Playful Kiss Episode 16 Recap

Welcome to the beginning of the end. Or perhaps it’s the beginning of a legacy? Only time will tell if Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) goes down in Korean drama lore – a drama that people remember for good or for bad reasons.

I confess episode 16 was hard to recap – from both a plot angle and from a recapper-comment angle. This is the first time I was glad that I watch twice when recapping, because I liked this final episode of PK much better the second time around. Rather than dwell on the things that weren’t ideal, instead I was able to savor the things that were the essence of PK – the true-to-life interactions between characters, most notably Seung Jo and Ha Ni.

It wasn’t everything I had hoped for, but it had some satisfying bits. It wasn’t terribly well-executed (what’s new?), but it flowed much better than yesterday (not hard to do since the bar was set at negative a billion). It wasn’t the best last episode to a drama ever broadcast, nor was it the worst. I wanted more, but I got enough. In the end, I was indeed happy with it.

Like a bell curve, PK the drama started off in a mellow “is” place, steadily building its own brand of tension, angst, and emotion, allowing it to naturally taper off as the drama wound to a close. In the end, the drama’s mood mirrored its premiere episode (minus the fantasy sequences), except everyone had moved from point A to point B.

As a viewer who relished watching PK, I was grateful for an ending that was as sweet, ordinary, and relatable as the drama has been throughout its entire run. Speaking strictly for myself – PK will not be making it onto my top ten list of favorites, but the experience of recapping and participating in the veritable tsunami of PKisser love here at AKP will be something I cherish long after I have moved on to the next drama.

I have watched too many dramas to know that whatever high we’re experiencing with PK will inevitably dissipate. It is only then we can really assess the quality and the impact of a drama. I shall end this recap with my thoughts both on episode 16 and on the drama as a whole. Who knows how time will affect my recollection, temper my reaction. But that is neither here nor there.

Today, my chingus, we are here to celebrate, and bid a fond thank you and farewell to PK, a drama that has made us feel excited and alive for 8 straight weeks!

Episode 16 recap:

A beautiful Fall day dawns on Parang University, and our newlywed college students Ha Ni and Seung Jo are riding their bikes to school. Seung Jo’s bike is about one car length ahead of Ha Ni, and that is so accurate in a real life marriage where a couple has different paces in their daily lives ergo it’s not the romanticized I’ll-ride-really-really-slow-so-that-we-are-always-together shit espoused in romantic fiction.

They park in front of a building, and Hye Ra approaches Seung Jo to say hi. She notes that they are riding couples bikes, and Seung Jo reveals that it’s courtesy of Mom. He barely made it out of the house without having to don a couples outfit. Hye Ra is fishing for some information, out of curiosity and likely some residual habit. She asks why then Seung Jo isn’t wearing a wedding ring?

Seung Jo looks at Ha Ni and says that’s to be discussed later. He says he’ll wear a ring when their marriage is officially registered. This is like dangling a fish in front of a cat – it’s nip for the catty and teasing side of Hye Ra. To Hye Ra, this means Ha Ni and Seung Jo have no legal relationship with each other. Ha Ni says everyone knows they got married, Hye Ra even attended the wedding!

Hye Ra says that’s different than legal recognition of a marriage – the law and an official government stamp is all-powerful. She murmurs that this means she still has a chance. When Ha Ni looks horrified, Hye Ra pats her and tells her it was amusing to have fun at her expense. She then flounces off to Seung Jo’s side and grabs his arm. As she’s walking away on his arm, she turns around and points out the conjoined arms to Ha Ni.

What I love about Hye Ra, and to the same extent everyone in PK, is that their personalities remain consistent throughout. Hye Ra was never cruel to Ha Ni, and now that she’s out of the picture with Seung Jo, she’s not suddenly BFFs with Ha Ni either. She retains her slighty bitchy, mildly patronizing, but ultimately playful attitude with Ha Ni.

Alone with Seung Jo, Hye Ra asks if its true that Ha Ni is trying to transfer into the nursing program. Upon Seung Jo’s confirmation, Hye Ra is impressed with Ha Ni’s continued perseverance when it comes to being by Seung Jo’s side. Ha Ni is like a star that circles the Seung Jo planet. Seung Jo changes the analogy – isn’t it natural that the Earth revolves around the Sun?

This may sound terribly self-important of Seung Jo (the Sun? really, you think of yourself as the freakin’ Sun!), but the analogy is best viewed as the Earth may need the Sun’s life-sustaining properties, ultimately it is the Earth that fosters life and living beings. Who is more important in the Universe or leaves a lasting impression is hard to ascertain.

Ha Ni drops a mountain of books onto her table at the library, ready to study. But she first has to shoot a few grumbles at Hye Ra (for insinuating she still has a chance with Seung Jo, albeit jokingly) and Seung Jo (for being such a meanie and not registering their marriage until Ha Ni gets into the nursing program). Her fellow students in the library scoot away from this crazy girl. Ha Ni vows that to get back at Seung Jo for his small-hearted ways, she’ll get into that program to show him!

Joon Gu has taken the advice of the cafeteria ahjummas to heart, and prepared for sale the Ha Ni and Joon Gu lunchboxes he made a few episodes back. Christine comes by again, to the annoyance of Joon Gu. He asks her to please eat something other than noodles everyday for a change. She offers him a sip of a special beverage she brought, to bring them closer together as friends. Joon Gu brushes aside all her entreaties.

Since he won’t agree to be friends, Christine goes ahead confesses her feelings to Joon Gu, asking him to be her boyfriend. She tells him that it’s love at first sight. Joon Gu tells her that he likes someone else, and Christine doesn’t believe him since she comes everyday but has never seen a girl around or Joon Gu going out on a date. Joon Gu flatly turns her down, and tells her not to come by again.

Ha Ni runs into tennis sunbae at school, who queries why she doesn’t come to tennis practice anymore? Is it because she’s achieved her purpose? LOL, they are two peas in a pod, aren’t they? Upon hearing that Ha Ni is busy studying so that she can transfer majors, he cautions her that the nursing major is notoriously difficult to get into, and highly competitive once she’s gotten in.

Tennis sunbae excitedly tells Ha Ni that he has news to share. Ha Ni correctly surmises that its related to Hye Ra, but jumps the gun and asks if they are dating? No, they are just at the enjoy-a-hot-dog-together stage of their friendship. Ha Ni’s disappointed for tennis sunbae, who is pretty stoked at his advancement in micro-steps with Hye Ra.

Ha Ni goes to the beauty salon to visit her friends. The salon friend, Joo Ri, confesses that a guy comes by daily asking for a trim. She’s not sure why he wastes his time and money cutting so little off each visit. Her friends deduct that the customer must like her, so he comes by often always cutting a tiny amount so that he has an excuse to frequent her salon.

The illustrator friend, Min Ah, bemoans that she’s now the only one without any romantic prospects. She is consoled a bit when they read her online comic strip which tells the story of Ha Ni and Seung Jo from their high school days, which has become a certifiable hit.

Ha Ni is helping Mom wash and dry dishes, dejected about the daunting task ahead of her. Her entering the nursing program also depends on whether and when a spot opens up. Mom decides to go ahead and register their marriage, regardless of Seung Jo’s position. Seriously, love Mom, but no wonder Seung Jo has major issues when it comes to doing his Mom’s bidding.

Mom does some online research and determines that to register a marriage, they need two witnesses (easy peasy, her and dad, of course), and Seung Jo’s identity card as valid identification (not so easy peasy). When Seung Jo is in the shower, Ha Ni sneaks back to their room and rifles through his pants and jacket for his wallet. I don’t know why, but seeing Ha Ni touch Seung Jo’s pants was strangely very sexy – it really hammers home how really really married they are.

Back to Swiper Ha Ni, who is about to open the wallet when fresh-out-of-the-shower Seung Jo (rawr x infinity) comes upon her. He grabs back his wallet, and remarks that she’s already taking her husband’s wallet. He jokes that some bills are missing, and then slides the wallet underneath his pillow. While they are sleeping, Ha Ni manages to successfully swipe his wallet and sneak his identity card.

When Mom and Ha Ni goes to the government office, they discover that Seung Jo in fact already registered the marriage! Anyone surprised by this not-so-twist? Nope, not I. Back at home, Mom and Ha Ni stand before Seung Jo like two kids caught vandalizing school property by the principal. Ha Ni asks if he knew she swiped his card, and he replies that there is nothing she does that he doesn’t figure out, i.e. she cannot escape his clutches.

Mom asks her son to stop teasing and tormenting Ha Ni. His reply is that teasing and tormenting Ha Ni is his sole enjoyment in life. But he confesses that he did it mainly to give Ha Ni a goal to work for, but he’s disappointed that she would use sly means to circumvent his well-laid plans. Ha Ni pipes up and asks him not to be disappointed in her – she will work hard, she will get into the nursing program.

Joon Gu is working hard at preparing for the launch of his lunchbox venture. Christine goes to talk with Ha Ni about how to pursue Joon Gu. Ha Ni wonders if Christine is mistaking her love of Joon Gu’s cooking for himself, but Christine disabuses her of that notion. She likes Joon Gu’s manly manner, his lilting Busan accent, his looks – everything about him.

Christine confesses that she’s scheduled to go back to England on Christmas, but if Joon Gu likes her back, then she won’t leave. When she asks Ha Ni who the girl is that Joon Gu likes, Ha Ni reassures her there is no such girl.

Everyone goes to the grand opening of Joon Gu’s new eating establishment – a take-out place that sells his delicious lunchboxes. The high school friends all help pass out flyers outside, including Joon Gu’s now famous Bye Bye Sea posse. Hye Ra and Seung Jo arrive first, followed by Ha Ni with Christine. Joon Gu’s not impressed with the huge bag of napkins Christine brought as a present until he hears that Ha Ni helped her pick it out.

Joon Gu gives a speech about the inspiration for his restaurant – he wants to get a Michelin star to symbolize how his food is good at any time, to any person. Christine tells Joon Gu she’s leaving for England soon. Rather than express any sadness or desire for her to stay, Joon Gu tells her that she can leave since he has only Ha Ni in his heart. Seung Jo’s eyes widen at this public announcement, and Ha Ni leaves the restaurant to chase after a dejected Christine.

At home in bed, Ha Ni is wondering how she can help Christine. Seung Jo is in a pissy mood because Joon Gu still has feelings for Ha Ni. He says that Ha Ni must be happy – a married ahjumma being involved in a scandal. He wonders what happened between Ha Ni and Joon Gu in the past to cause Joon Gu to still have feelings for Ha Ni even now.

Ha Ni sees it as just a reflection of Joon Gu’s personality (his version of steadfastness in love). She’s about to discuss something that happened in their first year of high school when she stops, wondering if her Seung Jo is *gasp* jealous? Seung Jo smiles his cover-up smile and says how could he be jealous. Pfft, he’s so stewing inside.

Seung Jo asks Ha Ni not to interfere anymore, let the two of them figure things out on their own. Ha Ni puts two and two together, and asks whether this is what happened with Seung Jo, he figured it out on his own about her? She once again teases Seung Jo that he’s jealous, poking him playfully as this adorable married couple joke and spend time together on their bed. I loved this scene, made me smile from first to last frame for capturing the very essence of a married couple spending time discussing the matters of the day.

Ha Ni can’t stop herself from not interfering, she goes to speak with Joon Gu. She asks him to be honest, does he dislike Christine? He says no, he neither likes nor dislikes her. Ha Ni asks him to consider whether he thinks about Christine when she’s not around, wondering what she is up to. Joon Gu says he feels that way about Ha Ni. Didn’t he say he’s supposed to be Ha Ni’s home?

Ha Ni reminds Joon Gu that she’s married now, Seung Jo is her home. Joon Gu says then he can be Ha Ni’s insurance or backup plan. Ha Ni thanks Joon Gu for all that he has done for her, and asks him to listen to her this time. She says to stop insisting he knows his heart, that it has a defined answer. She wants him to sit on the swing, look at the sky, and open his heart up to a fresh perusal.

Tennis sunbae has a quiet conversation with Hye Ra, revealing that he’s received his mandatory military service notice. He asks her to write to him if she’s ever bored, but she refuses saying that it’s too much of a hassle. As tennis sunbae leaves, he asks her for one more favor, to never cry alone again. It was clear that Hye Ra was kind of messing with tennis sunbae (and his parting words touched her), because she jumps up and tells him that if she’s bored, she’ll go visit him.

Ha Ni is dozing off at the library, until her head hit the books with a thunk. She looks at her wedding picture on her cellphone to give her energy, and her phone scrolls the message “SJ loves HN” and “Fighting”. Ha Ni and tennis sunbae, former stalking colleagues and kindred spirits in the pursuit of love, have a farewell discussion.

He reveals that him and Hye Ra have taken yet another (small) step forward. He thanks Ha Ni, for teaching him a lot. He used to be afraid of revealing his feelings because of the fear of rejection. Thanks to Ha Ni, he has learned that rejection shouldn’t deter him, he can keep moving forward. He thanks Ha Ni for making school more fun for him.

Tennis sunbae wants to thank Ha Ni by giving her a present. He has a friend in the nursing program, a guy friend he rooms with. Once tennis sunbae goes off to the military, that guy won’t be able to afford a room of his own. He’ll have to join the military with tennis sunbae. That means a spot will open up in the nursing program.

