I See Spain, I See France, I See a Body-Switch!

If Secret Garden keeps up with dropping new trailers left and right, I’m going to be up to my eye-balls in trailers by the time the drama premieres. Yet another trailer was released, and this time I’m not even going to bother translating the trailer or linking to it. I’m just going to present the SPOILERRIFIC screencaps after the jump. You’ve been warned.

Omo, Binnie dear, your nervous ninny routine (as a woman in a man’s body) is killing me just by the stills alone.

I just realized that technically, they are kissing themselves. If Binnie in Ha Ji Won’s body opened his eyes, he’d be kissing himself! Awwwwkward. But beyond the kiss alone, Ha Ji Won’s utterly mantastic body language when she grabs Binnie, with her legs all spread eagle, is so spot-on as a too-macho man I can’t wait to see her in action.

[Credit: screencaps from Baidu Secret Garden bar]

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9 Responses to I See Spain, I See France, I See a Body-Switch!

  1. X says:

    they probably read my comment here yesterday hoping that they’d show us some of the soul switcheroo…lol…..cnt wait for all the craziness to start

  2. Rush says:

    Ooh! That kiss has so brought me on board for this drama 🙂
    Much as I love (adore/lust after!) Binnie I was just not feeling the storyline. But those last 2 caps have totally done it for me. And I do like his pairing with Ha Ji Won.
    Now if we could just do a hair-swap for Yoon Sang Hyun ….

  3. dangermousie says:

    It’s a good thing I finished Friend Our Legend some time ago, otherwise I’d be getting whiplash.

  4. mja says:

    the screencaps of scared hyun bin made me laugh so hard!! I don’t know what i’ll do if i start watching the drama….

  5. djes says:

    why nobody mention the hella hot Phillip Lee? so it means I can get Phillip for myself? 😀

  6. Sere says:

    AHHHHHHHHH So TPTB are going there. OMO OMO OMO!!!! \o/ This is like…fanfiction or something, I swear to God. I cannot contain my excitement now. 12 more days now. Just 12. We can do it *nods*

    Omo, Binnie dear, your nervous ninny routine (as a woman in a man’s body) is killing me just by the stills alone.

    Hahaha. Were you expecting subtle?!? LOL Dude, I don’t even care what this is going to be, action, drama, romcom…to see Binnie act in this? Is like a dream. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m SO glad Jang Hyuk dropped this project. I can’t picture him in it at all, but I have a feeling Binnie can totally make it work and don’t ask me why I think so because I have no idea. Normally -and it pains me to admit this because I love Binnie to a ridiculous level and I know he has acting chops to sell- I’d say Jang is the strongest actor between the two, but somehow, somehow Binnie is perfect for this role.

  7. nycgrl says:

    I like binnie in the LMH-like slim cardi. He has the thin frame to carry it off. Will watch at least 1st 2 eps for HJW & binnie.

  8. deannadsc says:

    BINNIE!!! one of my “old Flames” is really back….I’m so loving this drama already!!! Ockoala…keep posting them trailers!!!
    Komawo…from now on you’re my new drama “guru”!!!!

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