Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7

The C-netizens got their hands on the shooting script for episode 7 of the YT edition of Playful Kiss. Those of you who don’t want to be spoiled, do not proceed any further. I won’t even express a single opinion until after the jump so as to not spoil this episode. Please take this with the usual grain of salt. I have no independent verification this is indeed the actual leaked script, though it appears highly credible.

It ends with a kiss, guys. Rather apropos since the TW-version was called It Started With A Kiss. No boating, no steamier scenes as most human beings would equate with that definition. Just a kiss. I’m notΒ going to translate the dialogue word-for-word, but rather summarize the episode based on the spoilers.

Ha Ni’s birthday arrives, and everyone is excited for her, including the birthday girl herself. Seung Jo acts all dispassionate and pretends not to know the significance of the day to both Ha Ni and Mom. After Ha Ni thinks that he has forgotten her birthday, and runs off again in a fit of sadness, it turns out that Seung Jo had planned a present for her – a flower and a kiss.

Now, perhaps a boat scene will be added at the end, since it requires NO dialogue. But the leaked script leads me to think Group 8 will end the drama on the same whimsical sweet note it started the entire series off with. Alas, I hope I didn’t ruin everyone’s weekend. I’m pretty depressed, but I have found my newest drama crack(s) – a double helping of M3 and Secret Garden – to ease my disappointment. PK and Kim Hyun Joong, why’d you raise my hopes up only to squash it. I’d rather you not say anything at all about what to expect. Sigh, I still love you to pieces, you know that right?

I have never wanted so badly to be wrong in my entire life. I’d rather be the bearer of false new in this instance. No matter what happens though, I’m still happy with everything PK gave me, and my enjoyment of it shant be affected one whit. It was just the cutest, sweetest, little drama.

[Credit: script for episode from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, summarized by me]

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297 Responses to Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7

  1. CG says:

    At the time when HJ said there would be a steamier scene, he said it because it would promote the YT drama better and increase the viewers’ interest. Everybody likes to talk “big” for promotional purposes. Another possibility, “steamier scene” in his mind is not necessarily a kiss scene, it could just be an intimate scene such as hugging, intimate conversations, etc

    • piggylazy says:

      I like the second possibility better. I dont think HJ needs that talk big to promote YT PK as PK itself has received so much support internationally. Just my opinion and yes, I am bias towards HJ!

  2. juniestar says:

    Maybe they will show the two in a steamy bath scene .OK that is steamy scene there and provocative ,too . So many can happen things can happen under the category steamy scenes

  3. clauric says:

    i feel like it’s all a “PLAYFUL BOATING SCENE!” hahaha and group 8 sticks their tongue out..so disappointed..well i still love PK because maybe i have been spoiled too much..we have tons of kisses compare to other dramas out there–as i look back im still hating on the full house kiss so i should be thankful that PK gave me lots of steaaaaam!

  4. TD says:

    Guys, lets focus on the fact that despite no “Steamy Scenes”… which does’nt last that long anyway, the PK YT edition did give us a glimpse that our fave couple are maturing and living happily ever after… Though I must admit I keep repeating the part they kiss hehehehe but overall I’ll miss this couple and this blog… Hope we will have new KHJ projects soon and meet again … BYE everyone. Last day of PK , NOV 18 is my birthday …. 😦

  5. TeaCup says:

    Oh my goodness, I just checked the YT PK Channel… many netizens are demanding a steamy love scene for the last episode as promised. If not delivered, they’ll have a lot of unhappy fans to deal with!

    Majority of the comments are imploring for a Part 2 YT special episodes. With the staggering current volume of 7.7M upload views & 3.7M channel views and counting which I suspect will reach over 10M+ in upload views by next week, it would be foolish if they wouldn’t consider and take advantage of this golden opportunity.

    • mayssenger says:

      haha yeah, i just checked and you’re right. They’re turning violent…scary!!! LOL

    • CeeCee23 says:

      Whoa! We may have a youtube comment revolt! There are some very ticked off viewers on there and for goodness sakes the episode hasn’t even aired yet. There still could actually be a steamy scene. I read on a couple of different sites that supposedly a steamy scene was shot but apparently they decided not to air it, but really who knows for sure. I just hope the unhappy campers don’t end up hurting Hyun Joong and Jung So Min in any way with all this.