It’s the best he can do for Ha Ni, she still has to ace the test herself. Poor unseen sacrificial male nursing student, I hope the program takes him back when get finishes military service. The drama thanks you for your sacrifice. Ha Ni hops around in glee.

The daily hair cut guy comes to see Joo Ri, and reveals that he’s joining the army. Omo, did we have two random plot points that just got tied together. He must be tennis sunbae’s nursing student roommate. Joo Ri is cutting his hair when she leans in and hugs him, telling him that she will wait until he comes back.

Ha Ni shows Seung Jo her nursing program transfer application while they are getting ready for bed. The exam date is fast approaching, and Seung Jo wishes her luck. Ha Ni asks Seung Jo to tutor her, since that’s his specialty. Her OPW on him is strong indeed, even I would relent under the force of her pout and the rapid fluttering blink of her doe eyes.

Seung Jo quizzes her on nursing questions, and Ha Ni asks if they can go on a Christmas date if she gets into the program. Since they married so quickly, they never really dated. Seung Jo agrees, even after she says it has to be for a full day, an entire day. His smile when he repeats his consent melts me so. He also allows her to practice CPR on him.

Seung Jo demonstrates the compression hand motion, and then Ha Ni gets started. She first leans right in and checks for signs of breathing. Then she presses right up to his lips and pretends to be giving mouth-to-mouth. She then starts gentle chest compressions on Seung Jo. He wonders whether she’s giving him a massage or a rub down. She worries that it would hurt him, but does try to increase the strength a bit.

Seung Jo suddenly grabs her and pulls her down next to him, telling her to take a break. She says there is still a lot of homework to be done, and he replies that this is homework, too. Giggles, so sweet. Love love these little beats in their married life.

Eun Jo barges in right as the couples are taking their well-earned snuggling break. He tells the snuggling ones that he’s about to hit puberty, and they should be more cognizant of their behavior around these here parts. Hey pipsqueak, did you or did you not enter into a closed room without getting permission. Sheesh, I vote for more making out!

Ha Ni takes the written exam, which appears to go well, and then goes to the interview. Who is the head interviewer other than the super-meanie from her Parang University interview that rainy day! The interviewer recognizes her as the snail, and is impressed she got into Parang. However, Ha Ni doesn’t do well on the practical demonstration (pressing too hard on the mannequin and not giving the right answers on real-life situation questions), and thus does not get in.

She, as well as the family members, are all disappointed. Seung Jo, rather than chastise or express disapproval, agrees to take her to dinner, saying that he really wanted to go on a date with Ha Ni. She pulls out every item of clothing she owns and finds the perfect outfit. On her way to the date, she sees a woman get struck by a car. Ha Ni takes charge and performs CPR on the injured woman.

Joon Gu runs to the airport knowing that Christine is leaving. He tries to get in through security but is turned away. He dejectedly thinks she’s already gone. It turns out that she didn’t actually leave yet, and wonders if he came to stop her. He tries to pretend he came to see her off, but both realize that each wants the other person to be there.

He tells her he will always carry a part of Ha Ni in his heart, and Christine says then she will place Joon Gu in her heart. I thought of all the loose ends, the Joon Gu-Christine story was very very very poorly done. Unlike Hye Ra-tennis sunbae, which has episodes of small interactions building a foundation, this one makes zero sense unless you know the source material and understand how they really build their relationship. Sigh, its better than leaving this story out, otherwise I would literally bleed to death from heart pains for Joon Gu.

Ha Ni goes to the hospital with the car accident victim, and is therefore unable to make her date with Seung Jo. The doctor commends her on saving a life. When she runs to try and meet Seung Jo, the restaurant has closed already, but Seung Jo is still there waiting for her. He asks her if she’s okay, that he was worried about her. She runs into his arms, and as they embrace, she confesses that she was worried that he left.

As Ha Ni and Seung Jo drive home, he pulls off to the side and parks the car. It’s a place people can’t enter at night, and Seung Jo says its fine as long as they don’t get discovered. Ha Ni is impressed with this side of him, saying it’s attractive. He teases that he has a lot more hidden attractive qualities she hasn’t seen yet. What to do – Ha Ni is falling ever deeper into the Baek Seung Jo trap. Ha Ni smiles broadly at her husband’s teasing banter.

Hye Ra is out by herself on this Christmas night, and walks by the hot dog restaurant. She enters, and it just so happens that tennis sunbae calls her collect from the army. She answers the phone and talks with him, all smiles and laughter. Back at home, Seung Jo’s parents are enjoying a quiet Christmas at home, with wine and a dozing Eun Jo on the sofa. They toast each other, a happily married couple still in love and celebrating a holiday together.

Seung Jo says Ha Ni is his sunbae now, having saved a person’s life when he hasn’t even seen a single patient yet. He says she may have killed a mannequin by using too much force during the practical exam, but she saved a real person today. She confesses that, unlike during the exam with the mannequin, she wasn’t nervous when faced with a real victim. She even forgot she had a date with Seung Jo.

Even though she decided to be a nurse to follow Seung Jo’s profession, saving someone feels real to her, a purpose that is now concrete for her. Ha Ni tells Seung Jo that she will re-apply for the nursing program as an incoming student, which requires her to retake course work, but is easier than waiting for a spot to open up in the nursing program for a transfer student. Seung Jo smiles and says that he will help her. OMG, I love this moment, so meaningful, so hard-earned, so well-worth-it.

Ha Ni says this was such a weird Christmas, and Seung Jo replies that every day is Christmas…..because he is with Ha Ni. Seriously, Baek Seung Jo, you are so jjang right now! He wishes her a Merry Christmas, and Ha Ni jumps him by grabbing the boy for a kiss.

Too bad the camera-I-am-going-to-Korea-to-blow-up-tomorrow films this scene from outside the car, in the dark, and from behind the back windshield, so we see nothing but hear Seung Jo struggling free of the kissy kissy. He tells her that the gentle cat get the cream, or something like that, and wonders when she become such a hellcat? Ha Ni just grabs her hubby back for more kissing.

We cut to a montage scene: Joon Gu and Christine working in the restaurant, Min Ah at her book signing and meeting a guy, haircut dude coming back to the embrace of Joo Ri, a min-Ha Ni giving Eun Jo a love letter and him brushing her off and not even taking it, the three parents off vacationing and enjoying their life, Hye Ra visiting tennis sunbae in the military, and finally, our Ha Ni and Seung Jo still kissing in that car – with Seung Jo ending the drama by telling his wife “I love you.”

We end with a montage of all the sweet moments, big and small, that have paved the road to forever after for Ha Ni and Seung Jo.

Thoughts of Mine:

I liked episode 16 of PK, but I think it’s safe to say that I truly love PK as a drama. A love unrelated to quality, but completely related to its affect on me.

PK was such an enjoyable watch for me. Part of the enjoyment stemmed from recapping it and letting my inner thought bubble fly, and because you guys were there to share it with me. I made this comment once: I probably like PK more than most people, and I probably like SKKS less than some people.

Just on the issue of liking PK more than most people, I think that is true. The rabid PKissers out there are actually smaller than most mania fandoms. Compared to the Goong-craze, the Boys Before Flowers-national movement, the You’re Beautiful-tidalwave, PK-love may have been equally as passionate but clearly not as widespread.

Which is why I felt especially protective of PK, in an emotional and not rational way. My goal in recapping PK was never to convince people to like it, or to admit that it is a good drama. It was to document my own experience watching it, and I hope that came through.

I was predisposed to like PK because I was familiar with the source material and liked it. But still, the structure, directing, and editing lapses in PK were sometimes so jarring I found myself working to get back into the flow of the drama. Yes, I did make a concerted effort to retain my love of watching PK, but in the end it was all worth it.

Rather than describe the love of Seung Jo and Ha Ni as epic, it is the exact opposite. There is nothing epic about it – how could there be when there are no stakes. Without each other, both would do just fine, and find happiness in their own ways.

Haven’t you ever wondered about the whole soulmates argument? I believe there are soulmates, and contend that most people never end up with their soulmate but still live a happy, content, meaningful life. Without Seung Jo, Ha Ni and Joon Gu would be running the noodle restaurant in bubbly wedded bliss. Without Ha Ni, Seung Jo woul be a computer gaming engineer married to Hye Ra in comfortable intellectual parity and companionship.

I find the stake-less nature of their love story is what makes it work for me. It stands out as a fresh take on the K-drama love story, a love without all that drama for once. I loved every single major character in this drama, at a given moment more than the main characters even. That is why PK goes into my personal win pile. I don’t need to produce a PK-cut consisting only of Ha Ni and Seung Jo scenes, I actually love the PK that weaves everyone’s stories into the fabric of the love story between a snail and a genius.

I wish the weaver (i.e. director) had better skill, more consistency, and ultimately a better understanding of the best way to bind together this charming story. But alas, the execution of PK goes down as likely the single worst element of this drama. This is the best place to tell everyone that I’ve confirmed that PK was a co-directed drama. It was helmed by two directors: veteran Hwang In Roi who did the Goongs and Return of Iljimae, and Kim Do Hyung, who has done….nothing, PK is his first drama – three guesses which one did the even/odd episodes.

Acting-wise everyone did a good to phenomenal job. I know many Kim Hyun Joong fans have admitted to coming for him, and staying for Jung So Min. It’s no discredit to Kim Hyun Joong, but rather a startling realization that Jung So Min’s Oh Ha Ni was the heart and soul of this drama. She anchored it, she elevated it, she breathed life into a tableau that would otherwise teeter on precarious ground thanks to that monkey.

I am now ready to confess that I shouldn’t fight it anymore – I think I’ve become an entry-level Kim Hyun Joong fangirl. Not that I’ll go watch his SS501 videos or buy his photobooks or anything, but his performance of Baek Seung Jo was decent and more captivating to me than delivery and skill-wise it ought to be. What do I mean? It means that I’ll watch Kim Hyun Joong’s next drama, even if I don’t think acting will ever become his forte.

I loved all the side characters – from Mom onward to Eun Jo. But it was the two second leads that elevated this drama another notch on the strength of their performance. Lee Tae Sung was wonderful as Bong Joon Gu, and Lee Shi Young was sparkling as Yoon Hye Ra. They were stars in their own right in this drama, neither used to accentuate the leads nor brushed aside when their purpose was done.

I loved the realistic beats of PK. The most mundane of moments could induce squee, the simplest of interactions bringing laughter and tears. No one was a caricature, everyone had their story, even if the time allotted did not allow it to be more fully developed. As a whole, I was satisfied and content I experienced this drama. Sadly, its lapses in quality and execution is likely to become more glaring and less palatable upon future rewatches.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to share PK with you. I hope my recaps and sundry other PK-related posts made you as happy as it made me. Enough people have asked me that I ought to respond, even though I don’t have a definitive answer – I’m not sure if I will recap another drama, and if I do what drama that will be. Its high praise indeed that people like my PK recaps enough to want to read other stuff I may write. If I do recap another drama, it’ll be here waiting for anyone wanting to read it.

In case there are PKissers out there who are not aware that PK will be continuing on drama-wise (perhaps you just came back from Antarctica? Just kidding!) – Group 8 the production company will be producing nine (9) additional episodes of PK exclusively for Youtube. It was initially only 7 episodes, but has been increased to 9. It’s scheduled to air on November 2, 2010. I’ll likely recap it since it’s part of the PK-story and I want to be a completist when it comes to something I start. Each episode is 10 minutes in length, and will feature the same actors and be a continuation of Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s story after marriage.

[Credits: screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss Bar, MBC official stills, and]

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372 Responses to Playful Kiss Episode 16 Recap

  1. greentree says:

    Ockoala, I’ve been following what you write about PK because I accidentally stumbled upon the First Impression review you wrote in Thundie’s Prattle. I adore it. I really adore it. It describes so much of what I feel about PK. I’m probably one of the older PK viewers, I am in my early thirties now. This drama not only reminds me of those wonderful teen moments, it did much more than that…. let’s just say, I hadn’t had a warm bowl of noodle soup for a while. I am so grateful I watched this drama, and happy knowing through your blog, that I shared this enjoyment with so many others.

  2. Naylie says:

    Thank you, thank you oh so much for taking time to write these recaps. I really really enjoyed reading them. Since my university blocks the viikii and mysoju sites, ( I know it sucks) this is the only place I could keep up with PK. The drama, contrary to what most people said, brought a smile to my face. I almost died at the end *I love you* ….omg!
    anyway, thanks again for your work!

  3. TokyoRose says:

    I can sincerely say that I have been religiously reading each and every one of your recaps since day 1.
    I think I may have even enjoyed them more than the episodes themselves. (haha!) When there were moments I may not have entirely enjoyed, or rather understood – you always had a way of highlighting them and making me see why they were a necessary aspect in this drama.
    Your sense of humor is flawless – I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through!
    It’d be a shame if you never recap another drama again.
    Maybe the next thing Yamapi does? 😛

    look forward to your next post!

  4. J.J. says:

    Okay so having seen the actual episode, I’m glad everything got into place plot wise. It was a nice neat ending for all. So Min’s suggested interest in the end I found weird. But BJG getting Chris was awesome. I loved that last bit when she was helping him in the shop! 😀

    I somehow feel that the editing was more forgivable here than last episode, but who am I to nit-pick. ALTHOUGH, I hated that film noir night-for-night shot the director used for the make scene. I was griping so much my sister told me to shut up and just enjoy. I of course pouted petulantly. So after watching I entreated myself to the BTS. 🙂 So happy.

