Latest Trailer for Secret Garden with Dialogue Translation

I feel like a bipolar Koala what with two new dramas simultaneously dropping goodies on me daily. Today comes the third trailer for Secret Garden, which is also its longest in length.

I still can’t figure out the story, or the tone the drama is going to take. But I continue to keep the faith like any good City Haller would when it comes to the same writer’s follow up drama.

Third Trailer for Secret Garden:

Title card: Secret Garden – a fantasy love story is about to begin

HB: So you’re a stunt person? Because you lack the brains, so you had to pick a profession where you use physical skill?

YSH: Our first meeting was rather bold and outlandish.

HB: You two, have that kind of relationship?

KSR: She thinks she’s the lead actress, but she’s only the stunt woman!

HJW: Do you think that what we do is ridiculous?

HB: Don’t shout at me.

HJW: Forget about it.

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15 Responses to Latest Trailer for Secret Garden with Dialogue Translation

  1. dangermousie says:

    The video is not showing for me for some reason.

    I must say, tbh, to me the trailers for this look uniformly awful. I continue to have faith in HB and Ha Ji Won but…yeah. Have very low expectations for this one now.

    • ockoala says:

      I’ve re-embedded it. I’ll also post it at your LJ.

      To be frank, the trailers look awful *gasp* but honestly so did the trailers for City Hall.

      I heard from Mr. X that the trailer dudes are never involved with the production and usually are just random station folks who work on it without knowledge of what the drama is ultimately about. They just pick what looks interesting and cobble it all together.

      • dangermousie says:

        It’s still not showing for me here (off to check LJ).

        I confess CH’s first few eps were rough – if it wasn’t for flisties’ mad love for it I would have never persevered and discovered such a gem.

        re: trailer folks. Interesting. I think some of them should make dramas – whoever made IRIS and Chuno trailers and the first Runaway trailer was awesome.

      • dangermousie says:

        ETA: it’s showing now!

  2. v says:

    lol.. the video is not showing but thankfully, i saw it already… let me go and find back again where is it that i’ve watched it.. i hope it’s not the same vid.. -_-“

    • ockoala says:

      Hey v, I deleted your post so and re-embedded the video. Hopefully it’ll show up now. It shows up when I open this post and watch it.

  3. blueangel says:

    This looks interesting. What genre is this drama suppose to be? Romantic Comedy or thriller? Looks interesting by the minute.

    • ockoala says:

      Quoting Ms. Kim Eun Sook – Secret Garden is a “fantasy melodrama”

      I say it’s a slap-stick comedy for 2 episodes, rom-com for 4 episodes, then wham bam melodrama for the remaining 14 episodes. I’m using her earlier works as a barometer for my prediction.

  4. Sere says:

    Ok, I’m still keeping the faith and, ok, yes, the trailers are not that promising (but so were CH’s and it turned out great), but what has always worried me about this drama is the whole body-swapping thing. That has the potential to turn into a disaster or, if we get lucky, into an addicting hot mess. As I said, I’m staying positive and keeping the faith and I’m STILL so hyped up about this drama so there’s that. 🙂

  5. Taohua says:

    I have to admit, out of everything that is coming out in the next couple of weeks. This is the drama that I’m looking forward to the most. While I did enjoy CH for the most part, I’m not a fan of the writer in general…so am a little worried on how the drama will turn out.

  6. therainhouse says:

    Too long since Ha Ji Won’s last drama. Far too long. Body switch.

    All the situations they can get into because of a simple body switch.

  7. deannadsc says:

    I’ve missed Binnie for almost 2 years & about to miss him again for the next 2!!! Anyway, if SG is at least 1/2 as good as City can count me in!!! (as long as it’s not as violent as Binnie’s last drama, w/c I didn’t like at all!!)

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