    • rainyrain says:

      I doubt the production house will accept to do any continuation whether as a season 2 for the YT episodes or a film as sequal for the drama , but I really wish for one of the two , with the same actors of course .

  6. Spring says:

    If they are really going to do season 2 with just JSM without KHJ I won’t want to watch it same if they just have KHJ with another girl I WON’T WATCH IT TOO!

  7. kittykat says:

    here’s the thing.. as much as we are complaining ( no boating!! we don’t see any boats!!! πŸ˜‰ ).. we do love PK to bits and pieces.. and us complaining about the boating issue is really just in a playful way.. nothing really serious about it right?? this is a playground where our imaginations tend to go wild.. and really pretty reckless and crazy.. ( if you’ll read thru all the comments, we’ve got pretty good ones!! hahahaha!!! )

    so boating or no boating… we all are happy and glad that we’ve seen a glimpse of our OTP’s married life.. at least we can somehow let go of them knowing that they are ok. πŸ™‚

    PK can really cause such an uproar!! and i mean that in a good way!!! πŸ™‚
    i’ll surely miss it and everything related to it.. πŸ™‚

    • allenif says:

      i do agree with you… 100% πŸ˜‰

    • allenif says:

      i do agree with you… 100% πŸ˜‰ PK now a legend! nyahahahhha!!!!

    • TeaCup says:

      Surprisingly, for such a simple cutey drama with no suspense dangling plots , PK has caused a lot of sensation!!! Kind of funny how it turned out – PK has its own drama with more twists and turns than the actual storyline — from the cast selection, the dismal Korean ratings, cutting of episodes and the amazing YT phenomena. Yeah, I agree, PK is a legend!!!

  8. pksotted says:

    Well PKissers, this is really the final lap for PK YT version. I’ll probably be in denial come Thurs when it’s curtains for the webisodes. Will need some time to re-org my life and schedules so it will a while before I invest so much of myself into another drama. However, I have absolutely no regrets following PK right through both for the drama & YT runs , not only for fangirl spazzing but gaining a virtual community of friends in this playground, which I feel is very precious.

  9. yeisha says:

    Dear Ockoala and friends in this lovely playground,

    I was just discussing this with other PKissers, how about having a little virtual farewell party of our own after the webisodes?! We want to end this saga on a very high note, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

    Thursday, maybe? We can pick a time frame and write our “last” words/comments/spazzes and what-not. I really do feel like my drama-viewing was taken into a whole new level sharing PK with all of you guys. *sniff, sniff*

  10. loveplayfulkiss says:


    • ItadakimasU says:


      • loveplayfulkiss says:

        it’s late!!! why does it’s still not showing up on youtube!?

      • ItadakimasU says:

        they sure know how to make us anticipate like crazy -_-

      • loveplayfulkiss says:

        then they will end it with SORRY-GUYS-NO-SCENE-TOO-ROMANTIC-HEHE-GOTCHA!

      • ItadakimasU says:

        if that will be the case… then….

        I’LL STEAL RUSH&MAYSSENGER’s and all the others’ boat… row to Korea on my own, personally choke the group 8 people with bare hands and while i’m at it… i’ll go over MBC’s and knock down whoever is responsible for banning European viewers from watching subbed PK@viikii’s!!!

        I’ll tell KHJ to do good and that I love him and not to wait up for me… cuz i’ll be in jail for quite some time i guess…. ^^ hehehehehe sorry getting a bit violent here keke….

        nah I love them all, heheh despite the angst right now \(Β€^o^Β€)/

      • FromSpain says:

        @ItadakimasU: I am TOTALLY with you on “i’ll go over MBC’s and knock down whoever is responsible for banning European viewers from watching subbed PK@viikii’s!!!” I was rubbing my hands thinking of seeing it all again, as soon as the webisodes ended, and yesterday had just realized that I could not!

        Do not worry! I will help you row!!! kkkk

    • FromSpain says:

      I am refreshing like crazy every minute and still waiting….anticipation is killing me!!