    I really can’t wait for the webisodes, though I don’t know why. Maybe it’s cause I’m grasping at straws, but oh well. I’m sure if I had all my mental faculties I wouldn’t have fallen in love with this drama, but again heart won out. PK=underdog-snail to me now. Which reminds me I’ve got the last two episodes of MGiaG to watch -_-*


    In all I want to thank everyone here. You guys are awesome and made this whole thing worth while. I don’t want to name names lest I forget anyone, but THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE FUN TIMES. Really. You all were crutches to my sanity and enablers of my fancy (PK). 🙂

    I hope you guys enjoy whatever Group 8 has in store for us in the coming weeks!

    I’ll be around…ssancho, soompi, Liezle’s do if ya see me drop me a line! (Absolute BF is coming out soon~ OMG! LOL that was one of the few manga’s I followed to be honest, the other was WISH)

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Here's to Jung So Min, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Tae Sung and everybody else!!! Hip-hip-WOOT WOOT! LOL

    • v says:

      I can’t wait for the youtube thingy as well… and yes, I think I’m clutching at staws but even that is entertaining.
      and OMG… you HAVE to watch MGiaG finale… it was totally and unexpectedly awesomely heartwrenching.. I never thought I would have cried that badly during the finale. For me, despite being objectively miles better than PK, MGiaG didn’t grip me like PK did… I enjoyed it but didn’t think about it after each viewing… which was why I was so surprised at how much I cried during the last episode.
      and lol.. i know a lot of people thought the manga zettai kareshi was lame but I am also one of the people who followed it diligently… which was why i always had this set image about night being blond. haha.

      • J.J. says:

        OMG INNORITE?! Night IS A BLOND in my book, but if they make a k-version of this, NO ORANGE-TINGEY HAIR KKS KOREA?!

        I actually loved Soshi better only cause I somehow attributed him to this Tuxedo Kamen, though i don’t remember why right now. LOL

        OH~ recent manga/anime I was following was Hanasekeru and Saiunkoku Monogatari. (Crap it, I’ve got to get back to those -_-)

        :daunted by the list of shows that I must watch that have been put on hold:

        Oh yeah, I read DB’s recap of MGiaG. I’ve got a crush on No Min Woo he’s so adorable and I’ve got a thing for musicians (I should really learn by now -_-), and was righteously outraged that the director cut out a scene with him shirtless.ZOMIGASH. NOT. FAIR.

        Although I would totes stop watching if I saw HJ on a bed, shirtless– YOU READ THAT PK PRODUCTION TEAM?! NO GRATUITOUS SHOWER SCENE? AND ALL YOU GIVE US ARE FLANNEL PJ’S?! AND WALL PANS!!!

        :SHAKES FIST:

      • v says:

        Oh dear. night in orange… gasp.
        as for the tw version of zettai kare, i never had hope for it… ever. cuz it’s goo hye sun. and sorry but she’s not my fav actress (i like her as a person). didn’t help that she had zilch chemistry with khj. as for wu zun. he’s hot but i wished he could just stop acting sometimes… and despite all of that, i am going to watch the tw zettai kare til the end. crazy right?

        omomomo.. me too, i totally was team Soshi!! totally! and tuxedo kamen is faintworthy… i was too young to really crush but even then, i liked him….. kk.
        i think it’s the dark hair and kinda princely noble vibe in both?

        oh… which one of the three do you root for in Hanase? i’ve finished the manga long ago but is there an anime for it? and for SaiunMono, i LOVE the drawings… it’s so pretty and detailed…

        and omo… again… I TOTALLY crushed on No Min Woo in MGiaG… ever since his Rose days with Trax actually. He looked weird in blond but then, when he was drumming, it was the bomb. but i never thought he was hot until I saw him in MGiaG. Actually, he was already hot in pasta but i think the haircut in MGiaG was totally winning. Honestly, I didn’t care if the guy was evil or not… and yes, i’m shallow like that… these days, i just seem to crush on evil hot guys (such as dr. dongju in mgiag, insoo in skks, and majun in baker). and omo… i know right? it’s so unfair they cut his shirtless scene off… luckily, i’m following him on twitter and he regularly post pics of himself… too cute really. kk.

        kk.. actually, call me crazy but i though khj in checkered PJs were totally sexy… haha. when i saw him in them, i had this urge to jump at him and unbutton the whole thing off.

      • v says:

        and just when we just speak of no min woo… i just saw pictures of him at the the seoul fashion walk (along with a bunch of othe eye candies such as, well, KHJ, cn blue, etc.) and oh my…. horror. his face is as handsome as it always was… the problem is the ocre suit he was wearing…

      • v says:

        gah… in the same fashion show… kim bum in a bathrobe… WTH?!
        and i gasped when i saw park jung min present at the fashion show as well… why didn’t i see pics of them together?

      • J.J. says:

        No Min Woo, is such a sweet heart. I think I fell for him a bit more when I saw him playing around with his cat. (check latest vid) LOL
        I love his talent as a musician. (Again I’ve got this musician thing going on even though I took piano for 8 years on and off and still can’t play a decent song. -_-)
        I WAS PLAYING/REPLAYING “First Snow” over and over and over and over and over again recently. Love it.

        I think Hyunjoong looks sexiest when he’s just in jeans and a tee…AND A BEANIE. OMG I’ve got a thing for hats for sure. I’mma get Hani’s red and purple hats FO SHO! (Good thing my job’s near korea-ville so before or after work i stop and shop at the various shops. This week, OMO fingerless gloves that have mitten flaps/flip over. My sister’s squeeing just thinkin’ bout it. LOL)

        About fashion week. HWANG BUIN was in the same building different hall!!! Bummie in a bathrobe?!

      • v says:

        yes.. no min woo is… so you also so the vid he uploaded? this morning when i checked my twitter, i was SO excited when i saw he uploaded it. i love when he plays the piano because he rarely does so in public… it’s always either the guitar or drums. plus, i love his singing as well.
        And yes, i love musicians as well… i think it’s hot when a guy is good at music and intruments. and i love music. I also took piano and am in choir.. kk. but like you, i can’t play a song decently as well.
        Lol.. i love hyun joong when he wears those chaplin hats (i dont know what to call them) and yes, when he wears beanies, and comfortable teenage clothes.

        and omo.. hwangbuin was in the same building??? i didn’t know that. I knew jungmin attended the same fashion show but i didn’t see them together in pictures or fancams.
        as for kim bum in a bathrobe… lol. it’s not really one, just me over exagerrating. more like a night robe men usually wear.

        and here:

      • J.J. says:

        uh, fedora’s (a la Indiana Jones?) or bowlers (charlie chaplain?) I like him in beanies or slouchy barrettes . Those Gimpo pics a week ago, I was swooning over them while at job 1 (senior center clinic–not the one near korea-ville). Old people were like “ah, smiling… means a boy.” LOL

        and yes hwangbuin and him were in the same building but different halls. :grumble grumble: when will my rubber band theory come to play? (they avoid each other so much and then BANG they’re bound to wind up together again some how)

        and thank you for the linkage! 😛

      • v says:

        more bowler kind… i’ve never been the cowboy type although i admit it can be hot. and omg. when you say barettes, me immediately recalls the honeymoon. in wgm i mean.
        lol. those seniors sound quite perceptive. and sweet.

        you’re rubber band theory… I want to believe in as well. You know, part of me still think it’s possible some day we might read on kpop news… “Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo admit officially to dating.”

        you’re welcome about the linkage.

      • J.J. says:

        I forget who it was on ssangcho that said they might pull a Se7en/Park Han Byeol on us LOL

      • v says:

        lol. i dont know why se7en and park han byul received a ton of backlash for going out… really, the poor guy has the right to have a girlfriend and make her priority you know?
        i for sure won’t complain if it happened to our ssangchu couple. and i know you’re a hardcore joongboer but i wouldn’t mind if it was with jung so min as well. i’d rather that than any other female idol out there…

      • J.J. says:

        CORRECTION!!! Yes I am a Joongbo-er but I am a factual person. Whomever he ends up with still gets a bendición de mí. While I’d love it if they were together, as of right now I accept the fact that their chapter is done. But as I’ve replied to meme’s fiance’s post on ssangcho, their story isn’t done. It’s entertainment, baby, everyone knows everyone.

      • v says:

        yep. me too… WELL SAID!! ^^
        but i can still dream right? kk

  5. deannadsc says:

    Kamsamnida, Ockoala chingu!!! Your blog & PK recaps has definitely enriched my PK enjoyment to the highest level!!! Looking back now at my KDrama years..
    I’ve probably NEVER had as much gut-wrenching-ANTICIPATION for each & every episode..spoilers, fan-cam & BTS videos, soompi-lurking, non-stop chatting online w/ my “green chingus”…& commenting …than with this drama!!!
    PK may be far from being THE PERFECT DRAMA…but it was PERFECT for me because I got to meet so many new “chingus” along the way…& it was a PERFECTLY EXHILARATING ride all the way to the finale!!!
    Many many thanks to you & v(thanks for remembering me!!)..all the reliable & uber FAST subbers @ viikii, my co-lurkers @ soompi…and of course, my “green chingus” who’ve made this PK-journey with me, all the more unforgettable!! SARANGHAE!!!
    See you soon for the YT episodes!! Till then keep re-watching PK!!!

    • v says:

      you’re welcome 🙂

    • grace go says:

      I also am grateful of PK because I got to know you guys….my “green chingus”….thank you Kim Hyun Joong for giving me new friends and new “partners in crime” (hehehehe)…Thanks D for making my everyday a happy day…Rox, Kathy, Lyn…love you guys…Mwuaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

  6. kittykat says:

    i’m done watching the final episode ( which i’ll be replaying on and on and on…) .. got a little distracted with watching WGM..( me needs to get me some more KHJ..) and now i’m back to my senses.. so here goes…

    kudo’s to Jung So Min for being the lovable and endearing Oh Ha Ni! she really made us love her thru the drama ( even if sometimes we’d like to pull her hair just to put some sense into her ) SHE is the heart and soul of this drama.. i really enjoyed this journey of hers.. Noah’s snail.. 🙂 she did get where she wanted to go.. with her perseverance and determination.. and boy did she get the BOY of everybody’s dream… go girl!!! lucky you!! ( with the hugs and the kisses you got.. need i say more?? )

    Lee Tae Sung… Joong Bu.. you have my’re unwavering love for Oh Ha Ni.. i’m really happy that you got somebody that really loves you and is trying to earn your love too!! you really made me laugh most of the time ( making the motor explode, you appearing all burned at the beach..when you tried to eat Oh Ha Ni’s lunchbox for Seung Jo..)and you really made me cry with you touching moments.. ( saying your goodbye to Oh Ha Ni before her wedding..confrontation with Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo..) you’re really one fine character.. 🙂

    mommy Beak.. so lovable and pretty!! and so cool!!! who wouldnt want a mom-in-law like that! the two dadas!! cutie pies in their own way.. and of course Eun Jo.. you little rascal!! Ha Ni’s friends who have always been supportive , Tennis Sunbae who’s really funny too ( good job with Hae Ra!) .. Hae Ra for being classy even if you did mess with Ha Ni a bit, you still redeemed yourself by being a gracious loser to our heroine.. 🙂

    and of course.. Kim Hyun Joong.. seriously??!!! you with your heart-melting smile..with your lovely neck..your puggy eyes.. 🙂 you are beautiful to me now.. more than ever.. you did a good job of being Beak Seung Jo.. keep your head up because you really did!! and i do plan on stalking you starting now.. and i’m really thinking of moving to Korea..( dunno how and how the hell i’ll be able to do it..but im planning on doing so..just because of you..i better start saving money now..hahahahahah!! )

    Playful Kiss is a gift from dramaheaven!!! and i say that with a big smile on my face.’s been a pleasure.. and looking forward to the next journey.. 🙂

    • J.J. says:

      : POINTS :


      Yes’m I do love that pug-face. ❤

      • kittykat says:

        hahahaha.. but isn’t it true?! his eyes are a little bulgy.. but total cuteness!!! love it!!!

      • v says:

        pug face… i still can’t get over how adorably accurate that term is…
        that and puggy eyes are my new fav expressions to describe leader physically. well, besides hot chest, and neck, and jawline… kk

      • J.J. says:

        accurate description is accurate. 🙂
        Pug face is better than “Cow” which makes no sense to me, but, I did find a picture when the camera was shooting up and he was looking down, yeah looked like a cow. -_-

        I swears, now that i’ve got my mental faculties back, I’m getting more and more agitated at the filmography/cinematography. But the lovely memories are a nice buffer. ❤

      • v says:

        lol. yeah, i never got the cow except that he got into a cow costume once…
        as for the filmography, i’m opposite you… the more i rewatch, the more i tend to get used to it.. lol.
        it’s like i know how terrible it will be so i brace myself for it.

    • Lulybunny says:

      Hahaha, puggy eyes. Tis true, tis true. But so cute. And while we’re discussing body parts, I’ve decided my fave is the the soft curve of his upper inner thigh. Yeah.

      “got a little distracted with watching WGM..( me needs to get me some more KHJ..)”

      Mwhahahaha…. this makes me so happy. I made my roommate watch it and now she is right there with me on the KHJ bandwagon.

