Second Teaser Trailer for Mary Stayed Out All Night

The second teaser trailer for Mary Stayed Out All Night is out! It’s got some overlap with the first trailer in terms of footage used, but this time the background music is the song from the MV trailer that was released a few weeks ago.

For some reason I really really like that song. It has the refrain that goes “love you, love you, love you” and then rises to a chorus. The voiceover dialogue in this trailer is the same as the one before, so I won’t post the translation again.

Second Teaser Trailer for Mary:

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12 Responses to Second Teaser Trailer for Mary Stayed Out All Night

  1. holey moley says:

    MGY is seriously cute…SUPER LOVE HER!!!!! Excited but at the same time sad that skks will soon end…OMG at the ending of ep 18…i was at shock at what could possibly happen to my love!!!

  2. Sere says:

    Still not feeling MGY’s hair, but wheeeeee, I like this trailer even if it doesn’t show much. It looks cute and maybe a touch more comedy than romcom, but who cares? I can’t wait.

  3. altins says:

    I wonder what are they conversing during the first 4 seconds…?
    Anyone can help? Hehehe

    • ockoala says:

      JGS says: You’re a housewife?

      MGY says (holding her face): Ay, I’m a housewife.

      • altins says:

        Wowwww..thank u..thank u….

      • altins says:

        Oh ya…one more question,
        Are MaeRi words the same like the first trailer..?
        well most likely request…hehehe..
        if you don’t mind and isn’t busy….hehehe

      • altins says:

        Ah…so sorry.
        Didn’t read the part “The voiceover dialogue in this trailer is the same as the one before, so I won’t post the translation again.”
        But it looks like they are different..hehehe…
        Just forget my “stupid-and-ignorant” request…

      • altins says: again…*sigh*…sorry for giving you so many troubles…
        but I wonder in 26-28 seconds… looks like MaeRi’s words are not in your previous translation..? am I correct..?

      • ockoala says:

        @ altins

        It really is almost identical, and the message is the same. But here’s what her voiceover is in the second trailer:

        MGY: I am Wie Mae Ri, a married woman. Do you want to see my groom’s ability? He’s the lead singer and guitarist of an indie band. He doesn’t have any earning potential, but he’s always surrounded by women. As a husband, he’s the pits. But he makes an emotional impression. But, I have another husband?

      • altins says:

        Ah..I see…because I catch a glimpse of one or two words…so I thought that they were different…but you are right, they are the same…So sorry for troubling you..
        I guess I still get a long way to go to excel my Korean language..hehehe

  4. tupai says:

    Hmm, cautiously optimistic about this drama. Me thinks the premise is weird and worryingly indulgent, but if they go crazy whimsical all the way, maybe this has the potential to be so outlandish it’s good..? Plus the lovely three main leads.

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