Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 Recap

For the past two and a half months, a fervent group of viewers of a certain little drama called Playful Kiss have followed it through the highs (the pre-release fanfare), the lows (the post-release ratings disappointment), and the moments big and small. The same viewers even experienced the novel phenomenon of following this drama from the small screen (TV) to an even smaller screen (Youtube). Today, this journey comes to an end. And what a glorious ride it was.

Episode 7 of Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition has all the hallmarks of a PK interlude – Seung Jo acting cold to Ha Ni, Ha Ni enduring the treatment but secretly hoping for some signs of affection, slapstick humor in the form of a pregnant lady, and finally, a warm and genuine moment of love that wraps our little lovers in the gentle embrace of a young marriage well on its way to lasting until old age.

It’s too bad we won’t be there to accompany them any further than today. But what we have seen, will be etched in our memory, as an experience that will be hard to forget. Recapping PK was a fulfilling and enriching experience, made all the more fun and joyful because of all the readers who gave me encouragement, shared their stories and jokes with everyone here, and made the PKisser posts brimming with laughter and cheer. Thank you all, and this last recap of PK is dedicated to all the PK-lovers who’ve been with me through thick and thin, boat or no boat, steam or no steam.

Youtube Episode 7 Recap:

The camera opens on a bouquet of crimson roses, its petals glistening with dew and just-snipped freshness. Seung Jo leans in to smell the roses, literally, and hands the bouquet back to his sunbae doctor. Turns out the sunbae has amassed a veritable teeming motorbike of romantic gifts for his wife. Seung Jo asks why there is a need for frivolities like a hundred roses or balloons?

Doctor sunbae schools Seung Jo on the ways to a woman’s heart – she loves these seemingly childish displays of affection, because it feels romantic. Seung Jo takes this lesson to heart, even though you can tell his old robot self would have self-destructed in its pre-Ha Ni incarnation. This version of Seung Jo does things he can’t fathom for the woman he loves.

The other nurses note that Ha Ni’s birthday is coming up, and ask her what Dr. Baek did for her on her previous birthdays. Ha Ni stumbles at bit to come up with romantic birthday gestures (a birthday boat would be beyond romantic but clearly no one is listening to me on this issue), and all she can think of was that Seung Jo chauffeured her around last year.

The other nurses remark that Dr. Baek is sure unromantic, and Ha Ni covers for him by saying that romantic gestures are embarrassing for her Seung Jo to do. During this exchange, Seung Jo is standing by and hears everything. When Ha Ni sees Seung Jo, she blurts out “Seung Jo-ya” before correcting herself and calling him Dr. Baek.

A patient is thanking Dr. Baek profusely for his medical care, and Ha Ni smiles ever so broadly at hearing her husband complimented and appreciated. She walks by and fixes his white coat, which causes Seung Jo to be a tad embarrassed. I feel like Seung Jo should be inured to all of his wife’s antics, but I guess there is no way to be immunized to the whirling dervish of love that is Oh Ha Ni.

Seung Jo tells Ha Ni to stop paying attention to him, and start paying attention to her nursing duties. Ha Ni quickly agrees, then changes the subject and asks Seung Jo about his plans on the 16th (which is her birthday). Seung Jo pretends not to recognize the significance of the date, and tells Ha Ni that he has to work that day. Ha Ni is disappointment but doesn’t press any further.

On their way home that night, they see a couple hand-in-hand crossing the intersection, and the woman is carrying a bouquet of flowers. Seung Jo asks her whether she wants to receive flowers from him, and Ha Ni says of course! Every woman wants to receive flowers from the man she loves. Seung Jo quietly digests this nugget of information that every human boy over the age of 5 knows except for him.

Back at home, Mom asks Ha Ni whether Seung Jo is planning anything for her birthday. Ha Ni confesses that Seung Jo is working. Mom gets upset with her son, and Seung Jo comes by and further defends himself, saying that a birthday needn’t be celebrated the day of. Mom is clearly regretting the day she gave birth to her cold-blooded son.