      • kittykat says:

        @ Lulybunny: wow.. the soft curve of his inner thigh.. we really got it bad!! ooohh,,, and since we are talking body parts.. i’d like to add the jawline and the neck region..

        and the chin part too and the shape of the lips..

        and add the arms too.. saw some videos of him shirtless…and me likes that too…

        hmmmnn.. what else is there??? kekekeke..

      • v says:

        chest… chest…

      • kittykat says:

        @ v: bwahahahaha!!! nice!!! uhmmnn.. and you can add up his abs too..

        and don’t forget the arms!! remember the scene after the kiss in the rain.. the backhug one ( balcony )..oh my.. the rippling of his arm muscles.. sheeshh!!

      • v says:

        of course the abs… i haven’t forget them but since you already mentioned those.. i didn’t repeat it.
        Even after a year of watching his (stripping.. yum.) seoul persona perf of be nice to me, I still can’t get over his abs. I’m sure he kinda lost a bit them during the exhausting filming of PK but he’ll get them back. ^^
        and yes, his arms are yummy…
        and is it weird but I think he looks good in a tracksuit and shorts… I liked the way his silhouette looks in those.. kk

      • J.J. says:

        HOT. SHOWER SCENE. is *HOT* watch?v=JmHuTHFIrgg (take out the spaces)

        Feel free to fangirl, everyone.

      • v says:

        OMG OMG OMG
        my brain just stopped functioning….
        shower. hot hot hot hot hot hot…
        kya kya kya kya .
        the reason i didn’t provide the link was because i was too afraid i might spazz badly… guess I did in the end anyways… kk

      • J.J. says:

        @ Lullybunny and KittyKat,

        Here are presents! 🙂 (just take out the space) /image/ss501%20photobook/tyla06/hjtopless.jpg

        and /_dswvAjqR8_U/TGIEeQDoc4I/AAAAAAAAAc4/-_6ZgTZonm0/s640/Kim%20Hyun%20Joong14.jpg

        The first one was during their japan tour, not sure which one. But it was around 2008 (around WGM) Hwangbo was lucky to have that body next to her. 😛

      • v says:

        lol… i guess your comment just appeared because it had to go through moderation or somethings.. haha
        I can’t view the first pic but the second one got me sqealing so bad i gave my roomates a scare… kk
        and then, they agreed with me that KHJ was hot.. haha.

      • v says:

        nevermind… i can see the first picture now.. it was because i pasted the “and” with it…
        and OMG… you just killed me right there… drool..
        I know I said topless KHJ does not have as strong of an effect on me as it should but damn me, I am taking my words back with that pic… that was HOT HOT HOT to the billionth degree.

      • J.J. says:

        @ V you’re welcome. and imagine, that first pic was when he wasn’t trying to be buff. He was just working out for the sake of keeping in shape for performing. But HOW I WISH~ he took a pic of himself during the PERSONA concert days.

        Hyunjoong-ah~ Stop hiding your body under layers and baggy clothes, k?

      • v says:

        haha… yes, if he took a pic of himself during the persona days, I might be sent straight to an ambulance…
        and yes, leader, please stop hiding behind those baggy clothes.. even though honestly, i love baggy clothes on him… sigh.

  7. jeankaycee says:

    thanks ockoala!!! first i would like to take this oppurtunity to really say THANK YOU! your recaps are wonderful piece of art! it also given us new perspective regarding PK which helps us to understand and appreciate the show more.
    you’ved been so gracious to all of us esp. PKissers! you provided us the perfect outlet to express our love for PK. and thank you also for sticking with it and i’ll look forward for the recap of the youtube episodes.
    im just so glad to PK that i have found this wonderful site of your!

    episode 16, as predicted is tying all the loose ends of most of the characters, but nevertheless it is done the PK style. what i love about this episode are the scenes that give us the glimpse of the early married life of seung jo and hani. how their interactions really reflect the ordinary life of the young married couple. i hope that the youtube episodes would focus more in their married life.

    in this drama, we dont really have the uber villians, or any life shattering stakes. but for me that is the main charm of this drama. its slice of life approach which make it relatable and more enjoyable. even though it was based on a manga PK injected its own charm and style in it that i feel this drama can stand alone as a whole even without the background introduction where it was based on.

    this drama were so lucky to have a such amazing cast to play its characters. i think if they dont have this wonderful people to the play the part this drama would be totally different. every character blend together so well that as a viewer you’ll be convince that they are really indeed a family, friends or even classmate in real life.

    im not saying that this drama is perfect, to be honest is its far from it but then what makes up for the bad editing (the odd-even scheme of bad editing/directing), the unclear time lapses and other show glitches is the core of the drama which is its heart. this show is full of heart aka love! not only the romantic kind of love but all sorts of it, like the love of family, friends and many more. and because of its heart the drama evokes all sort of emotions from its viewers. this drama makes us laugh, cry, angry, sad, and other emotions that a regular person could feel. i’ved watched so many kinds dramas in my life and i could say that there are only few dramas that have touched me. but PK have done more than just touched my heart but it also let me see myself and my world in a different perspective. just what like oh hani have done for baek seung jo, oh hani showed baek seung jo the alternative life that he come have.

    to all the cast again, they are all wonderful from seung jo’s mom (the coolest mom ever in kdrama history!!!) to the dads (great dads!), to tennis sunbae(so funny!), to ju ri and minah (lovable girlfriends!), to eun jo (the cutest sourpuss ever!) and all other supporting cast, KUDOS to all of you for the job well done!

    to our second leads, lee tae sung won my heart for being the devoted boon joon gu, his portrayal is so convincing that sometimes you wanted to root for him to get the lead girl and have his happy ending. i will look up for more of your projects coz i havnet watched you aside here in PK. i think i will enjoy your other performances as well.
    lee shi young in the other hand is the girl you will love to hate because of slighty b*tchy charater haera. i love how they played her character, she’s the obstacle of our OTP but played with certain adorableness that you cant really seem to hate her esp. whne she gracefully accepted defeat to hani. i’ved seen her other projects and i would say she’s just waiting for her turn to the spotlight.

    to the OTP

    i think i’ved written this a couple of times already, but i would say it again KIM HYUN JOONG you indeed proved to us that you clearly deserved the role of beak seung jo.
    we already love you as the performer/singer with your 4D personality, flower boy looks and many other musical related talents but taking this role and making it your own makes you more lovable. i will look forward to your upcoming projects.

    JUNG SO MIN, i liked your performance in Bad guy thats why im positive that her take on Oh hani will be wonderful. and im so glad that she nailed her character!!! she played the role with such joy and energy that you cant help but to root for her. she embodied the warmth and soul of this drama. she makes her oh hani so relatable that her every happiness, hurts and her other emotions evokes same feelings within ourselves.

    all in all, Playful Kiss will be in my top ten of dramas that have touch my life in all aspect. i will surely miss it but as we say goodbye to his drama, i will take with me all the little lessons of life they have imparted to me. I THINK THATS THE BEST GIFT I COULD GIVE TO PLAYFUL KISS. SARANGHAE PLAYFUL KISS!!

    lastly(sorry if my comment is so long), i would like to say thank you to all the commenters here at AKP for being so wonderful. for being so open minded, friendly and sharing your views! because of you guys (v, jj, raiyrain, carol, kittykat, and many more, you know who you are!) i had wonderful experience! i do hope we all still get to interact in the future.

    again, ockoala thank you! you’ved been great and gracious!
    more power to AKP!

  8. yeisha says:

    Hi PKissers!

    I guess I’m late for the party but I’ll chime in anyways. Its like the morning after Christmas here. Love is all around. ❤

    Thanks, ockoala chingu for your wonderful and insightful recaps.

    Thanks to all of you guys who made PK so much more than just a Show for me but a collective experience of *gasp* Squealing? Fangirling? Falling in love? ALL OF THE ABOVE? Whatever it is, 'tis a great feeling…like being 15 all over again, talking about your crushes with your girlfriends, staying up late at night, that feeling that you have all the time in the world to make your dreams happen.

    As for Show, I love it. Wonky editing and all. Its funny because I'm somewhat of a snob when it comes to literature and film but with this one, I'm definitely more forgiving and willing to suspend criticism despite its glaring faults.

    It might have helped that I loved all the characters and want them to be my neighbors and best friends. Like some of you, I came for KHJ but ended up falling in love with everyone. Especially our lovely little lady Jung So Min who was definitely the heart of this drama. Her Oh Hani is so adorable and relatable that you can't help but feel and be swept along with her emotions, be it happy or otherwise.

    And KHJ, what can I say? I love that boy to bits. A small part of me is wishing that I adored him a little less in WGM because I keep seeing him as-shillang-in-WGM and really, who can compete with that? I kept remembering his "Don't lose me" message in the sand during their farewell episode and ironically, that's exactly how it is for me. I can't ever erase the memory of that kid groom in my heart. Sigh.

    But I digress (see what happens when I talk about KHJ and WGM?). What I wanted to say was that I'm really glad that he was chosen as Baek Seungjo. I think the role was just right for him and he portrayed it very well. Plus, his chemistry with JSM is all kinds of cute that I wouldn't be surprised if people will start shipping this two. That BTS fancam of them smiling and kissing inside that mini cooper? Gah. Totally adorable. I wished the PD had just used that instead of the back one we got. 😉

    * * *
    Again, thank you all for making PK a one big slumber party. Cheers/Kanpai!

    • v says:

      haha… shillang will always remain in my memory.
      and yes, I agree with you about loving all the funky editing, overly long fantasy sequences…. it’s not that i love them per se, it’s more that i love them because they are part of PK.
      PK would have been better without them, but knowing that PK had them somehow made it also more endearing in a way… and made it… PK. Part of the fun of watching PK was complaining about all its shortcoming and realizing that despite all those complaints, you still loved every bits of it.
      I am usually the one where poor execution means a drama I can’t enjoy for me. I found out with this drama that poor execution didn’t necessarily mean that doesn’t automatically guarantee a fail. Javabeans said something about that the fact that doesn’t think that it’s mutually exclusive to have both entertainment and critical thinking. And that she’d rather have both than shutting off one for the sake of the other.. for me, I didn’t have to shut off my critical eye… It was wide opened and saw all the glaring flaws… but somehow, it didn’t affect my enjoyement of the drama.
      and a slumber party… what an accurate way to describe this whole PK experience.

  9. kittykat says:

    Oh and v!! One more thing, before I completely drift off to sleep.. I totally agree with you about KHJ’s voice.. When he pulled Ha Ni towards his bed the first time around.. It was really sexy!!

    There’s a distinctness to it!! Sheeshh.. It just makes me swoon.. He actually did it a couple of times.. Argh!!! I just can’t get over it.. I mean how sexy he sounds.. Nyahahaha!!

    I should go to sleep!! Its almost 4:30am here!!

    But I just can’t stop!! Wahuhuhu!! 🙂

    • v says:

      kk… me too.. i’m going to sleep after i reply to you… will comment on yeisha’s comment later i’m afraid. are you on the east coast? cuz it’s also my time here…
      yes… he’s voice was gruffly sexy… OMG… what would i do to wake up next to him and hear him speak with that sleepy voice.. i guess the first step would be to pass through a horde of protective fangirls… jung so min, how lucky you are.

      • v says:

        kk… go to sleep… and sleep well… so we’re both on the east coast huh? i’m starting to feel the cold lately. soon, it’s going to be freezing, well, unless you’re in the south part…. kk.
        i hear you… one arm each. but i’m afraid it’ll have to be virtual because the day I truly do get KHJ’s arm for real, I might fly to heaven and never be able to come back… kk
        same thing, it’s not really that i’m jealous with bad feelings about jung so min… just envying her. but if anyone could do all those things with KHJ, I was glad it was her because I adore her.
        and are you really coming back to check? do you realize that the drama already ended? kk. who am I to say anyhing.. i’m doing that myself. 🙂

    • kittykat says:

      hi v!! just replied now..because somebody phoned me and the kittykat can’t go back to sleep without checking in here..hehehe.. it’s only a 10:20 am ..and yes to your question.. it’s east coast of north america for me. 🙂

      and the voice.. what else can i say.. (swoon…)

      and you are right on spot.. we do have to get thru a lot of protective fangirls in order to wake up beside him.. ( i’m making sure i’m with you on this.. kekeke.. rememeber.. one arm for you and the other for me.. kekeke..)

      and i ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo envy jung so min in a good way… lucky gal.. kisses and hugs and sort of smelling his breath while practicing cpr .. i wish i was her!!!!!!!!!!! ( and im pretty sure there are lots of girls out there wishing the same thing too..)

      awww.. puggy-eyed KHJ.. look at what you’ve done! 🙂

      I’ll try to go back to sleep again and check again later.. hehehehe..

      • v says:

        ooopss… i replied at the wrong thing.. myself… -_-“

      • kittykat says:

        hahahaha!! v, i wasn’t able to go back to sleep anymore.. ha!! i’ve been reading and refreshing the page for anything new!!

        i hear you on the season changing.. i was out yesterday and it was really cold.. bbrrrrrrr.. winter is fast approaching.. (i jumped one seaon, because it’s starting to feel like that anyways)

        hmmnn.. i still plan on checking in here every now and then.. just to appease my longing for PK.. 🙂

      • v says:

        lol.. we’ve all become Oh Hani haven’t we… at least temporarily while the PK craze last…
        and yes… winter is coming… storms as well (brr…).
        I plan to check here once in a while as well, even if there’s only one extra comment.. kk.

