a long way since Fated to Love You. This win will likely cement Ethan’s already expressed desire to stick with a movie career and not do any more idol dramas. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s end this post with an expression of sheer dorky joy Ethan is showing us below. He’s seriously adorkable.

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11 Responses to Ethan Ruan Wins Best Actor at the 2010 Golden Horse Awards

  1. Miyamoto says:

    Way to go Ethan! I’ve always liked him since Fated To Love You, but his performance in My Queen showed how a good an actor he was. Too bad he’s not doing dramas anymore. So now I’ll have to watch his movies. Haha.

  2. Emeldy says:

    What ?
    He is not doing anymore Drama.
    This cannot be true.

    • Emeldy says:

      Oops Congrats Ethan, you are my Fist T drama Love. You will always be special. Though in terms of ranking Ming Dao as surpass you in my List.

      You Totally Deserve it.

  3. hellochloe says:

    Not true, not true! He said that he wouldn’t mind if he got a good script. Don’t you dare go out of rom coms, Ethan! My eyes on you!!!

  4. Sere says:

    Over Vic? What? Wait, give me a minute to recover…


    ok, no, still in shock.

  5. wise decision…I thought he was wasted in Fated to Love You…saw his earlier film and thought to myself that he has got some depth…and if channeled properly, he can be the next big star…and in Monga he was.

  6. noozie says:

    So adorkable!

    I’ve given up on ever being able to stomach Fated to Love You, but I think I’ll give some of his other work a shot.

  7. w. says:

    He was intensely cool in Monga. He can really act & has the charisma & physique to back it up. I’m glad he won. Too bad he might not be in tv dramas cuz than Van Ness Wu will be #1 because Autumn’s Concerto just rocked every romance vein in many women.

  8. starla says:

    love him! totally adorkable 🙂 couldn’t stomach ‘fated”s storyline but the cast was pretty cool; love ‘my queen’. am i the only one who thinks that he has shown so much potential in ‘wayward kenting’ & ‘L-O-V-E’?

  9. xing says:

    in Monga, his supposed love interest wasnt play the role by Mark .it was another of the gang of four . his performance in Monga showed his acting ability has alot of possibilities , he shine in the role . it was quite a good win if i may say so .

  10. shinta says:

    oooh my god, it looks like i had missed ethan’s wins news about. but i’m glad to heard he wins the award. i really sad if he would not act drama idol again because his “fated to love you” and “my queen” drama was very great, showed his ability and he was so cool, really. hope he will has new drama soon, and wish ethan could see my post. i always will be his fans 🙂 ^^

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