Back in the bedroom that gets no boating (that we can see), Ha Ni comes in from the shower and Seung Jo asks her whether she really wants to have a birthday party. Ha Ni says that the birthday party is all Mom’s idea, and she doesn’t really care.

Seung Jo asks her what she does want as an ideal birthday celebration – Ha Ni says that she wants to receive 100 roses from her husband, have dinner at a fancy restaurant, drink champagne, blow out candles on a birthday cake……(have some steamy boating). Ha Ni goes to bed after sharing her perfect birthday, and Seung Jo smiles and searches the internet for restaurant options.

At the hospital, Seung Jo seeks out his colleagues to change shifts with them so that he can spend Ha Ni’s birthday with her. Seung Jo finally finds a doctor who can switch, but said doctor is junior to Seung Jo and has to prepare for an upcoming exam.

Seung Jo spends the entire night helping the doctor prepare his exam study materials, while the junior doctor sleeps. With that done, Seung Jo frees up his schedule on Ha Ni’s birthday.

Seung Jo goes to buy roses, and is embarrassed but ultimately selects 100 red roses for his wife. Back at the house of sad Baeks, the entire family minus Seung Jo is celebrating Ha Ni’s birthday with a cake.

Everyone is happy for Ha Ni and disappointed Seung Jo isn’t there as well. Ha Ni receives a call from Seung Jo asking her to walk outside for a minute.

The non-romantic husband has prepared a car full of roses, balloons, and a birthday cake all ready and waiting for his uber-romantic wife. At this very moment, an extremely pregnant lady stumbles down the lane and Seung Jo goes to assist her.

She is close to delivering, and once Ha Ni comes out, together they take her to the hospital. Ha Ni is pleased to see all the romantic gestures Seung Jo prepared, but neither have a chance to celebrate when the screeching pregnant lady is hollering and grabbing at them both during the ride to the hospital.

After they deposit her at the hospital, both come out to see that everything has been pretty much ruined. The flowers are crushed, balloons have popped, and the cake is smushed. Seung Jo has bought Ha Ni a skirt as her present, and she clutches it in her hands. Seung Jo reminds Ha Ni that they still have a few minutes until midnight, so its technically still her birthday.

He lights some crooked candles for the smushed cake (so. cute.) and Ha Ni’s face lights up seeing this heartfelt gesture. Ha Ni notes that its still so hard to understand how Seung Jo feels about her, which is when he leans down to kiss her.

After he breaks the kiss, she’s now all smiles, and asks her husband for a song. Omo, squeeeeeee, Kim Hyun Joong singing definitely goes a long way to make up for the lack of boating!

Seung Jo sings Happy Birthday to his Ha Ni, and when he gets to the verse about “to my beloved Ha Ni” she goes all giddy and asks him to sing that verse again! He laughs and complies, and Ha Ni asks him to do it again and again, and OPW’s her beloved husband. Seung Jo complies with her request to keep singing the same verse, and changes it “to my beloved wifey.”

The camera pulls back and we end with balloons drifting away in the background, Ha Ni blowing out the candles, leaning in to kiss Seung Jo on the cheek, and finally, hugging him tightly as our voyeuristic peek into the love and life of Seung Jo and Ha Ni winds to a close.

Thoughts of Mine:

I will miss PK, but I don’t think any drama addiction of mine has ever had such a gentle let down (i.e. drama addiction withdrawal). The YT episodes accomplished everything I wanted of it (with the exception of a certain nautical mode of transportation that wasn’t shown) and then some.

I wanted to spend more time with Ha Ni and Seung Jo – done. I wanted to laugh at their foibles – done. I wanted to aww at their cuteness – done. I wanted to see their professional development – done. I wanted to see their maturation as a couple – done. I wanted to feel like their story reached an organic closure – done. These two make me laugh like a loon with their crazy yet simple life. Even a birthday isn’t complete without an in-labor pregnant lady in their backseat.

As you know, my objective drama rating for PK is quite low, but my subjective love for it is quite high. At the end of the day, I’d rather spend time with a drama that I love for ephemeral reasons than slog through a qualitatively better drama that doesn’t connect with me for whatever reason. I don’t regret a single second spent with PK, whether watching or blogging.