    • J.J. says:

      My favorite phrase has to be “open ear” (vacation with Alex and Shin Ae) and “get out” (Wondergirl/SS501 matchmaking) from WGM.

      The “open ear” has this drawl/lul to it that made me awe and swoon at the same time.
      When he yelled “get out” to Kyu and HyungJun the charismatic force was just AW!

      • J.J. says:

        Which begs me to ask the question, how does one measure charismatic force? Really? Brain digressed to fuzz again -_-

      • v says:

        hmm… charismatic force.. i guess there’s several factors to measure it… how loud it makes on scream, how fast the heartbeat gets, how much you want to swoon and dizzy you feel, how long you stare, how broadly you smile like an idiot looking at him, etc. no need to say but all of those are relevant to me… kk

  10. Rush says:

    Hey OCKoala, I came across this website when I was hunting for more PK goodies, and I squealed when I realized that you’re the same ockoala whose posts I used to read at the Open Thread in dramabeans blog. I’m a dedicated reader (stalker) of her blog and part of the reason is the wonderful set of people (like you) who comment out there. So you can imagine my excitement when I realized you had your own blog, and were recapping PK.
    I’ve always been a big fan of the source material, and I’ve watched every possible version of it – the Japanese, the anime, the Taiwanese and now the Korean version.
    Each of them have their own pluses and minuses. I hated Kotoko in the JDrama version, thought the anime was adorable, was blown away by Ariel and Joe in the Tw version (didn’t really care for the supporting cast and skipped some characters regularly while watching the long long ISWAK and TKA series) and then I came to this, the Korean version. I’m not Korean but have been following KDramas for a little under 2 years. Itazura na kiss was in fact my entry into a whole new world of, first anime, then TW dramas and from there to KDramas.
    I have to say, I love where the characters were taken in this particular version. Much as I love Ariel/Joe I think these 2 are going to be my favorite Itazura characters from now on. Am really looking forward to the YouTube episodes. Am not quite ready to say goodbye to BSJ and OHN yet.
    Sorry for the long spiel. The main purpose of starting this comment was to tell you that I really enjoyed your recaps and comments. It was nice reading commentary from someone who is obviously a PK fan, inspire of all the flaws and issues.
    Seeing the mix of posts on your blog, we have very similar tastes in dramas, the shorelines and their leading men 🙂
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sense of humor.
    Your blog has now been bookmarked as ‘must stalk’ in my browser. Cheers!

    • Rush says:

      Sorry that’s supposed to be storylines, not shorelines…

      • Carol says:

        lolz… i do that too… type on autocruise. it’s always worth a chuckle when i read it again, right AFTER i press the Post button.

      • v says:

        yep… that’s me as well… I type things and then reread after i post… if i would have reread anyways, why didn’t I do it when i could EDIT. My english is much better when it’s handwritten than when I type…

  11. lehappyrosa says:

    hi ockoala! thank you so much for the recaps! 😀 PK has definitely brightened my days, and you were a part of it. Looking forward to your future recaps. Also looking forward to your recaps of future PK eps. 🙂

    Can I just say – I love everyone in the show! SJ’s Mom, Ha Ni, Jun Soo, Hyera, Seung Jo, HN’s dad, HN’s friends, SJ’s dad, Eun joo, Tennis sunbae – all of them, in that order. Even with their weaknesses, their hearts shine through. This kdrama just gives me a warm feeling inside. Happiness! 😀

  12. rainyrain says:

    hey , am I the last to comment by here 😦
    Ockoala , I laways enjoyed your upadates but I enjoyed this one the most becoz I was so disappointed of the last epi , didn’t like how the scenes ( I’m talking about BSJ-OHN ) was cut and I felt each scene was incomplete and needed some other mn or seconds to be perfect even that cute scene when she was tckiling him and teasing him for being jealous I felt it needed some more seconds to be perfect ( and same for the scene when he said he will go with her on a date eventhough she didn’t succeeded her nursing school entry , or the kissing scene in the car ) , I’m really feeling disappointed about both last episodes and I think they were a let down for me .
    but still I enjoyed the whole drama , tell u the truth I didn’t like KHJ in boys before flowers ( his hair cut and color were ehhhhh , no comment ) and was swearing of the female lead ends with him and not lee minho I will stop watching ( I watched the drama as a whole after it ended ) , but then a friend ( who fell in love with KHJ in BBF ) told me to try PK and was reluctant becoz of KHJ’s presence but then when I start the first epi I couldn’t stop till the 6 epi ( at that moment 6 epi were already telecaseted ) and I start my stalk from DB to ockola ( thankuuu V for making me know this place ) to viikii and many other places and I even read the manga and watched the anime .
    and now , just like you said I will surely watch all KHJ’s future shows for sure and alos SJM ( awww I so wished they were a couple in real life two they look so cute together ❤

    anywya will still stalk by here and everywhere for all new details concerning the 9 extra epi and I wish they will satisfy my thirst for more romance between BSJ-OHN 🙂

    all the new friends I made here especially v and jeankaycee thanks for making the show even more and more worth to be watch and for making those three months funny joyful 🙂 luv you 🙂

    • Carol says:

      not the last, rainy. I started my comment at 9am when i switch on my PC, but got called away for various appointments and work. so my comment was composed in bits and pieces over the space of the last 12hours. I think i’m about as last as its gonna get! but i’m working on the theory of better late, than never!

      • endodo4ever says:

        Yup, better late than never since you’re here to contribute at least!!! I was wondering where you went because in the very beginning, you used to leave super long comments before I did. Hahaha. 🙂 Sorry that life is keeping you busy. Fighting, Carol!

      • Carol says:

        yeah… I remember those days too. Fondly! thanks for them ‘fighting’ words!

    • v says:

      aw… I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this last week as much as you wanted. I hope it’s a coincidence that it happens to be the week when I decided to do live updating.
      And I doubt you’ll be the last to comment… I still haven’t made my comment yet… I keep delaying because writing that comment would be like closing a book I have just thoroughly enjoyed. So I still stare at the book right now, and still go back to re-read my favorite passages, clutching at the lingering wonderful feelings it gave me.
      and aw, you’re welcome… What would you have missed if you didn’t know ockoala’s playground… I didn’t know I was the one who made you discover it but I am so glad I did. You have been a great discussion partner on DB, always responding to my comments even if you didn’t need to. So thank you as well… I will miss your occasional Insh’allah. 🙂

      • Rainyrain says:

        I loooved ur live updtaing , u had to see how I was sneeking from my collegues eyes to read it becoz I wasn’t able to wait till I’m back at home , but I was disappointed mostly becoz of what I think and call ” incomplete BSJ-OHN scenes ” , dunno but in the last two episodes I felt that all their scenes were incomplete and still needed a gesture from one of them or a word or something dunno what , maybe it was due to the edinting becoz from that fancam video the kissing scene in the car was great and funny which wasn’t the case in the episode itself .
        anyway as I mentioned before , maybe the extra episodes will satisfy my thirst for more of OHN-BSJ romance .
        writer/director /editor butter make those extra epi worth to watch and all about the only couple I care for in the serial my OHN-BSJ 🙂
        v , I always try not to forget the word inshallah ( which means ” if allah wants ” ) whenever I talk about any future event becoz I don’t have the right to predict the future as my religion is ordering 🙂 , and yes it was you who made me know ockoala blog , I still remember how it was , I was wondering why JB/GF didn’t post the episode update and you posted the link of Ockoala as answer to my long wait saying that the update is available here 🙂
        will continue stalking by here inshallah , at least untill the end of the extra episodes so we will surely continue our comments and replays to each other , btw do you know during which days of the week the episodes will be posted on youtube ?

      • v says:

        Haha… I wonder what your colleagues were thinking or if they had any suspicions about your love for PK.
        And yes, hopefully, the special episode will satisfy us so much that we would finally be able to let go of PK as a finished and complete project.. otherwise, I think I might continue to crave for more…
        I admire your dedication to your religion and thank you for the explanation about the reason you often use insh’allah.
        and lol… I will be camping here almost permanently until the youtube episode are out and even after so if you want to find me, you can always like you say contact me.. kk. so see you.
        as for what days the episode will be out, I honestly have no idea but I’ll let you know as soon as possible since I’m also stalking their official channel and twitter. haha. XD

      • Rainyrain says:

        v , I work in a chinese comapny ( didn’t get out of the asian continent LOL ) and one of my collegues who is a married woman is in love with KHJ and she is watching PK too 🙂 but she doesn’t work in the same office with me .
        last friday she told me she is waiting for the chinese subs to watch the last epi 🙂

      • v says:

        aw… at least someone gets to occasionally share the PK love with you.. and chinese company? omo… i would so love to work there. despite me self-learning korean right now, chinese will always be the number one language I ever wanted to learn… (it’s so hard. TT). the chinese subs are usually out super fast… it’s the one I watch for PK, and then I wait for the vietnamese subs.
        I never watch the english subs for PK because the comments on viikii sting and on hulu, i have to wait for those annoying ads.

      • rainyrain says:

        I watch on viikii with french subs , but for the two last epi I decided to wait till the english subs are out , I already downloaded the whole serial till epi 16 and have them with subs till 14 so waiting for the last two epi english subs to be provided so I can watch and understand every word said ( I mean for all the scenes between SJ-HN )
        LOL I never was interrested in chinese language , even now when I’m working with them , I alway wanted to learn Hindi language but there was no way to do it , now I’m also interrested in Korean but have no time to learn it 😦

      • v says:

        lol.. i haven’t ever looked into french subs on viikii but i understand it’s one of the languages where there are more subbers and subs available right? maybe i should start watching with french subs. honestly, my french is a bit rusty now.
        oh, which sub groups give out softsub til ep 14??
        hindi is SO hard… my friend tried to teach me and i gave up pretty quickly.. kk
        korean is not that hard once you get the hang of it… well, the different forms of conversation can be a bit hard… i think the hardest for me is the pronunciation… i’m so bad at it. i’m more like a written person than an oral one.

      • rainyrain says:

        v I was trying to answer u since yesterday but couldn’t ( I think internet probs ).
        anyway I’m at work so don’t have the exact link for the website providing the subs till epi 14 but try I think it’s this one .
        hindi letters are very hard yes but I can understand pretty much of hindi oral conversation ( or even written if it’s done with our abc letters ) and this thanks to almost 15 or more years of devotion to this culture whith its films and serials ….
        now even though I feel lost with korean language but still I start to understand some tiny words like gomawao , saranghae mihanae , chummal ….et c’est genial 🙂

      • v says:

        lol.. that’s okay… and thank you for the link!! wow, i’m impressed, they are done with the subs already!! they are now at ep 16. i’ve wondered, how does hindi look like when romanized? and wow, 15 YEARS?? 3 quarters of my life.. kk. no wonder you talked about the hindi dramas and actors previously on DB.. btw, i started watching prisoners already..
        for korean, it’s mianhae, jeongmal…. kk. and yes, once you watch lot of dramas, you start to catch tips and bits of the the language… i got sick of only understanding so much so i decided to learn in properly.. haha.
        btw, do you want us to transfer our conversation to a more recent thread? if yes, you decide which one…

      • rainyrain says:

        sorry for the late answer , and thanks for the right korean spelling , as always I mixed everything up LOOOL , I’m really liking korean language , first time when I heard it in drama On air ( park yong ha ) I was like OMG what’s that , what are they saying but then I start getting used to it and it was nice .
        you start watching prisoners , is it a hindi drama , do you mean the drama bandini I told you about on DB once or is it a korean drama , LOL I’m lost , anyway the drama bandini was great , really great for at least one year but then it became just whatever with illogical plots and stupid actors .
        ok dunno where you do you want that we move our convo , u suggest and you will find me there 😀
        ah one question : is registration in soompi free , I keep asking about free subscription becoz if it’s not I won’t be able to subscribe due to some reasons .

    • Rush says:

      I had the same experience. I started my comment when there were just a couple of comments in this thread, then got called away from my PC. By the time I returned I must have become like the 100th person in that list. Almost didn’t comment thinking it won’t be noticed. But then I like the drama/recaps so much I HAD to tell ockoala how happy she made me!

      • v says:

        Well… you can rest assured your comment got noticed by me.. and I know some few other crazy people (sorry guys… for the lack of a better term.. kk) who also return to this blog despite Pk having ended.
        For me, I think I will write my comment when everybody will be gone… It’s not so much for it to be read than for it to provide some kind of closure to my Pk experience

    • jeankaycee says:


      thanks for the special mention, its been wonderful to have chitchats with you. hope more in the future as we continue our drama watching journey.
      see you around! : )

  13. Yin says:

    Dear ockoala, thanks for the wonderful series recap 🙂 I love how poignantly close to life PK is, and props to the production team for taking source material that is -arguably- the stuff of fantasy and situating it firmly and convincingly within the quotidian. For me it’s precisely this successful bridging of the mundane and the dramatic that reflects back onto my own life, reminding me to examine the simple but priceless relationships I have with an appreciative heart.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! On an unrelated note, I completely share your obsession with Alec Su. I came here for PK but the man’s name catches my eye in a way that nothing else can 😉

    • v says:

      alec su is hot, sometimes quite unbelievably handsome. but for me, his dramas are either a hit or miss… I will always watch any of his dramas though.