      • ItadakimasU says:

        -_- me 2, the channel is going to crash hehehe^^

      • ItadakimasU says:

        why isn’t my message showing?? arghhhh i don’t have patience for this with all the waiting for PK 😦 sorry ockoala!!!

        so pasting:
        @Fromspain heheheh starting a new thread of crazy here πŸ˜‰

        i’m doing reruns @ http://www.epdrama.com/playful-kiss now
        and although it could be distracting at times… i do miss Viikii’s comments right above the screen -___-

      • ItadakimasU says:

        ok i give up… it’s not working 😦

      • ItadakimasU says:

        ??? why is this one posted and my previous one not?? because of the link??? oki pasting again… remove space:

        @Fromspain heheheh starting a new thread of crazy here πŸ˜‰

        i’m doing reruns @ http://www.epdrama. com/playful-kiss now
        and although it could be distracting at times… i do miss Viikii’s comments right above the screen -___-

      • FromSpain says:

        I’ve just seen on the ytkiss channel that today webisode was gonna be a little late……. I don’t know what exactly they understand as “little” but in my dictionary “an hour and a half” is more than “a little” πŸ˜›

      • ItadakimasU says:

        [explainging the ‘ok i give up… it’s not working :(‘ and why that one is posted and the previous one not…]

        i pasted the comment with the link several times, but it didn’t show on the page…. hehehe was getting quite frustrated as my level of patience is waaaaaaaay low due to the PK-waiting :(:( -________-

      • ItadakimasU says:

        ok now i’m sure the channel is going to crash… every minute there will be like 7 comments posted asking why the delay. add to that all the refreshing of the page ^^ kekekeke

    • loveplayfulkiss says:

      @ FromSpain…what the?! it’s already 2 and 1/2 hours and almost 3 hours!

      • FromSpain says:

        Oops!! Didn’t they aired the webisodes at 7pm Seoul time? Last weeks I patiently wait for the webisodes until 11am (my time) in order to watch them!! Oh! This different timeframe is killing me kkkk

  11. loveplayfulkiss says:



    • ItadakimasU says:

      hehehe read Fromspain’s reply on the thread right above….

      at least they’re letting us know aishhhh this day is going to be all about waisting time and waiting T_T

      • FromSpain says:

        Yeah! refreshing….working a little…..refreshing…..thinking about how such much time they will better employ it in a longer webisode….refreshing…..working another bit….refreshing…. thinkin “they better be including that steamy scene”…..refreshing…..and that is the summary of my morning!!!! kkkkk

    • comicsgilz says:

      i really think that all this waiting is testing my patience… BUT…only one thing can cool me down….if group 8 taking this much time just to re-edit ep 7 and then show us REALLY HOT BOATING… i’ll be happy even if they ask us to wait for another day \^o^/

      • Anne says:

        I’m amazed at the rate the comments are being posted onto youtube while pple are waiting for last ep to be aired… the power of PK!

    • ItadakimasU says:

      tick tick tick says the clock….

      nothing nothing nothing says ytkiss channel…

      argh arGH ARGHHH says the PK-beast in my belly

      • rainyrain says:

        I’m also surprised and angry , already two hours have passed and nothing till now , wonder wha’s the problem :S

      • ItadakimasU says:

        they are testing us… making us expectate, anticipate, pk-ate
        (buhahahah, I adjusted my mantra kekekeke, it used to end with -ation ;))

  12. ItadakimasU says:

    ok then i’ll do something random… testing whether my avatar will change colour and shapes if i post under a different e-mailadres…

  13. FromSpain says:

    I love blue, too. Alas!! I have to settle for the green 😦

    • ItadakimasU says:

      yeah… i like your limegreen one also… but i love lovEEE LOVEEEEEEE rainyrain’s teal blue (two threads above)….

      maybe i should just get an account so i can change the avatar to my wishes hehehe

      • rainyrain says:

        yeah I also love the blue in my avatar but even urs is awww , ok every category of blue is great for me since I’m big fan of that colour πŸ˜€

      • ItadakimasU says:

        I ALSO LOVE ALL KINDS OF BLUE… but i think baby blue is one of my least favourite kind of blue…

        anyways… that’s always better than the brown one i got from my second e-mailaddres :S

  14. allenif says:

    ughhh!!!!!!! still no sign of ep 7. WTH !!!! another case of misinterpretation??
    1st – the steamy love scene
    2nd – a little bit

    • ItadakimasU says:

      WOWWWIEEE your avatar is cool πŸ˜‰ hahahah

      sorry i’m trying to shift my attention so this CRAZY infuriating WAITING won’t kill me….