I think AKP has irrevocably become more than just my blog, but a welcoming community for drama lovers around the world to connect and share their thoughts on the things that happen to interest me. I was planning to surprise you all with a Farewell-to-PK post on Thursday, but @yeisha read my mind and suggested a going away party as well. I won’t be recapping the BTS episodes tomorrow and Thursday, but I’ll be back to open a thread for everyone to share all their PK thoughts, from the drama to the YT episodes and anything and everything in between.

By the way, I counted the kisses. There were a total of 10 real lip locks, 4 cheek kisses, and 2 fantasy kisses in this drama. That’s a heck of a lot of kissing for Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. 😀 I think they did a great job and I was most pleased with their performance and blown away by their chemistry with each other. PK goes down as a successful drama in my book.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]

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  1. comicsgilz says:

    awww… so much to write but my english kind of poor…please don’t be mad at me for any incorrect grammer and all T_T

    first…i would like to thanks Ockoala for you recap as usual…reading your recap is a must for me after i watched the raw of PK…

    actually i’m not sure when i know about AKP….i remember one day i was surfing and tried to find any k-drama to watch online and i bumped on PK…i think at that time PK was at ep 4 on MBC…first i tried to watch PK because of KHJ (because i like Ji Hoo a lot at BOF :D) and i got hooked by PK because of JSM 😉 (love her expression and she’s cute and Hani’s character is still of a normal teen girl in love with a jjang!! :D)

    i then start to search any news or updates about PK and found a Playful Kiss Group in fb…like the group so much and always drop by just to read any updates until some of PKisser introduce your blog (AKP) where i could see more BTS, recap and all….i’m sooo in love with your recap and keep coming back for more until this last yt ep of PK….a bit sad….but AKP bring lots of joys to me and i love reading PKisser’s comments here…. \^o^/

    truthfully… i’m not really into KHJ acting since i think he got so much to learn about expression in acting (but i think his expression is so cool in his MV’s and that makes me thinks he could reach there somehow 🙂 ) as for JSM…i’m amazed of her acting ability and hope more fans will support her 😉 aja aja whiting JSM!! ^^

    last but not least….i really love PK because KHJ and JSM chemistry behind the scene!! hehehe….and surely PK story line itself 😀 i just love this couple and hoping any producer will take them to film another good movie or drama soon ^^ really want to see them in another drama together… 😉 and lots of hugs and kisses to dear PKisser here at AKP….


    • yeisha says:

      @Tina, their chemistry is great, isn’t it?
      cheers! 😉

    • jeankaycee says:

      @tine, yup the chemistry is overwhelming and make PK such a spazz worthy drama as well.

    • comicsgilz says:

      yup…agree 100% ^^ i’m still watching PK last ep again and again if i have time.. can’t seem to stop watching PK…and i love to rewatch PK BTS 2 where these two KHJ and JSM chemistry got sparks flying ala over the place…. hehehe \^o^/

  2. Raxelle says:

    reading all these comments here..aaahhh..makes me teary-eyed and sad that PK is over! drama has ever affected me this much than PK!..each and everyday (even at work- hahahaha!) up to wee hours in the morning (at home) i searched thru the net for anything/everything about PK, KHJ and JSM! hubby (who’s so considerate) even is anxious and alarmed of my late night sleep affair!..i wanna see all BTS, read all comments, be always updated on what’s happening!..thank God for forums and blogs like this! has really been an amazing and enjoyable journey!

    watching the last epi last night (even tho i didn’t understand a thing!- hope it’s subbed already by this time – gotta watch it again!), i was really hoping our couple (even without the steam boat thing – i got these words from this playground..hahahaha!), could have kissed longer and can i say “steamier” since it’s already the last one. but it was kinda short/brief..yet there was such a strong feeling in those kiss ( i hope KHJ and JSM felt also something in there that time)..aaaahhh.. i just can’t get enough of this two!..i’ve never supported any Korean couple like this before!..i fervently hope and really makes me super excited, the BTS that group 8 will show us in the next 2 days will somehow prove that there’s really something going on between the two..oh pretty pleeeassseee!!