      • Yin says:

        Heh I agree that some of his dramas were far from outstanding, but the pull factor for me is his acting ability and how he is constantly challenging himself. Sheer perseverance, and I guess being smart doesn’t hurt. Have you seen him in his recent movies? He’s come such a long way from the endearing but rather two-dimensional portrayal of Wu A Ge in My Fair Princess.

        I’m probably (read: definitely) biased though :p I’ve been a fan for 10+ years, and he’s the only one who’s inspired me to tears!

        And, HELLO V! Like everyone else, your comments here and on DB always bring a smile to my face. 🙂 I’m totally suffering from PK withdrawal symptoms too, which is why I’m here even though I should be studying.

      • v says:

        Yes, I agree. Alec Su is one of those rare pretty face actors who actually can ACT. The smarts are definitely a bonus…
        and yes, i’ve known him since the huang zhu ge ge craze… my mother was crazy about that serie… kk. and he’s gone a long way… hmm.. i haven’t seen any recent movies of his this year… maybe i’m not really updated. The last one I’ve seen is Ai Dao Di… in the segment that sounds something like di liu hao liu hai nan sheng. I don’t know the english title of the movie though. i assume it’s something like the 6th guy with bangs ?!

        kk. Thanks for the compliment. and I’m suffering major withdrawal symptoms as well… I know they will eventually go away. but not today.. I’m indulging myself .. kk

  14. Ami says:

    I actually cried when they put up the collage at the end. I was so touched! Love this drama.. dunno how to explain it, but love it to bits and pieces.

    I cried when Hani managed to do the CPR too.. fell in love with her again for the umpteenth time.

    *When Mom and Ha Ni goes to the government office, they discover that Seung Jo in fact already registered the marriage! Anyone surprised by this not-so-twist?*

    I was surprised. Because I thought the husband and wife have to come together since the officials may need their signature. I guess the wedding registration procedure in Korea is different.

    *She wants him to sit on the swing, look at the sky, and open his heart up to a fresh perusal.*

    I think the scene with them at the swing is the best “Hani-Joon Gu together” ever. In a way, they’re a couple too.. just not romantically. They do understand each other in ways others just can’t.

    *Ha Ni is dozing off at the library, until her head hit the books with a thunk. *

    This is so me. Which is why I study at home.. so I can jump around, stand upside down on my hand, dance, recite aloud, etc. while memorizing. Yes, yes.. I know Hani does stuff like that when she’s studying in ep 15. Didn’t I say I love her already? 😛

    *Ha Ni asks Seung Jo to tutor her, since that’s his specialty.*

    I was mumbling.. “she did marry her tutor” ..while watching this scene.. LOL. So many manga love plots center around tutor-student relationship that it’s very amusing it successfully gets inserted here. What’s OPW?

    *He also allows her to practice CPR on him.*

    I’ve tried CPR on a dummy and I think I’m qualified to say that his agreement to be made into a CPR dummy is a sign of true love.. *nod nod nod*

    *However, Ha Ni doesn’t do well on the practical demonstration (pressing too hard on the mannequin and not giving the right answers on real-life situation questions), and thus does not get in.*

    I bet that’s entirely because she was so nervous being measured up and down by that scary Professor. Is she gonna be her supervisor at the Nursing Department?? (gasp)

    *When she runs to try and meet Seung Jo, the restaurant has closed already, but Seung Jo is still there waiting for her. *

    To have a man like that waiting for you. Omo.. what can I say. Baek Seung Jo.. of all your beautiful moment, this is when you are the most beautiful to me. And for all the many other moments when you completely indulge Hani.. I’m so glad I don’t have to hate you by the end of this drama the way I hate your previous incarnations (Naoki Irie, Zhi Shu). And to actually really really like you is such a bonus and a credit to the director(s) that I’ll forgive all the stupid cuts and edits that made me want to throw pointy things at my monitor during the enitre drama run.

    And also for making me fall in love with all the characters that not once was I irritated when they show how everyone’s progressing instead of concentrating on the two central characters. Unprecedented in my experience of dramaverse. I don’t care that my love for it will dissipate. Why worry about things that I may or may not feel in the future? There’s a corner in my heart reserved for PK forever.. it’s right there side by side with Mukodono, Nodame Cantabile (wonder if anyone knows these japanese dramas), Cardcaptor Sakura (errrrr.. which is an anime) and many others that have literally shaped my life.

    Thanks so much for your recap! I’m so glad you wrote that you’ll most probably be recapping the youtube clips too. Looking forward to it ~ *love*

    • v says:

      For me, I smiled so broadly during the montage… but ended up tearing right after the credits rolled and commercials went on. All I could think was… you just gave me Awesome in that montage and happy ending… and you just suddenly took it away. For good. Wail. (well, I didn’t wail.. just merely a tear or too but I wanted to wail).

      I love mukodono with nagase… It’s sad we see less of him now. As for Nodame, one of my fav doramas ever…. have you seen the second movie yet? I still haven’t. I hope they get an ending like PK.. Cardcaptor Sakura was an integral part of my childhood. People complaining that the romance in PK was slow should see that anime/read that manga. I wanted to see Sakura and Sayoran Li together so bad for so long… it was both a pleasure and a frustration to see that it didn’t happen until after a looooonnng while.

      • Ami says:

        Watching that collection makes me want to watch the whole thing all over again. Well.. I HAVE to watch it all over again coz I still need to screencap everything.. LOL. I ish weird. It’s a good thing they still have those special episode. Looking forward to it.. yeay!

        You love Mukodono?? That was my intro into j-dorama. I mean, I’ve watched japanese dramas before but Mukodono started me on the j-ent obsession. Tomoya was first on-screen boyfriend.. haha. And yeah.. where IS he nowadays? I used to hate TOKIO so much coz I want him to go solo so he doesn’t have to share screen time with the others during interviews. He’s already so quiet in real life. Now he’s like.. disappeared! I’m never obsessing over reclusive artists again.. it’s so bleeding frustrating.. grrrrrr.

        I haven’t seen the 2nd movie.. *gasp* ..I like it too much that in my crazy brain, I figured if I watch that.. Nodame will really be over.. yadaaaaaaa! So I’m mentally preparing myself for the moment when I see Chiaki Senpai for the last time.. *sob*

        *People complaining that the romance in PK was slow should see that anime/read that manga.*

        Ha! So true! Have you watched Tsubasa Chronicles? I want to murder the creators of the 1st season for stringing me along until the end and making me believe in the entire arc before giving me a kick in the head by the OVAs. Arrrrrgh! I’ll stick to the cute chibi Sakura from now on.. (but I do want to know how their romance will conclude in the 2nd season.. doushio??)

        I have many dramas and animes I love.. but those 3 have changed me in many ways. It sounds sad that my personality, and hence my life, was changed by inanimate characters.. but I guess life progresses as it must.. 😛

      • Ami says:

        Oh.. and don’t worry about being a lurker in my blog. I’m a lurker in many blogs too.. esp the ones that post updates on KHJ.. so I completely understand it. Most times, even when we like the posts so much.. we don’t really know what to comment, or whether the comments are appropriate, or if the blogmistress is cool with us spamming in her posts (which is why Koala is teh awesome for letting us play here all we want), etc. etc. And yeah.. my jaw dropped too when I watch that malay movie trailer. That blog is for me to spazz about every movie, artist, whatever fancy. I don’t get to spazz like that with friends or family (they’ll think I’m nuts) so the blog is my outlet. It’s a pleasure to work on my posts even if I end up being the only reader of my own writing, or the person who pops in there the most (I think this is true).. haha

        I have to slow down my blogging pace now coz real life intrudes, but I’m determined to continue the PK screencap, however snail-like the progress will be. It’s to feed my KHJ addiction since I have a feeling that it will be at the end of 2011 that KHJ is gonna give me a drama or movie again.. and if he ever accepts an acting offer before that, he’ll probably choose a small role coz he’s gonna come up with that solo album he promised us *ish hopeful*. Somehow, I feel like he has more power to make decisions in KeyEast than he had in his previous agency so between that album and another movie/drama.. I think the album will win. And another SS501 member announced that there’ll be a collaboration album next year.. yeay!! Finally I’ll get to own a SS501 album (please! please! please let this wish be a reality!). I don’t want to buy their previous albums coz I dunno how the sale will contribute to them due to their current standing (different agencies, bla bla bla). Hyung’s album and SS501 album, both in the same year?? Awesomeness personified. *bliss*

      • v says:

        @Ami… lol. you came back? kk. that was a bit unexpected but makes me feel a bit better that i’m not the only one coming back to this “dead” thread.

        Lol. for me, it’s not that i HAVE to watch it again, is that i WANT to… or more like I can’t not rewatch.
        Yes, of course I love mukodono, as well as all other doramas with nagase in them… He’s not the one who made me go into jdorama though. it was kimutaku. My mother was his fan so even when i was a kid, i was exposed to jdorama. I think the big names are Kimutaku, NagaseTomo, OkadaJuni, Takki, Abe Hiroshi and of course, the new generation…. like Pi, and all that…
        Of course, I have many more actors whose dramas are a must-watch for me but those names i mentioned tend to be the most consistent in terms of quality/enjoyment factor of their dramas.

        Lol. as a JE fan, i never hated TOKIO.. I love all the JE bands/groups and all the members in the bands/groups. I actually thought, among TOKIO members, nagase had the most exposure even though he usually tends to take a backseat during interviews. But yes, now I am SO MAD I haven’t seen him act for so long… makes me really want to cry at what we’re missing, especially those who are not familiar with earlier dramas. Not that I don’t love Pi and Jin, and Kame, and Shun, Tamaki and etc (because goodness help me, I am OBSESSED) but many of the new j-dorama fans are missing out so much by knowing ONLY those new emerging stars…. the old dramas are priceless.

        Yes, I don’t want Nodame to end as well.. makes me so sad. Can’t tell you how much I crushed on Chiaki senpai.

        Actually, I haven’t seen Tsubasa Chronicles, but I have read (and almost finished) the manga. Honestly, I’m a Clamp fan… kk
        But you got my interest picked and I will check the anime out probably next week.
        don’t worry, my life has been totally altered by entertainment as well.. it started with ch and jp entertainment since i was basically born and spread to k-ent just late 1990s and then tw entertainment in the early 2000s. now, it’s an integral part of my life. and yes, I feel it’s a SAD aspect of my life as well but not one that makes living sad.

        Thank you for being so understanding about my lurker status…
        Like I said again, I really laugh whenever I read your post. I’m amazed at how you guys come up with all those witty lines really. I guess your reason for maintaining your blog is the same reason for me to keep going back and replying to comments here. I know most likely, those replies will never be read but i write them for my own sake, to fulfill my desire to have my say on the matter. And yes, I keep being afraid ockoala will ban be from her blog for spamming so much.. TT she still hasn’t done so but the longer time passes by and the more i’m afraid…

        Yes, I believe the next project of KHJ will be a solo album, maybe followed by ss501 activities as announced by Baby (hyung joon). well, before the CFs work that he’s currently doing right now that is, and the special filming.
        I have all of ss501 cds even though I’m not their fan… another group took my heart forever first but even so, i still love ss501 a lot. and i’m also buying his calendar for next year.. and all PK goodies as well…

      • v says:

        i have to add the arashi boys, namely matsu jun and nino to the list… kk

      • v says:

        oh… might as well add sho, and news ryo, and a lot more… sigh. the list is too long.

      • Ami says:

        Awww.. don’t say that it’s a dead thread.. makes it so final. I’m still in denial LOL. You know, for quite a lot of people.. PK is still only at its 6th episode, coz last I checked Haru2 hasn’t come out with the sub for the 7th yet. And PK is the only drama I’ve ever watched RAW and follow on a week to week basis.. or else I usually wait until a drama + its subs are completed before I watch it.. so I definitely get the feelings of those who have not finished watching PK. Heck, I watched BOF a year after that drama ended.. and look at it still holding a reunion meeting with the entire cast. There’s no such thing as a dead thread in a drama recap post, mah friend ~ … 😛

        (although I’m also quite worried about being banned by Koala for spamming too much so maybe this will be my last reply to you in the thread > _ <" )

        I don't hate TOKIO coz of TOKIO.. I just don't like the others cluttering the space between me and Tomoya.. haha. I know I don't make sense.. sorry TOKIO members. I love his acting, and I dunno why he's not acting anymore and I wish he'd go find another agency where he can work solo projects (I don't like Johnny's for some reason unknown even to myself). I think I only love Tomoya out of the entire J-ent unit.. the others I watch sporadically and depending on the projects they're doing. I like Takki a lot in several dramas and I love Kame + Pi in NwP but I don't follow them the way I followed Tomoya. I miss him. I wish they'd remake Mukodono in Korea and insert Kim Hyun Joong as Sakuraba. That will be EPIC.

        I blog mostly for my own self too.. which is why I'm not bothered that there's hardly any comment in my posts. I know people are passing by coz I have this traffic widget thing embedded on my blog, so it's cool. I'd rather have lurkers than trolls, to tell the truth. Lurkers and me.. we are kindred spighits.. hehe.