      • mayssenger says:

        hey guys you’re all here waitinggggg I see LOL….I went to youtube and posted a few nasty comments out of sheer boredom. Have a horrible feeling we’re not going to see ep 7 anytime soon. Weird I wonder what’s wrong?

      • FromSpain says:

        Perhaps is because they are editing a looooooong and steamy webisode?……. wishful thinking on my part but…it would be SO AMAZING if it were true

        @itadakimasu: changed my e-mail…crossing fingers waiting for the new avatar πŸ˜€

      • FromSpain says:

        Ugh! My crossed fingers did such a bad job!!

      • mayssenger says:

        allenif’s avatar is really cool….like a cross between a turtle and a spider LOL

      • comicsgilz says:

        i’m afraid they might show us the NG and BTS first and ep 7 the last one 😦

        anyway… i really love the pink avatar and mayssenger red one… ^^

      • allenif says:

        pwahahahah! i got the idea from you. am killing time waiting for PK. bwahahahah! arigato gozaimazu…. ItadakimasU !!!!!!

      • FromSpain says:

        Still waiting….refreshing….waiting….and thinking…. I must really be a little bit on the crazy side….as I am waiting for a webisode…..that I am not going to understand a bit of what they will be saying!!! LOL

        btw..I love mayssenger red avatar too and itadakimasu and comicsgilz blue ones are my favs!

      • allenif says:

        @mayssenger… thanx….. i’ve been to ytube several times and posted several comments too. am afraid can’t get to watch it now… my internet connection is getting slow. T_T

      • ItadakimasU says:

        @Fromspain… yeah.. that yellowish one was almost as bad as my second brown poopie one 😦 YUK!

        @mayssenger: allenif’s avatar looks like the king of our avatars… she should keep that one!!! (i saw her with a different one before..)

        @comicsgirlz… hmmm maybe i’m not completely sad about it if they show the BTS first… knowing that today will be the ending of webisodes makes me even more sad than all this waiting T_T
        ok distraction… did you mean my third avatar (this pink one)??

        btw… off topic… i saw a comment from a certain Tommi here @koala’s….
        \(Β€^o^Β€)/ we have a guy in our midst \(Β€^o^Β€)/

      • ItadakimasU says:

        btw.. i also like comicsgirlz’s avatar… her’s his blue with a teeny bit of lilac/violet in it

      • ItadakimasU says:

        wait… hold on a sec…. are we REALLY DISCUSSING THE AVATARS RIGHT NOW???

        I think i should check in somewhere some time soon!!

    • allenif says:

      well…. trying to divert our attention from waiting ep 7. that’s what PK can do to us. LOL

      • comicsgilz says:

        @itadakimasU…yup…i love your pink avatar ^^ nice colour and i like the pattern too….and thanks for liking mine….i kind of like the baby blue colour and the pattern…

  15. mayssenger says:

    Guys, my back hurts, my butt’s sore, cos I’ve been waiting for 3 hrs and 25 mins – I feel like shutting down my laptop and doing something else but I just can’t move. This is really addiction, no?

    • ItadakimasU says:

      it’s as bad as it can get^^

      i’m envious of some girls as they are probably still sleeping and missing the reason to go completely GAGA about

    • allenif says:

      you’re absolutely correct, mayssenger…. addiction to the highest level !!! ROFL

      • mayssenger says:

        I think I’m going to move on to Mary Marry Me after PK. Watched eps 1 and 2 wv subs and really liked it. Ep 3 watched raw didnt understand crap….but still liked it. I find Jae Wook terribly attractive for some reason. He’s not angsty or angry here, just cool and calm and slick. Gives me chills just watching him and Mary….they’ve got so much chemistry together. Allenif you like him too, don’t you?

