Secret Garden Teaser Trailers Released

With less than a month to go before its weekend premiere on SBS, the production of Secret Garden has been busy last week, dropping official stills, opening its official online website, and now dropping the first two teaser trailers on us.

The pace feels fast and furious, and likely won’t slow down until the first episode premieres on November 13, 2010. Below are the two teaser trailers. All I have to say is two words: CITY HALL. What do I mean by that? Anyone who has seen City Hall knows that the drama took 4 episodes to reveal its hand, and was so startlingly slap-stick in its early episodes that many people dismissed it outright until word-of-mouth about its true too-awesome-to-believe love story brought everyone back into the fold. My first impression of SG mirrors my first impression of City Hall – and that is a good thing considering City Hall is my personal favorite K-drama of all-time.

The trailers for SG make it seem like its got shenanigans aplenty and zaniness all-around. Knowing Kim Eun Sook, she’ll be using humor and goofiness to set the stage for her trump card – a love story that make us swoon and then swoon some more. I know her modus operandi – it might not work, but she ALWAYS goes for epic love stories.

Secret Garden Teaser 1:

Secret Garden Teaser 2:

What I tell myself at the end of the day is simply to keep the faith. It might take a few epiosdes to gell, but ultimately, I know Kim Eun Sook has so much experience on her hands she’ll know how to guide this story and tap into the awesome talented cast she has on hand.

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14 Responses to Secret Garden Teaser Trailers Released

  1. v says:

    hahaha… i had the same exact thought when i first saw the trailers… CITY. HALL… and yes, i agree with you about kim eun sook. i trust she’ll make an epic love story. hopefully, an epic drama as well. cuz epic doesn’t always mean good. I still reel from the “epicness” of TnK.
    on a shallow note… HJW is SO gorgeous. not conventional but she has this something.. sigh. i have it bad for my girl crush.

  2. blueangel says:

    Not really sure about this one but after watching the trailer… you know maybe… I’ll give it a shot! Looks kinda cute!

  3. Sere says:

    OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m TOTALLY getting the same City Hall vibe! That is…that is SUCH a good thing I can hardly wait to watch this one. We’re going to watch it all together, right? Something tells me I’ll have to talk incessantly about this and squee so,are you in?

    Btw, I agree on City Hall. It’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite EVER. And to think I ALMOST missed it if Samsooki didn’t highly recced it in one of his emails. I’ll never thank him enough for that. And yes, it was sooo slapstick comedy at first, but then…oh then it was soo touching and omg let’s NOT talk about it cos I think we’ll never stop praising it. ^^

    I am so grateful and happy Binnie decided to take on a comedy/rom-com. I’m glad he wanted to experiment and show how his acting skills, but boy, I was itching to see him another romcom

    • ockoala says:

      Oh Sere,

      *GIANT HUGS* Yesyesyesyes, everything you just said. I know if I sit down and really think about it, my favorite drama of all time may change. But City Hall had such an impact on me – I mean, look at me! I wouldn’t be here but for CH. I’m a City Haller for life. I prefer to let CH retain its crown in my personal esteem, because I adore it so.

      I know oodles of people who HATE or just never cared for CH. But I find that even upon rewatch it works for me each and every time. That means it really isn’t a fluke, it really was a drama that succeeded.

      I am feeling that excitement grow, and if SG is anything like CH, forget about recapping it, I’ll end each episode watch incoherent and just going $%^#@$%^$^*&^&* DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED!!! *Dies of Happiness*

      And Binnie is literally channeling Samshik (MNIKSS) crossed with Kang Kook (Ireland).

      • Sere says:

        LKJDALDJSALDJFHAJDKFL I’m SO happy we’re on the same page about this. See? See what happens? I get all incoherent already and I haven’t even STARTED talking about it. Truth to be told, there are 3 dramas that I could watch and rewatch and watch again and I’ll never get tired of; Coffee Prince, which was my first kdrama ever and gah, I’m so ridiculously fond of it that I can’t even say; MNIKSS and City Hall. I seriously had no idea that CH could turn into one of the shows I watch, like, ALL the time, but it is and it never grows old and that is one of the reasons it is so dear to me. Of course there are lots of other kdramas that I like or that I -dare I even say this?- may rate higher as far as production values go (The return of Iljimae, anyone?) bu that’s what my mind says. My heart? Is still firmly with the 3 dramas I mentioned above. Do you remember one of your old posts? About your WHOA drama? Well, there you go, CH, MNIKSS, CP are my WHOA dramas.

        Word. Ditto. I always catch something new and that’s just great. I’ve already rewatched it countless times and I’m not kidding!

        LOL LOL *high-fives* You won’t ever hear a peep from me. mostly because I’m fairly sure I’ll be doing a pretty spot-on imitation of a)a cheerleader b)12yo high from sugar and hormones and c)mad woman flailing around and just basically muttering nonsensical sounds. So coherence? Don’t expect it from me. Oh God, I REALLY shouldn’t get this excited about a drama…

        ALKJDLAHFLDJAS DON’T EVEN SAY THAT. OMG *moans pityfully* That’s going to make my excitement grow exponentially…

  4. D says:


    • D says:

      bt i dont approve of that sequined tracksuit!!…that plus Yoon Sang Hyun’s…..well everything…drama could do with a better stylist….on the other hand i LOVE the dragon tatoos on Ha Ji Won’s arms!!

  5. doozy says:

    Ha Ji Won does badass but wounded soul so so well.

    In case there’s an unofficial poll going on, I vote for ockoala to recap SG as well.

  6. rich says:

    Yay! I kinda like the teasers… Hmm, I think I’ll be seeing this drama… ^^

  7. Lulybunny says:

    Great, now I have to go watch this “City Hall” of which you speak….

  8. Laica says:

    I never watched the previews for City Hall and kind of stumbled on it by accident (SO glad I did!) but you saying this reminds you of CH makes me excited. It’s my favourite drama of all time too. I loved it so much I couldn’t watch any other kdrama for a while because they all fell SO short in comparison to CH.

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