        I'm a CLAMP fan too! I collect the DVDs I can find here.. XXXHolics, Tokyo Babylon, etc. But my favourite is CCS of coz. Tsubaza Chronicles crosses several CLAMPverses so it's rather squealworthy to have my favourite characters congregating on the same scene despite my complaints of the arc.. 😛

      • v says:

        Lol.. it’s also probably my last reply to you in this thread… don’t worry about replying to this comment. 🙂 i’ll probably see you from time to time on your blog anyways.
        Yes, sometimes, I forget that there are people who do not watch PK live and then live their lives revolved around it…. I used to be like that too, calmly waiting for “quality” subs and HD vids, taking my time waiting for the release of subs, not caring much that i’m behind several aired episodes already. Now, that’s all gone… sigh.
        yes, you’re right.. maybe i shouldn’t say dead thread… mostly inactive? [rhetorical question. kk] although BOF is truly an exception. PK level of widespread popularity is nowhere as near as BOF althought for me, PK>BOF.

        LOL. You’re absolutely right… KHJ in a kr remake of Mukodono=EPIC!!! epic epic epic.

        lol. trolls… that’s true, the more people commenting on a site, the more conflicts are bound to likely increase. I have an LJ myself but all my post are set so that only I can read them…-_-”
        it is a way for me to clear my head by writing down my thoughts, spazzing, and all that. i don’t know if you know harry potter but it’s a bit like the Pensive thingy of dumbledore.

        I don’t have many CLAMP dvds since i usually borrow them from my bff since she collects all of them… I just have the dvds for the series i really like. BUT, i have ALL mangas… and of course, i LOVE love love ALL of their stories, X-clamp, angelic layer, chobbits, card captor, xxxholic and all that… etc. BUT, my ultimate keeper if I had to keep only one (i wouldn’t say favourite because it’s not necessarily the “best”) would be tokyo babylon… it’s a bit like PK actually, flawed but with heart. the artwork is not perfect and it’s short but it really touched me… you know the story about the grandfather and the bananas… EVERY single time, I cry… it never failed to make me cry once. i think subaru and seiichiro are forever my fav clamp pair. perhaps not necessarily romantically but just them being together was so explosive.

  15. ItadakimasU says:

    To BSJ: Thank you for finally realising that OHN is all you need in the world. Thank for always believing in your wife. Thank you for showing affection in a way I’ve never seen before. Thank you for being the ultra smart (robo)boy you are… but most of all… Thank you for being so uncannily beautiful, that it hurts when looking at you, but even more if I don’t! Your smile just lights up my day… every. single. time.

    To OHN: You, who is referred to as our adorable little ball (of fur), thank you for showing your adorableness, innocence, and for always giving your all! Despite all the uneasiness you gave us, we love you anyway and made you ours!

    To BJG: Oh boy… you are really something, aren’t you! My happiness while watching the wedding (like I would feel watching people I truly love join in holy matrimony) washed away in an instance when your back came into the shot, the sadness was ineffable. How my heart cried for you! Thank you for your unrequited love towards Ha Ni, that just made us love you even more!
    To Christine: Thank you for being BJG’s BJG!

    To YHR: Thank you for being the complete opposite from Ha Ni, it was much needed to balance the female position in PK!… and thank you for not being able to snatch BSJ away from our Ha Ni, despite you being supposedly superior…I think that, because of you, we’ve seen the best sides of BSJ and OHN!

    To EunJo: How can you be sooo adorably cute while being such a pain in the ass. You didn’t show it openly but thank you for always rooting for HaNi, poking your bro on the right spots the right time!

    To Mom: Woman you are crazy! We love you!

    To the Dad’s: Bromance! (LOL this is getting a bit random now… :P)

    To HaNi’s Chingus: Thank you for your loyalty and endless support towards HaNi!

    To Tennis Sunbae: The first encounter made me go: WTF??!? But somehow you managed to add some more coziness to PK… thank you for that!

    And finally to OCKOALA and all PKissers following this blog out there,
    (special mention of pink-avatared crazy v!!, your an incredible conversational partner!)

    It has been a great journey watching, reading, enjoying, craving, praising, discussing, obsessing, crying, but most of all loving PK with you all.

    I didn’t really realized it was the end of PK when watching the raws until I read your recap, ockoala. Your words made me tear up! Now PK came to an end… my heart feels a little empty…:( But I will always keep this experience of PK as a fond memory in which not only my emotions but also my days went completely wild.

    Ockoala… again my sincere gratitude!

    Hope to see you (all) soon…
    (…maybe on the ytkiss youtube channel: can’t wait BUAHAHAHHA ;))

    • ItadakimasU says:

      aaah, i’ve forgotten to mention….

      PK has gone such a long way… at the end with the montage of old&new sweet moments… it wasn’t until then that I truly realized how the characters but also the cast itself grew while we hiked along.

      …PK… …you touched my heart~~!

      • v says:

        lovely comment… you had me smile as I realized, or should I say rediscover, through your comment how far and the characters have all gone, and also how awesome all the characters were.
        That montage made me want to love this drama even more… it had so many precious moments I could feel all the sweetness and happiness the couple felt.

        Thank you for the special mention… You were more than awesome as a conversational partner. Instead of getting scared away, you actually responded in equal (or longer) content each time. So thank you for sharing your thoughts with a stranger. It was extremely fun for me and I hope for you too.
        See you I hope at the youtube episode…. unni. 🙂

      • ItadakimasU says:

        btw v: this is such a belated respond, but about me not getting scared away… hahaha i think it’s because in a way i’m equally crazy as you are 😉 hahaha and it’s so sweet you call me unnie… it felt like i became an aunt for the first time or something (i’m such a loon, are you scared yet?) hahahah i was also like: ahhh i’m somebody else’s unni… getting slightly closer to be included in the korean world 😉 but for what it’s worth it feels great having you as a dongsaeng XD

      • ItadakimasU says:

        ah not trying to be desperate to be korean or something. but i sometimes feel a bit invading the korean entertainment and stuff as i’m not korean myself… haha i know k-entertainment is common good.. but still hhhahah

      • v says:

        haha… don’t worry about belated responses… it’s almost guarantee i’ll read it, at least during the near future when my PK craze is still deeply engrained.
        lol… i’m not scared yet.. but an aunt? kk. should i call you dongsaeng then and you can just call me unni, just for the fun of it.. my peter pan complex won’t be affected… or just chingoo? you pick and choose… I liked unni because it sounds close but the other terms are equally as fine. kk.
        and don’t worry… i’m not korean myself but i’m learning korean just because of k-entertainment so i totally understand what you mean.

    • J.J. says:

      That was a lovely “note” to everyone. I have a feeling I’ll be writing JSM a real fan letter of thanks. I’ve been meaning to write HJ one (ever since he moved to KeyEast) but I’m a bit daunted seeing how much fanmail he gets -_- :sigh: we’ll see…

      Btw, my heart feels a bit empty too. I feel like with the pressure of midterms, excitement for PK and work sched my person was stretched out…I was running so fast trying to keep up, but as I watched the end, I feel like I’ve hit the finish line and still went around for another lap…or that I’m all streched out but carrying a lesser load. 😦

      OH, Playful Kiss~

      :Bows: I am sincerely sorry I never got to reply to any of your comments. I found them captivating and funny. 😉 So please pardon my lateness.

      • v says:

        sorry to butt in…
        i think we kind of all feel the same. i think your analogy to a track run describes it well.
        i’ve never written a fan letter to anyone before… or not that i can remember… but now that you mentioned writing to jung so min, i suddenly have this desire to do so… after all, i still can’t think of more loveable than her right now…except for those kdrama kids actors. as for being daunted by the number of fanmails… i think it’s not so much writing so that he can read your letter but so that IF he does read your letter, it’ll bring him joy + it’s contributing to making the big pile of fanmail bigger than it already is. I’m sure that even if he can’t read them all, just the sheer volume of fanmail makes him happy. but i can talk all I want, like i said, i still haven’t sent any fanmail so far… -_-“

      • ItadakimasU says:

        aaaah.. i’ve been refrained from PK and this blog as real life kicked in… I wanted to read all these PK-loving comments but there is no way I can keep track to this PK-explosion… But somehow, while I’m inactively participating in the PK chatter (gosh, I put a lot of PKs in this comment), it makes me happy to see you all still around discussing heavily… that kept PK alive for me

        @j.j… are you by any change also a visitor of ssangchu heaven’s blog? I thought I saw your nick somewhere out there 😉 Please don’t feel apologetic for not commenting before… I’m just happy to hear that my previous comment(s) didn’t go by unnoticed!

        @v: I’ll always welcome you to butt in buddy;)!

        @both: Running another lap after finishing… kind of like how it felt when Hwang Buin and Shillang ran their last laps during the “fake” farewell and not wanting to stop even though it started to poor rain… (from variety show We Got Married… in case this doesn’t sound familiar… heheh but I doubt that) *sigh* what a sad feeling this is 😦

        Hmmm… how interesting the thought of writing a fanmail… hahah that possibility of showing your gratitude or admiration towards an actor never really struck my mind 🙂

        Aishhhh… earlier when I opened this page, I say the first PK still with KHJ and JSM in PJ… it actually hurts to see KHJ’s face, it makes me miss him and PK soooooooo much! *sigh* what to do… I’m such a hopeless case! Heheh I think we all are a bit lost… falling for PK this hard! How can happiness cross sadness at the same time….??

      • v says:

        omo.. you’re back… how’s real life? and yes, isn’t it amazing… we’ve crossed the 300 comments boundaries and now, ockoala even gave us her consent in another post for us to chatter away… I read all the comments though.. even though sometimes, i have a lots of catching up to do.. In a way, I’m as addicted to comments than PK itself.
        Ill answer for JJ in case she doesn’t come back here but yes, she’s in ssangchu heaven as well.. she basically hangs around there a lot. kk
        Omo…. that’s SO true about the track running in WGM…
        I loved how KHJ said that usually, he would stop running immediatly after it started to rain but because it was the last day, he didn’t stop… that made me tear up.
        and yes, i miss PK even though I know the 9 episodes will be here in the future… sigh.

      • ItadakimasU says:

        @ v
        really she gave us consent??? OCKAOLA you’re the best!! 😀 I was feeling sooooo apologetic for “abusing” her blog this way :(! but what do you mean with crossing the 300 comments boundaries? does it mean we can’t comment on that post anymore (because full is full?) Do we have to continue on another post elsewhere? (this is me-the-not-so-familiar-with-commenting-and-blogs-at-“high”-level ;))
        Ahhh you know about JJ’s whereabouts… haha does that mean you also hang around@ssangchu heaven 🙂
        KHJ and HB in WGM made me tear up and roar with laughter all.the.time!! Pfffff… a bit like PK, making my emotions fly!

      • v says:

        lol.. how come you replied almost right after my comment?
        yes, she gave us consent. look at the newest PK post she had.. she mentioned our PK craze in it… kk
        no.. i just mean that the 300 comments as a mark, you know like the 100 mark, etc…. i don’t think there’s a limit to the number of comments.
        And yes, I also hang around ssangchu heaven but merely as a lurker.. a stalking lurker though.. haha. I read every single thing on it but I just don’t participate. kk.
        WGM daebak!! i don’t think the epicness of it is ever going to be surpassed.

      • ItadakimasU says:

        @JJ (in case she will return) I saw your links in earlier postings with pics of KHJ… I LOVE THEM! I’ve seen the pics before.. but when somebody else take a selection and explains why one love a particular picture so much… it makes the picture even better. Ah, i’m a true sucker for gorgeous man with children. KHJ doesn’t appear like somebody who really likes children on the outside (not as much as Suju’s Choi Siwon shows… but then again, who does.. ghehe), but he always looks so affectionate when in presence of children… that it makes my heart thump really REALLY loud!
        This might sound strange but I almost want to thank you for loving KHJ so much (adjustifying my own worshipping). The way you described how you love his imperfect, but yet so perfect face of his!! I do too love that he has these scars… it makes his face even more interesting en beautiful to look at… (OMG… how can i be so passionate about idolizing this idol)
        BTW, I didn’t post my comments on your comments on the particular threat as I will have difficulties to keep track of my own activities… hence losing overview and missing out on replies..(i’m such a slowpoke) sorry for that!

      • ItadakimasU says:

        @v: hahah i’m fast because i’ve subscribbed to receive follow up comments on this posting (which overflew my inbox with notices of new comments on this recap… -_-) plus i’m stalking this blog again… or rather, this posting… there is so much to explore i haven’t had the time to check out the new ockoala posting, or respond to our chatroom, or watch new clippings of PK on the youtube channel, or read all the updates on a KHJ dedicated blog and ssangchu heaven… and now our replies to each other is crossing ockoala’s different postings… buahhaha it’s such a choas OTTOKE hahahha, I LOVE IT!
        ah btw… can’t find it anymore (in the chaos) but i read your comment about your miss spels and how you HAVE to correct it…. hahaha i cringe at my own mistakes… but as there are so many (especially in the essays) heh there is no way to correct. Just hope that people won’t think i’m totally stupid hahaha

        hmm if there is a limit to the number or length or comments… i think we’ve long gone passed it 😉
        Hahhah i’m also just a stalking lurker of SSangchu heaven… I commented on two postings maybe, that’s about it
        Concerning WGM… I don’t remember how many times i’ve watched the joongbo cuts… and am still planning to do more reruns in the future…. this is sooo weird, but of course you’ll be equally happy in life if you haven’t seen it… but if you did… it feels like missing out on greatness if it didn’t cross your path… something that makes your life a little bit more complete… (or is it just me?)

