Mary Stayed Out All Night Written Preview for Episode 5

Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) – I am officially your koala slave. You beckon and I come scurrying over. The written preview for episode 5 of M3 is out. I really should end that sentence with an excessive flurry of exclamation marks, because I guarantee you’ll feel the same need after you read what carrot M3 is dangling before us.

On an unrelated note, I just popped off a First Impression review of M3 for Thundie (link above), so go check it out if you want a more cohesive first look at M3 which my all-over-the-place recaps don’t provide. Read on for the written preview….

M3 Episode 5 Written Preview:

Mae Ri and Jung In reminisce about their childhood memories at the country estate, and the day passes right by. Jung In is determined to wholeheartedly do everything in his power to make Mae Ri love him. Mae Ri is also experiencing, for the first time, a sense of warmth and her heart beating faster around Jung In. That night, Jung In has a nightmare about his father, concerning a long ago incident that is both frightening and painful.

Mu Gyul discovers that the Mae Ri that has been following him around like a cat is suddenly not there anymore. He realizes that without Mae Ri around, there is a palpable sense of emptiness.

Concluding their two days one night getaway, Mae Ri and Jung In return to Seoul, picking up a dumpster television by the side of the road to bring to Mu Gyul. Arriving at Mu Gyul’s, Mae Ri sees Seo Jun leaving his place. Jung In informs Mu Gyul that he is planning to sincerely pursue Mae Ri and have a real relationship with her. Mu Gyul is shocked by this news, and feels nervous.

Mae Ri’s dad continues to see Mu Gyul’s existence as a source of unease. He gives Mu Gyul a plane ticket and some money, asking him to leave Mae Ri. Sitting across from each other at a pub, Mae Ri’s dad’s efforts to get Mu Gyul to leave Mae Ri are to no avail. At this time, Mae Ri finds out from Jung In’s dad the story about her mother, whom he described as a ray of sunshine.

Mu Gyul’s mother reappears like the wind – still the same woman who gets into trouble and comes looking for her son to bail her out. Even though Mu Gyul is sick and tired of this, he still goes to see Jung In about his drama OST proposal.

To solve his problems, Mu Gyul needs to sign a contract with Jung In’s company. But Mu Gyul and Jung In cannot come to an agreement with respect to the place for the rest of the band. So the contract is null and void. Jung In is resolved to have Mu Gyul be his OST producer, so he finds Mae Ri to help convince Mu Gyul.

Jung In is also starting to get suspicious about Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s relationship, which leads Mae Ri to be apprehensive and worried that her fake marriage to Mu Gyul will be found out. She asks Mu Gyul to please help her. In front of Jung In, Mu Gyul leans in to kiss Mae Ri…..

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated to Chinese by Baidu Moon Geun Young bar, translated into English by me]

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  1. sc says:

    OMG!! so looking 4ward 2 it… 😀

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