    before i end (but it’s not the end actually for i guess am still be checking out this blog often as well even PK has ended already) my lengthy comment (kekeke..), i really wanna say ‘THANKS A MILLION” Koala dear! =).. You made our PK journey lotsa fun and even more addictive. Your recaps are superb! – they get to show and even add up to the feelings that our couple is showing in there..i also get to understand more the emotions and the underlying meanings of a scene bcoz of your recap. with that you made PK such a memorable drama for me. again, with the rest of the Kissers here, we can’t thank you enough. btw, you also have a great writing skill. keep it up! =)

    i said, am gonna end now, but i guess i still can’t (kekekke..) till I say, aside from our uber-cute and adorable couple, the wonderful plot of the PK drama (tho there are indeed some flaws especially in the editing), this journey has been wonderful bcoz of the new found friends/sissies i found here and in other social platforms (Blogs, Twitter – i made over 500 tweets already bcoz of KHJ and PK!) – this thing is Priceless!..though we don’t see each other,yet we are connected with our love for our HyungMin couple and PK in general. that is absolutely awesome!..and i know this new-found circle of friends will be lasting and be stronger as the years go by.

    thanks again everyone..till the next drama of our HyungMin as a couple or their individual works..Now, Let’s get that PARTY started!!!..CHEERS!!

    P.S. – another word i came across here, till now don’t know the meaning – OTP – what is this?..thanks for the help!..kekekeke..

  3. Mayeca says:

    Gracias, por tus resumenes tienes mucha razón el amor es incomprensible y el amor por Playful kiss es real y los vamos a extrañar Bye!

  4. M'cia says:

    Lesson that I got from this drama are:
    BSJ even though “nauthy and playfull aroung the kiss” but he has stand points where based on work etics (refer to studying, part time work, replace father absent on office, train Hani in shapping her life and talent), moral culture (refer to her bed room scenes, her relation with Hera, children respect relation with parents).

    HJ successfully transform all the message on his acting, simply and natural. He is playing as modern genius young man, from rich family and proper daily life struggling to understand outside world, going out from convert zone with GOOD reason!! for his survival and determine life! It’s happen now days, young people doing it without any GOOD reason. Just for rebelion and freedom!.

    I am Asian, which also leaving in the modern life in one leg, and traditional culture in the other leg….so this drama picturing our world now days!!. And sharing what should we do dealing with parents, talent, future, carier and love.

    And, Ockoala help us to go deep on this drama with her recap…..very appreciate what you did!!

  5. deannadsc says:

    In all my 4 years of KDrama addiction…PK takes the cake!!! Not just because I worship the ground that KHJ walks into, but because through this seemingly fluffy, & simple drama..I got to experience watching each & every episode(&webisode) TOGETHER with new-found “green-chingus” & Kathy’s angels!!!
    I’ve almost totally ignored my other pending dramas cuz I’ve literally spent every waking hour..watching KHJ’s SS501’s videos… watching PK’s BTS, reading & commenting here @Ockoala’s & Kathy’s Bench…& non-stop chatting with my chingus & angels on anything & everything about PK!!!!
    I’m so gonna MISS all these now that PK has really ended…but I’m thankful for the chance it gave me to befriend so many new chingus, whom I plan to keep long after PK has ended!!!

  6. meandmyTHRILLS says:

    I will miss them 😦

  7. yeisha says:

    saw this article about our dear MM over at soompi. if anyone can translate, big thanks!
    awwww…she looks kinda sad by her lonesome, doesn’t she?

  8. meteor says:

    i miss PK, and im very thankful to you Ockoala for recapping PK from start to finish

    my PK ride is not as fun without me reading your recap and the comments of the rest of PK fan following your blog
    love the sweet ending, in never thought the Happy Birthday song can sound as sweet and lovely until KHJ sing it

    • comicsgilz says:

      yup…i think every girls would like SJ to sing soooo tender loving birthday song to them all… i want it tooo!! ^^ but its ok since he sing it to Hani… hehe

  9. geneve says:

    I am so gonna miss SJ and HN 😦

  10. yeisha says:

    eeeeep….did anyone else see the BTS clips yet?!!!! oh dear, oh dear. my fangirl is definitely tickled silly. hehe. G8 did not give us any boating but they sure gave us some pillow talk. “nurul saranghae?”, minmin? 😉

    *repeats to self: i will not be a shipper. i will not be a shipper.*

    • rainyrain says:

      I didn’t but I’m downloading it right now , ahhh now I’m even more curious , I’m watching for one reason only , finding lil hints about possible romance between KHJ/JSM , I’m crazy I know 😛

    • mayssenger says:

      She caressed his hair *faints*

      • mayssenger says:

        They snuggled under the covers *dissolves in a pool of mush*

      • rainyrain says:

        yeshhhhh I saw that , I saw that , sighhhhhh

      • TeaCup says:

        ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….love to stay and chat but have to get ready for work! wah….i’m so hopeless —-my PK addiction is branching out into MinJoong shipping. Back to back whammy! how desperate is that!!!

        it must have to do with those PJs — MinJoong surely act differently when they have those on – never fails, everytime their body language goes high gear in bed mode…hahaha…

      • Milo says:

        Wait?! They were snuggling!?
        And his hand was under the cover THE WHOLE TIME. And why did JSM look so surprised and turn to look at him.
        I’m going crazy @.@

      • jeankaycee says:

        that caressed of hair gesture of JSM to KHJ made me smile of pure giddiness!!!!
        *sigh, i really love these two to pieces!!!!

        if the hyunmin couple would to be to not to be? well, i think we all just need to wait and see but it doesnt mean that i will not not root for them. LOL!

    • Rush says:

      BTS? BTS? What did I miss while I was out doing (gah!) parental duties. Damn, I have only 5 minutes before I head off again. Why does life have to get in the way of my PK obsession??? Why? Why?
      And I love shipping, get me on to that ship now!! Who knows the ship may break down and then they’ll need to do some boating to get ashore….
      Am I making any sense here?

      • mayssenger says:

        No, Rush, you’re a goner that’s for sure…’re losing it, honey! Get a grip on yourself. Look at me *preens* – I’m in perfect control HAHAHAHAHA *laughs crazily*

      • comicsgilz says:

        huhu… just watch the BTS…i think they cut all the KHJ and JSM up-close-and-personel-contact ^^ but we still get to see a gleam of JSM’s hand stroking KHJ hair….awww…..sooo sweeeet!! \^o^/

  11. FromSpain says:

    I am awfully late to the party but…what can I say…real life intruded in the form of a little birthday party and I wasn’t on time to spazz with all of you on the last webisode.

    First of all I want to thank with all I’ve got ockoala for the wonderful, awesome, fantastic (insert all the positive adjectives you know here) recaps. Even though I joined this playground around episode 11 I have read all of them and they have made me appreciate more our dear PK and go a little further on understanding it. You plain rock girl!!

    Also I want to thank all you PKissers for the wonderful moments spent here, you are the BEST at spazzing!!!! kkkkkk 😀

    Let’s get together on Thursday and continue the PAAAAAARTTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    pd. I will add to our drinking list licor café (more or less a coffee liquor, a specialty of my homeland) 😛

    @itadakimasu, allenif, as you can see I’m keeping the “king/queen” avatar kkkk 😉

  12. loveplayfulkiss says:

    if this is the end….i just want to say thank you to all of you especially Ockoala…..but i can still say that all of you made my days…everytime, when there are recaps and updates about PK, your comments cheers me up!



  13. ish says:

    that last scene was adorable and KHJ singing upped my non-steam boating disappointment….

    gah! I’m spazzing right now and I have no idea how to deal with my pk withdrawal…what the heck am I gonna do for entertainment now, it’s like, for the months that pk aired, I was living in my own little kdrama heaven where KHJ is smoking (now I remember the steam boat and I sigh) and JSM is adorable a character as can be

    the last episode was so romantic, the hugging and kissing (though it’s a long shot) just turned me to mush, how can they be so cute and lovable? quoting the despicable me kid, “It’s so fluuuuffy!”

    I watched it three hours after it was uploaded but I had to wait for your recap to spazz out my pk rant and adoration…thanks ockoala for the wonderful ride, your recaps are icing to the wonderful pk cake…plus I will not even try to resist it, I will ship!

    PK has got to me my favorite drama of all time not because it’s so well made but because it’s empathic the way other kdramas aren’t, it has a certain appeal that transcends entertainment value or production quality, it has real, adorable, honest-to-goodness chemistry….I can’t believe another kdrama might steal PK’s please in my heart, that’s how I love it…plus the casting is perfect, sometimes I doubt casting in some shows but not pk, right from the first episode, I accepted that they were their characters

    Plus JungSoMin is so talented and has the unique power to walk to the edge of cute without ever toppling over to annoying, this girl has talent dude and I know they compare her to yoon eun hye but I’ve seen her act and I like JSM’s acting better.

    KHJ, you have turned me into a hyunnie! ’nuff said

    had to mention mama Baek for being HaNi’s eternal supporter. for all your work mama Baek, I bow down to you

    oh how bleak the prospect is after PK, I’ll be back to my books and studies but PK will always cross my mind. and to end this long comment of mine, I have to say, I think I love the webisodes more than the actual series

  14. Spring says:

    The article is an interview she did for a magazine photo-shoot. Roughly and briefly I think she said that after PK she want to travel on her own to clear her mind. She also mentioned that she’s very different from Oh HaNi and this year she got to act in 2 dramas which she gain experience and learned alot. And whether she’s successful it’s up to others to say or it could be failures in both times too.

    • Lawry says:

      Just want to add that KHJ did also mention that he would like to go on a trip away alone and do some thinking. Seems that they share the same plan.

      • Milo says:

        I don’t know if it’s the translation, but didn’t she say she went on the ‘vacation’ already, as in before she had the interview with Elle?
        I want to read where KHJ said that, haha. It’s funny isn’t it. I think they really want to reflect on there PK expirience and try to figure everything out. It’s good to know that it’s a serious matter.
        Joognie, didn’t you reflect alot while down with the flu? I guess you have to do some more 😉

      • Lawry says:

        I cannot remember where I read that but it’s in one of the interviews during the shooting of PK that he did mentioned that he need to travel alone to do some thinking when PK’s over.
        Well, at least JSM went but I doubt KHJ can do so with his heavy work schedules.

      • Abigail says:

        Do you all know that in Ep 7 Hani’s birthday date is 16th which is the same as JSM’s birthday date except the month wasn’t mentioned.

    • Milo says:

      Poor KHJ, he deserves a break.
      JSM mentioned something about matters of the ‘heart’. It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? They both wanted time to think, some much needed alone time.
      Hopefully these two are communicating 🙂

      • comicsgilz says:

        aww…really want to know where u girls read all the news and interviews about these two…i’m really start to become fan girl here…hahaha… ^^

  15. ItadakimasU says:

    MY SHOUT OUTS… are for 2morrow 😉 keke

    but want to do a small thank you all in between !!

    gomawo PK-chingu’s!!

  16. a_fan says:

    Wham more time, wham more time
    Da shi han beon nae gyeo teu ro wa jul su get Ha Ni
    Whammore time, whammore time

  17. rainyrain says:

    hey the BTS are subbed now , watched the bed scene , seems they were really sleeping , eventhough KHJ kept insisting on the fact that he was thinking with closed eyes and not sleeping .
    felt those BTS are different from the previous ones , I mean the previous ones are more natural and funny , I felt in the youtube ones as if they picked some scenes that doesn’t show much interraction between KHJ/JSM and even that scene of Somin ah fixing KHJ’s hair was cut .