      • ItadakimasU says:

        hmm still haven’t been able to watch any other drama besides PK (doing some major reruns here)… even WGM-joongbo won’t do….

        call me crazy… I think i am 😦

      • rainyrain says:

        mayssenger you can watch also ” secret garden ” watched the first epi with english subs and the second RAW ( didn’t understand one bit of it LOL ) and I loved it , also dramabeans is updating this show , I think I’m going to enjoy this drama , now that my OK is ending ” sniff sniff sniff “

      • allenif says:

        grrr!!! where did my comment go? am now having another prob aside from waiting ep 7…. my connection is getting slower and slower. i might not be able to watch it by the time it’s up already. β–Ί @ mayssenger β—„ yeah, i really really like kim jae wook cuz i find him irresistable and he’s the main reason why am watching m3. i still prefer him than jang geun suk, whether his role is a bad guy or not. i’m actually waiting also for ep 4 of m3 at dramacrazy that’s why am switching from one tab to another. i’ve seen the raw ep 3 of m3 too and i got thrilled of its ending. i’ve just read ockoala’s recap to be able to understand it. LOL

    • TeaCup says:

      Howdy! hahaha… good morning!! it’s 5:39am my time. Got up at 5:00 expecting ep 7 to be up. Cannot believe the wait has been this long —– 3+ hours is toooo long!! The YT notice said ep will be a little bit late —- their “little bit” is yet another lost in definition!!! …hahaha… having lots of laughs reading YT and your comments!!!

  16. ItadakimasU says:

    OK THAT’S IT!!! i’m going to do some compulsive cleaning just to vent my anger and frustration in a good way

    when i’m back… I DEMAND SOME MORE NEWS FROM GROUP 8… (yeah right… good luck with that <~ that was my alter ego speaking…. where is the nearest mental institution???)

    • FromSpain says:

      My loony self is going to have lunch as my stomach is getting jealous of all the attention I am paying to PK and the non-existent I am paying to it!! LOL

      Meanwhile I’ll be hoping with itadakimasu for some Group 8 news!!

      off topic….again…..new e-mail address….will this avatar be amazing or just another yellowish horror?

      • ItadakimasU says:

        heading towards ytkiss!!

        but not before i say: Fromspain… your purple one is JJANGGGGG|!!!! the queen of the avatars^^


      • allenif says:

        woooot… wooot!!!! i like your avatar From Spain than mine πŸ˜€ yours should be the king since it’s also much bigger and okey…. i’ll just be the queen. heheh! right, ItadakimasU???? LOL

      • ItadakimasU says:

        hmm let me think about it…..

        but allenif… yours looks more male and fromspain’s more female…

        but aishhh what are we talking about again ahhahahah

      • ItadakimasU says:

        i thought the looney thingy will go away after the airing of the last webi hihih ^^

      • FromSpain says:

        LOL me thinks “loony thingy” is part of us πŸ˜€

      • ItadakimasU says:

        @fromspain… yes it is.. ^^

      • ItadakimasU says:

        hmmm off the real life… can”t be crazy forever…

        see you all at ockoala’s recap ^^

      • ItadakimasU says:

        aish… off TO real life, caN’T be crazy forever… ishhhhh

      • FromSpain says:

        seems your subconscious not wanting to go TO real life but keep real life OFF πŸ˜€

      • ItadakimasU says:

        hehe you may be right… really like to spazzz some more here… fortunately… real life means watching a nice move and have dine out … soooo


    • Lulybunny says:

      Eeep! It’s up!

      • Lulybunny says:

        Course, it’ll be forever before I watch because as USUAL, I’m stuck with crap internet on the important days! *watches status bar*

    • FromSpain says:

      IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Forget lunch I am going to watch it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ItadakimasU says:

      compulsive cleaning gets rewarded instantly !~!!

  17. ItadakimasU says:

    RAINY WAIT FOR THE SPOILER… you still need one ??

    • rainyrain says:

      awwww thanks , LOL today we have a national religious event , all islamic country are celebration a religious event so I’m off since tunisia is an islamic country too , so I’m going to be able to watch it right now , thankuuuu so much , huggyyyyy πŸ™‚

  18. rainyrain says:

    the 7th webisode is up galz with 4 extra MN , enjoyyy

  19. a_fan says:

    Hmm, where can I download the OST “Wham More Time” The one KHJ sings.

    • ItadakimasU says:

      you can get a mp3 converter for youtube. i use the converter for all mp3 songs /non-songs…

      search for youtube video2mp3 converter (for mozilla firefox). it’s a add on on your youtubepage^^

  20. Anne says:

    No boating afterall…

    • a_fan says:

      sure there was. 06:24. I see steamboat on the SeungJo’s monitor

      • mayssenger says:

        haha funny!! no steam but still terribly sweet ep….loved it

      • a_fan says:

        thinking about it now, maybe that’s what they delayed the webisode. They were trying to figure out what steam boating but couldn’t contact. I was supposedly at work and some of you guys are in the early morning. They settled with inserting the word steamboat on the screen monitor. To placate our Malaysian friends, they also had to show that word Malaysia on the screen. At least they tried.

      • comicsgilz says:

        kekeke….so proud of this ep since i’m from Malaysia.. ^^ i could see SJ google something and the name Malaysia is there for people to see…

    • pksotted says:

      ‘No boating afterall…’

      Blame it on the pregnant lady – she caused whatever plans that BSJ may have hatched up to be aborted and all forms of vehicular transportation to be parked ( Mini Cooper ), anchored ( boat ) , grounded ( plane – for those clamoring for a steamy scene to whiz through a 10min webisode at the speed of light )

  21. ItadakimasU says:

    BSJ’s lips were soooooooooooooooo shiny/oily buahhahaha

    • ItadakimasU says:

      what’s will all the dog dolls/figurines???? she even got one hanging on her phone!!!

      does baek also means dog or something??? i thought is was something sounding phonetically like khe…..???

    • ItadakimasU says:

      buahahah ok the carscene with the pregnant lady was HILARIOUS!!!!! THE CAKE WITH THE “CANDLES” LMAO!!!!

      bsj was so cute, doing his best arranging the surprise… he can’t get any help from the family as they can’t keep stuff low key πŸ˜›

  22. rainyrain says:

    I’m trying to stop my tears , the show is over once and for all , I swear I’m trying to stop myself from crying so my parents won’t be worried and then when they know the reason of my tears think that their daughter is crazy
    Loved loved loved the last scene , one of the cutest scene I ever watched in kdrama , and yes our couple will for sure live happily ever after .
    just wished they showed a lil baby at the veryyyy end of the show that would have been awwwwwwwwwwwww

    • ItadakimasU says:

      ah rainyrain, don’t be sad… tug this all in your happy place….

      I laughed soooo hard during the car scene and when he presented her the cake. She got a private KHJ concert!!!!

      aish… it was HIlarious, sweet, LOVely and SAD all in one….

      PK me loves you!@!!!!

      • loveplayfulkiss says:

        yes…that’s right!

        even if there is no boating but when i watched it, i wasn’t so disappointed, in fact, the “LAST KISS” made me SHIVER and QUIVER until i realized i got a FEVER

      • ItadakimasU says:

        AND WE GOT A CLOSE-up!! it was short… but nevertheless enlessly sweet ^^

      • mayssenger says:

        That last kiss was lovely….so natural and sweet, like they were really comfortable with each other. But I wish the camera hadn’t panned away. As usual, I got cross-eyed trying to make out what she was doing to his face after she blew out the candles…..did she kiss his cheek? I was like screaming Noooooo I can’t see go back there Camera!!!

      • mayssenger says:

        When he brought out the cake with the bendy candles, it almost made me cry…..so touching!

    • Maja says:

      I was so touched BSJ made an effort to make Hani happy… I’m happy for them… although now I feel empty that this is the last we will see of our OTP… I wonder what will fill the void… PK what have you done!!!

    • Rush says:

      Don’t cry rainyrain. That was one of the sweetest episodes ever. I smiled all through even though I couldn’t understand most of what they said. And yes, a little baby would have been just cho chuweet πŸ™‚

  23. allenif says:

    no boating but still i’m satisfied with the ending. that was so sweet… oh hani getting a surprise from the almighty baek seung jo…. that’s epic. PK ….. you’re simply the great πŸ˜€

    • ItadakimasU says:

      ah i said this before… but boating or no boating:

      it has been good… it has been great. PK me loves ^^

      • Lulybunny says:


        That scene was so sweet. The mighty BSJ singing happy birthday to his Oh Ha Ni. And happily not grudgingly. It brought me back to his speech at the graduation and made me so happy for our OTP.

      • ItadakimasU says:

        oh\!! how nice of you to bring that up!! yeah.. BSJ is happy now, so he can pamper hani with love ^^

      • mayssenger says:

        Yeah the singing part was really touching …. I almost teared up there a second….awwww I’m sadddd guys I feel EMPTYYYYY

    • FromSpain says:

      Back again after lunch and being in lalaland for 14 blissful minutes!!

      LOL the car scene is hilarious!! Got me laughing like crazy even if I could not understand a word!! πŸ˜€

      And the last scene……so sweet…..SIGH……..

      Now I’m getting ready to enter new anxious phase….the “waiting for subtitles” phase….it is still not the end for me!! kkkk

  24. yeisha says:

    awwwww…..so sweet. the 3 minutes was bliss..blissss…Seungjo loooked so shy when he pulled out that cake with bendy candles. although when they started playing *the music*, my brain picked up the first few notes and started screaming..boat, boat..eeeeep…i have to unwire my brain to stop sending me boating messages every time that song plays again.

    they did sneak in the “steamboat” while he was doing the internet search. LOL.
    and they’re lucky KHJ is so gorgeous he can pull off anything, otherwise that polka dot vest would have looked so ridiculous — i mean, black and white polka-dotted vest + brown coat, what was stylist noona thinking? hehe.

    okay i’m nitpicking on the litte details. this is my first stage of denial. aaaackkkk…can’t believe it already ended!!!! i might have to go through strages of DABDA (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)…aaaaahhhhh….*goes to watch the webisode again*

    • yeisha says:

      oooooppssss…almost forgot. when are we having the party ladies ?!! should we wait until the last BTS episode or should we have it during today’s recap?

      ockoala dear, what do you think? i have my bottle of wine ready. just give us a go-ahead and we’ll get this party rolling. i’m obviously still in denial mode so anything that will take my mind off this goodbye thing, i’m all up for it. πŸ˜‰

      • a_fan says:

        still have to download Wham More Time by KHJ

      • yeisha says:

        ooooohhhh…just noticed during the last scene when they had the fade out ~ someone released that bunch of multi-colored balloons!!!! so cute. love these little details.

        (although can’t help but insert a snark: who’s hiding behind those bushes and holding the balloons? ;))

      • a_fan says:

        I was taking an off chance that the boating was in the music video.

      • Rush says:

        Me too want in on the party! I need mucho vino to drown my sorrow at PK ending. And I never noticed the balloons at all Yeisha. Was too busy zooming in on KHJ/JSM hugging and kissing and acting all couply (I know that’s not a word, but bear with me).
        Have to say I loved, loved, loved their chemistry in this episode (as in every prior webisode). I do believe that KHJ could make a career out of being Baek Sung Jo. In fact I demand that he make a career out of it! I demand Season 2!!

        I too struggled with the polka dotted vest coat, until I realized this is KHJ – he could wear a leopard print waistcoat with a checked jacket and accessorize it with a polka dotted tie and I would still adore him. And speaking of prints, I was so delighted to see OH wearing the checked PJs again….

    • yeisha says:

      @rush, i need mucho vino too. sake, soju…heck, any kind of alcohol will do. i’m starting to feel the emptiness kicking in. i think i skipped all the other stages of DABDA and went straight from denial to depression. its that darn cake with those bendy candles and the way he smiled at her so sweeeetly like that. sigh.

      yes, KHJ can make a career out of BSJ. at this rate, i don’t even know who i love more. they’ve somehow morphed into one person in my eyes. and how perfect and so natural was that kiss? sigh again.

      re: balloons, i didn’t even notice it first but upon rewatch, if you look closely at the back of SJ’s mini cooper, you can see a part of someone’s shoes. i wonder how long the poor guy had to crouch behind the car like that while holding those balloons. hehehe.

  25. comicsgilz says:

    awwwww………. \(*o*)/ i’m saying this is the episode that shows all the passion between OTP and the one chemistry i’ve been waiting for in PK!! at last!! the kiss was soooo natural and sooo sweeeet…!!! wish the camera didn’t moves so far from them T_T so i could see Hani giving SJ another sweet peak on his lips after the song…..*sigh*

    again……the last 3 minutes are sweet… sweet….! sweet..!! sweet!! πŸ˜€ love the chemistry….but sadly…..it is the end of PK…*sob sob sob sob* i want PK season 2!!!!! T___T

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