Written Preview for Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 4

It’s official. I am completely in love with Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!). It may not be a drama worth writing home about, but it’s definitely a drama worth spazzing about. I just finished episode 3 (hold your horses, people, the recap is a-coming), but in the meantime, have a written preview of episode 4. The ending to episode 3 might just be the most inspiringly slashy scene I have ever seen. Ever.

Written preview for episode 4 of M3:

Mae Ri will do everything in her power to keep Mu Gyul and Jung In apart, even if she has to work alone. Except Jung In is doing everything he can to keep Mu Gyul so that he will produce the OST for the drama.

Mae Ri’s dad is still suspicious about her relationship with Mu Gyul, and has started to follow her. To allay his suspicions, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul go on a fake date. Except, both actually really enjoy the date….

On the other side (of the crazy), Jung In’s dad can’t stand watching Jung In treat Mae Ri with polite indifference. He gives Jung In an ultimatum – after 100 days, if Jung In does make not Mae Ri fall in love and choose him, the investment will be rescinded [Okay, psycho dad, way to change the stakes on your son here]. Jung In calmly schedules a two day one night trip with Mae Ri to his country getaway.

At this time, back in the Hongdae apartment, Mu Gyul sees the knit gloves Mae Ri left behind and falls deep into thought. He’s beginning to enjoy the reality of being fake married to Mae Ri. His relationship with Mae Ri is more than just friends, but not yet lovers. At this time, Mu Gyul’s MIA-from-his-life mom comes looking for him

Jung In’s dad finally meets Mae Ri at the country estate, and it triggers his long ago memory of Mae Ri’s mom – how his love for her was rejected. Mae Ri is unaware of all this backstory, and wonders why this ahjusshi is so weird around her.

Jung In takes Mae Ri upstairs to explain their parents backstory. But why is Mae Ri being forced to marry Jung In. And why did Jung In’s dad come back to Korea after 20 years abroad. Jung In has decided to fight for Mae Ri, and he has a secret weapon up his sleeve to use against Mu Gyul!?!

[Credit: all pictures from M3 official stills, written preview released by KBS2, translated into Chinese at Baidu Jang Geun Seok bar, translated into English by me]

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20 Responses to Written Preview for Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 4

  1. wiggles. says:

    ah. i can’t wait. thanks for the preview. (: love MMM!

  2. estel says:

    OMO the ending to episode three is EPIC! EPIC, I tell you! Wouldn’t it be soso awesome if the love triangle was constructed in a…less traditional…fashion? Awesome sauce. However, episode four sounds like it’s going to be awesomesauce, too. ^^

    Thanks, ockoala, you’re the best!

  3. qasehqu says:

    thank u so much…i can’t wait for tomorrow….:)

  4. Blueangel says:

    OMOOMO, And here I thought it was going to a typical kdrama with tons of chiche (still is) but wow, can they really make a tangled web. All three characters have their work cut out for them. Who is MaeRi going to choice and will she pick one of them? I’m still wishing that both guys are rolled into one that way she doesn’t have to pick. And why can’t JunIn be one of those characters we hate off the bat like MuGyul’s x that way we don’t have figure out who she’d pick. I know lots of ppl have decided on MaeRi and MyGyul while i’m still debating!

  5. 84myriam says:

    Thank u so much XD!!

    Ah god!! Don’t tell me he attempts to seduce her husband aka MG ??!! ~weird thought just crossed my mind^^~
    I love reading your recaps.. waiting M3 ep 03 hehh

  6. Kerstin says:

    woa that sounds so intrigueing!!! Can’t wait to watch Episode 3 and 4

  7. allenif says:

    thank u so much ockoala for the awesome preview! am really beginning to love this m3…. such an exciting ending of the just concluded episode. am looking forward for your usual amazing recap. truly grateful for finding your site ever since i got madly in love with PK… your playground has been a haven for us PKissers. having found you site, watching drama has never been delightful and amusing as before. you’ve got a bunch of smart followers and just by reading their exchange of opinion, it already perks me up and relieve me from monotonous way of life.

  8. Chocolatetree says:

    omg WUT? You make me wriggle in my seat with excitement. ALL THIS DRAMA AND MYSTERY. but wrapped in a very very fluffy coating. I LUVS. 😀

  9. Venus says:

    ohhh this is soooooo good…I feel jealousy overload here… 😀 😀 I’m sooo watching this drama I’m hooked….thanks for the preview!!!!

  10. w. says:

    1st time on this site. I like your recap on this new drama, definitely will visit here often since I also like M3 a lot. Thank you.

  11. sandi says:

    Thanks so much for preview M3 epi 4.
    I will be in touch with this drama very soon.
    We look forward to have BIG FUN with M3 at your playground in near future, my dear Ockoala.
    Thanks again for your great work as usual.

  12. Natasha says:

    This is my first time on this site and I REALLY like your previews.
    I watched the first two episodes with English subtitles and I am HOOKED. The show is adorably awesome.
    I’m really glad this show started after SKKS so I could get my drama fix:)

  13. xmga says:

    Thanks much! I’m so in love and excited with this drama.

  14. Hikary25 says:

    Wooow thanks for the preview…. can’t wait to watch the next ep.

  15. Angel says:

    kekeke, I can see both of them fighting for her already!

    is the next episode coming out tomorrow?

  16. nahid says:

    thanks for preview it kept my mind at ease
    knowing what should i expect for tonight
    till next episode …..

  17. ejan says:

    I really LOVE reading your preview. Thanx

  18. babyowlie says:

    Thanks a lot for yourpreview/ Can’t imagine how to survive my day without yor preview!

  19. bluemoon says:

    All I gotta say is I wanna be MARY!!! Soooo jealous of her (MGY)! Having 2 hot guys fall in love and fighting over you…what girl wouldn’t want that?!!

    Ep. 4 was amazing!…and yes, the stakes are raised! Ahh…now gotta wait 1 more week for new eps 😦

  20. gel says:

    can’t wait for the next recap…so excited..thanks…

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