    • ItadakimasU says:

      ah all in all i thought it was cute… we saw glimpses of interaction… so at least we know they were there!!!

      did you see the new unsubbed one? heheh KHJ was goofing around at times ^^

      ah but what i find sad is how tired they/ he were/was 😦 the bags under his eyes were no joke!!! and he kept saying how tired he was 😦
      i guess for him, we should be happy it’s over. it’s been FANTASTIC!!! enough is enough, i don’t need more from them… they did a great job. PK is going to stay with me forever ^^

    • ItadakimasU says:

      and plenty of interactions between the two in the new footage ^^

      • rainyrain says:

        I’m back at work today and the miracle of watching the BTS video stopped with the subbed first BTS , the new one didn’t work for me so have to wait till I’m back home .
        Yes , I’m also happy for them that finally the shooting is over but I doubt they will have any rest , at least for KHJ but all in all it was a great experience for them I’m sure , wish we will see them in another drama very soon .
        you said there were more interraction between them , what kind of interraction , you mean the kind we want to see or just interraction ?
        hey ItadakimasU did you watch secret garden , I think you have to give it a try , it’s very cool and I’m loving it and updates will be on dramabeans too 🙂

      • rainyrain says:

        forget to ask , are you on soompi too , if yes then PM me , I’m rainyrainy there and you can find e in Naughty kiss forum or secret garden forum , the 3 or 4 last pages 🙂 of those two forums 🙂

      • ItadakimasU says:

        aish… that’s too bad, but still you got to watch the first with subs^^
        hmmm yeah as for them probably being busy right away… i wonder how KHJ is going to attend university in between his busy schedule… unless they let him a couple days off in a week… don’t see how that would ever fit 😦
        about the interaction… maybe a mixture of both? nothing to fuss about, but once again KHJ fooling around making JSM giggle at times^^
        Haven’t watch anything besides PK yet… but i guess i’m almost done with the rerun^^ keke, will try to give other dramas a chance! Hope i’ll be able to watch the subbed ones on viikii.. -__-

      • ItadakimasU says:

        ah.. i’m not on soompi… but maybe in the future, i’ll dare to venture in that one too (i’m too afraid that i’ll become too much of an addict).

        if i do… i’ll make sure to look you up!! but for now… i’ll hang around here (as long as this all is going to last)… and occasionally will comment on SSangchu heaven (under the same nick)!

        (oh, but if you ever get jj’s fb… you can find me there too ^^)

      • rainyrain says:

        AHH ok about j.j FB , that’s why I was asking about soompi becoz I will be able toask u to PM me ur FB or twitter ID , OK J.J is in soompi , Will see if I can find her and try to find you both on FB 🙂
        about the BTS , I think even the tiniest interraction may push our imagination to the extreme LOL , I’m really so in love with those two and find they look too happy when they are together that’s why I so wish they are a couple even in real life so I will cross my fingers for that to happen 😉
        ahh for secret garden , it’s on viikii but seems they have some problems that’s why the weekly move off the subbed videos as soon as

      • rainyrain says:

        ahh for secret garden , it’s on viikii but seems they have some problems that’s why they quikly move off the subbed video , I decided to download each epi with soft subs and then watch it , till now I found the show interresting .
        there’re gonna be a body switch so I wish it won’t ruin everything for me .

      • ItadakimasU says:

        rainy where are you… you’re missing the party 😉

  18. lovejoy says:

    oh Dear I’m super late with the party!
    I just came from the retreat for 3 days and 2 nights, and my minds was filled with BSJ and HH couple!!!! wahhhh……….too bad not internet connection in the mountains! huhuhu!
    anyway I love pK forever, and gals i really enjoyed playing here, and sometime I can’t join you gals because when I went home everyone was sleeping already, our time difference are so much different. anyway this lovely couple will remain in my heart forever, I will pray for them everyday for a new project, or CF or whatever comes to their way. pls. God help us!!!

  19. blah says:


  20. blah says:


  21. Ellen says:

    Hi there!
    I have to say I really like your recaps. I read your YT Special edition recaps of PK (except number 1) and I really like your style of writing and word choice. Well done 🙂 and Thank you!
    Regards from Vienna

  22. dhar says:

    thank god.finally i able to find a group of people or should i say family who really love pk like me.i really love pk and i will really miss it.
    thank you for the recaps and everything 😀

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