      • ItadakimasU says:

        Ok, just to bombard you a little bit more with my KHJ worshipping… I like it how his smiles (and expressions) in acting are soooo different from his nature smiles (and expressions) (his smiles in PK are wonderful don’t get me wrong, but in real life when he smiles or laughs… it looks different)… I can’t say which one I like more (maybe the natural ones triumphs a bit) but it ables you to judge his “sincerity” of smiling or laughing and level of happiness about things at times! He’s at his best when he loses his cool and the need to keep image and shows the true KHJ ^^

      • v says:

        haha.. just slightly commenting on what you said to JJ..
        yes, i feel the same way too.. most of the pics i’ve seen before but usually, i just gloss through them as, oh another pretty KHJ pics, what’s new… it’s like I’m ogling them for a while, saving some and then, quickly forget about them until someone else repost them and rave about it.
        omo… choi si won and his daughter in OML was the cutest EVER. it was actually the reason i watched the show, not the romance part.
        and lol.. you subscribed… poor poor you… I don’t do that or i might be overwhelmed by emails and one thing i hate/am scared of is mail…. I LOVE receiving letters from friends because it makes me feel so good but at the same time, I dread it as well because i’m terrible at replying but if i don’t reply immediatly, i feel like I’m not displaying how much it’s important.
        and lol. don’t worry about responding in our chat room.. you can do that later.. now, catch up fast! and yes, am I having two places to respond to you know? how confusing… TT
        haha.. i cringe too at my own mistakes… but there are so many of them…. i don’t want to think i’m an idiot in english or something, i’m usually decent for academic papers… it’s just that when I blog, I tend to be less careful and write more on instinct and since english is not my first language, it gets pretty wild.
        And I said something similar as well to what you said about being equally being happy if missing WGM. It’s exactly what i meant in my other comment…. about how i’m sure if I followed my parents’ advice like my brother did, I would be equally happy minus all the trouble my addiction is currenly giving me but at the same time, i can’t regret it because I feel it’s such a shame that I would have missed something like this and that yes, life wouldn’t be complete.
        And I know, for me, it’s not so much the smiles but when KHJ laughs, like ive just seen recently in the new making of, it’s SO different and much more playful than in PK.
        I love it when I sometimes see a glimpse of KHJ in BSJ… not because he’s being KHJ but because i recognize some expressions i’ve already seen him have as KHJ.

      • v says:

        oh.. just wanted to add, for me, i just look at the number of comments and if it increases, i go and read… -_-
        and i find them by using the “find” option and typing in the date of today.. kk

      • ItadakimasU says:

        Concerning my real life… today is yet another day to live like a ghost (with a major hangover… yesterday real life was a bit too much fun…) so it’s nice to spazz away with pk stuff… nice and light!
        About me being an aunt, hehe I don’t feel like I’m your aunt, but it felt like I became something for somebody ^^ hahah how you are gonna call me, that’s totally up to you 🙂 I just wanted to say how it felt close indeed (the first time) when you called me unni. hahah it seems like we’ve been trying to scare each other but both fail XD
        I liked OML indeed for the interaction between siwon and daughter. The romance thing was a bit… out of place. In overall the drama was very nice, but him confessing at the end… was too sudden without real foundation. I get it that she became really important to him, but falling in love all of a sudden and wanting to get married… they didn’t have the right chemistry for that i think (unlike our OHN and BSJ! that was just chemistry overload!)
        I should have NEVER subscribed :P, i’ve been spending a lot of time on deleted e-mail hahaha so thank you for your advice. Very clever!
        although English is not your first language… I have to say that nobody will ever notice, it’s really good!! (especially for somebody who grew up in France, I think most people don’t speak English (that well) over there?) But that’s really no surprise as you seem to be a language prodigy!
        About being happy without having seen WGM, yeah I got that one from you, just wanted to add something to fully express my feelings.
        I also saw glimpses of KHJ in BSJ… that made me sooo happy, because that means… about 98% of the time, he’s totally in acting mode! (and also because I always love to see the real KHJ, it was more like a conformation that he indeed is KHJ :)). I’ve read in another posting here about how KHJ and BSJ are two different person, that you don’t see much of KHJ in BSJ and vice versa. I realized that KHJ did grow as an actor.. so so much more than I initially thought he did. I’m so proud! *sigh* all this talk about him makes me miss him more and more… again OTTOKEeeeEE~~
        Ah I’ll try to keep these here real short (btw, I’ve been nodding a lot 😉 )…hahha to make responding less confusing 🙂 Thank you for giving me time for responding in the chatroom. I know you don’t mind and stuff but just like you… it may seem like it’s not that important if I don’t reply immediately, which ofcourse is definitely not the case. I just want to take the time to answer properly (otherwise, I will have to add a lot of follow up postings because of incomplete answers ;)) Please don’t feel like you are burdening me with having to respond, I really don’t feel that way (in case you are going to say something like that ;))

      • ItadakimasU says:

        oh, i meant confirmation instead of conformation :S

      • v says:

        that was.. short? 🙂 well, compared to the essays we have been exchanging, it was short. kk. i’ll try to keep this short as well (i’m starting to get hang of the nodding thing.)
        lol. hangover? wow… sounds like a lively night. I personally don’t drink since 1. i’m underage in the US (but not in Fr) 2. from the little I have tasted, I dislike the taste of alcohol
        as yes, seems like we’ve been TRYING to scare each other off… i don’t think i did it fully consciously but there was a bit of that as well.. kk and since you don’t feel like an aunt, I’ll call you unni then, just because it sounds like we’re close (virtually at least)..
        the girl in OML was the cutest thing EVER. I would totally fall for her if I was a guy (her age.. ). yes, OML had very nice little beats (most of them between father-daughter i might add), but the romance was a bit too unbelievable. not only on minwoo’s part but also more so on chae rim’s part. i mean, she had NO feelings whatsoever for him until suddenly, she decided she would marry him. at least, he pursued her for a while…. ohn x bsj’s chemistry were so understated and yet so strong at the same time… i LOVED it!
        kk. i’m no language prodigy, that’s for sure or i would have already mastered chinese and japanese which i have been learning since forever. or i wouldn’t have forgotten half the spanish i learned in school. but thank you for your compliment. ^^ and yes, french people’s french are horrible. but have you been to germany? some people there have REALLY strong german accent when speaking english. -_-” korean are also terrible in english. this is generalization of course.
        and yes, I’m missing PK so bad.. and in BOF, as much as I loved KHJ and loved how hard he worked, I wanted to tell him that acting was not his path.. but PK made me change my mind. the boy has improved so so much.
        and you don’t have to thank me for giving you time since i don’t have to give you anything. take all the time you want AND if by the time you get to it, you don’t feel like doing it anymore, that’s totally fine as well. For me as well, I tend to like to answer properly (which basically mean to every little thing you said. kk) and if i take my time, it does not mean i don’t care.
        and i was really going to say smth like burdening you.. haha. you found me out. kk
        that was “short.” 🙂 [i even deleted some things.. haha.]

      • ItadakimasU says:

        I laughed so hard @ your: that was… short? It hurts since I’m still feeling nauseated. Ah here I found a clear difference between the two of us, I’m not an alcoholic but I do enjoy my liquor every now and then!
        pfffff buahahhahaha virtually closeness… hahaa, but it is what it is 🙂
        those cheeks on the little girl!! I’ve seen a CF of her, she looked even cuter in it than in OML!! (and she actually had a line this time -_-(btw <- that smiley is really expressive!)
        about the generalization of people and their ability to speak foreign language… IT’S SO TRUE THOUGH! I personally find the Dutch accent in English also very cringe worthy :S

        I’m typing my essay right now (hence this fast reply)… I’ve been bad again so prepare yourself for a long one..

      • v says:

        kk.. lol, yes, we have found a clear difference. i’m sure we had one before this one but the drinking is definitely the most obvious one. which is weird since in france, everybody learns to appreciate wine (my father as well and my bro a bit), and the US is known for wild alcoholic parties…
        omo.. i haven’t seen her in a CF. will go look after this. her and eunjo would be such a cute pair although she seems lightly young for him. maybe her and the kid of shinee’s hello baby. haha, me and my tendency to pair up everyone… kk.
        oh really? maybe because when i went to holland, it was international but i found the dutch people there very good at english.
        kk.. lol. weirdly, i’m anticipating the long essay rather than having to prepare myself but isn’t it almost past midnight over there??!! if you don’t finish the essay, stop and sleep first!

      • ItadakimasU says:

        It is weird for a Française not appreciating wine!
        I looked a little but can’t find the CF of siwon’s daughter 😦 but you’re more resourceful than I am, so maybe you can find it yourself. I believe her name is Kim Yoo Bin. ahh they took them off youtube :S what’s bad about a CF spreading in youtube???? LMAO
        Eunjo is such a cuty, how he pulled his blanket over himself after him having the heartfelt talk and congradulating his hyung on his upcomming marriage! have you seen the pics of KHJ and him together?
        (i’ve also seen NGs of them togehter, they seem to get along well! too bad i don’t know what they were talking about… i believe i saw it on the same website. the amount of info is great, the only bad thing is i can’t find anything back… -_-)
        Ah i’m a sucker for babies! do you know mini dbsk? Inhwan is the best!!! the cutest baby EVER: watch?v=hGJqqi2PZ5w&feature=related
        I really wanted to finish the essay first and despite not having much sleep lately… am still not sleepy (it’s 1.15am here)
        But i’m getting my shut eye now 🙂 enjoy the reading!

      • v says:

        btw… i read your reply already… kk… would you believe it if I told you that reading it, I had a smile pasted on my face the whole time? and as wide and silly as the one PK made me have?
        omo…. i envy you being to type a c cedille… because I have an american keyboard, i can’t use accents or anything french/spanish to type.. TT
        and yes.. i don’t get the whole youtube licensing thing… especially for CFs… but even channels… it’s their old shows… i don’t get why they insist on taking it away from us… for me, it’s not so much a problem since i’ve followed kpop pretty much since hallyu wave started and i’ve watched most stuff that came out the time it aired… but i feel SO frustrated for new fans who are missing on SO much and don’t even know it…
        as for the CF. i haven’t found it but i’m going to korean and chinese forums to ask for it… it’s unbelievable how chinese fans are resourceful.. too bad i’m not too good at chinese or i would hang around their forums most of the time.
        yes, i’ve seen the pics… i’ve even posted it on the Final stills thread as soon as i woke up this morning and saw them… kk.. btw, you should go there instead of here…. JJ also gave you her reply on that thread as well because she’s transferring our conversation here on that thread… but honestly, even in the new thread, the number of comments exploded.
        um.. i have no idea what you mean by “they were talking about”
        and same website… -_-”
        lol. of course I know mini dbsk. after all, you’re talking to an ex-cassie.. and you know how obsessed I can become right? haha.
        and I agree… inhwan is the best… when he did the cute act with his hands on his cheeks, i MELTED… so funny how he only had a few fans in his fanclubs… SO CUTE. even xiah was left speechless. haha. which reminds me, did you see mini kangin? cute as well. i love mini shindong best though..
        lol. i’ve read your post first before reading your comment here… but I wanted to take my time replying to all other comments first before concentrating on your reply… don’t know hot to explain… like keep the best for last feeling?

      • v says:

        sorry… i had started replying to your comment when real life called me back to the bleak reality of school homework, essays and psets. sigh.
        i need to do it NOW… just letting you know….
        and o_O
        scrolling back to make this reply comment, i realized how long my last comment was…

  16. katwoman says:

    Thanks…you’re recaps are so detailed and fun to read. This drama touched my heart.

    I am a PK addict for sure. I finally signed up for my youtube account. Hubby rolled his eyes.

  17. v says:

    It’s late morning here and it’s been a while I’ve slept this profoundly… having nothing in the back of mind to think about, such as if I might have missed updates on PK, or the urge to comment on PK… My life having revolved lately around PK, this morning. I woke up feeling empty… That feeling lasted for about 3 seconds and then, the realization that PK ended hit me and my chest started to feel uncomfortable and constraint… it was not acute pain, but I was aware of it constantly, a bit like a bad bruise. as I went into this site, and that feeling started to intensify until I coughed. And as I am typing this, a tear just fell down. I have never been in love but I think I now understand a bit what those dramas characters go through… that sometimes, feelings are so strong they manifest themselves into physical hurt. And if I feel that way about a drama, then perhaps it must hurt a lot when it is another person that is involved. I finally understand what Hani meant by pointing at her chest and say that it hurts. Oh Hani, poor you. All of this is a little too dramatic for a usually rational, even distant person like me. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel this way if I didn’t allow myself to and slapped myself back into real world where there are much more serious problems than a drama ending… but I don’t want to do that for right now.
    And now that I’ve just poured my feelings… let’s go and read all the new comments shall we?

    • ItadakimasU says:

      well.. it’s good to hear you had some serious rest!

      ahh, those feelings of yours… it will fade of course, although we don’t want it to (right now)… but eventually… it will. *sigh* bidding farewell is one of the hardest thing in life

      • v says:

        i hope you had your rest too and a fun time with your friends! 🙂
        And yes, my feelings would fade… of course. It might even fade by tomorrow, or this evening… (me believe not).
        However, I wanted to express the feelings the drama made me feel this instant. It is a feat in itself that a mere drama could make me feel all those emotions and I wanted record it for posterity (yeah, like anyone would read this after a week)….
        Bidding farewell is hard… not only with this drama, but with all the people I’ve come to be familiar with through PK.

      • ItadakimasU says:

        nope, i still feel a bit like i’m awake but not awake… PK ