MV of Baek Ji Young’s Single for Secret Garden

FINALLY!!! After being depressed about the 10 minute trailer for Secret Garden I watched earlier this week (so depressed I didn’t even want to post about it or share it), the bipolar production team went and released the MV for the Baek Ji Young single off the OST. And I’m back on board the SG-train.

The single is spectacularly vintage Baek Ji Young. But the MV redeems all of the slapstick trailers we’ve been subjected to for weeks now. Finally, we get some depth and emotion and a feel for the characters.

The person who shines the most in this MV is actually Ha Ji Won – she reminds me yet again that she is perfection as an actress. Multi-facted, emotive, gorgeous yet relatable – no wonder pretty much every co-star she has ever had has a mini-crush on her. I do, too.

MV For That Woman by Baek Ji Young:

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3 Responses to MV of Baek Ji Young’s Single for Secret Garden

  1. therainhouse says:

    Wait, wait, did JGS have a crush on HJW too during the Hwang Jinyi days? I always thought they had great chemistry. I love all Baek Ji Young’s songs.

    • ockoala says:

      OMO, JGS had a HUGE crush on HJW during their Hwang Jin Yi days!

      You didn’t know – he would be interviewed about it and giggle like a school boy and blush. He also had a crush on Sung Yuri during the HGD days. It was all innocent and cute – JGS likes his noonas.

      Isn’t this song lovely? I also love all of BJY’s songs. My fave is still Don’t Forget Me from the IRIS OST.

      • therainhouse says:

        Ohmygosh, he actually blushed….

        So, he likes older women.. No chance at all for me then. I’ll have to comfort myself with daydreams.

        Me too! Don’t Forget Me is so sad. It’s just so sad but it’s my favourite Baek Ji Young song. She’s like the queen of sad songs, she and Ji Sun are the queens of sad songs.

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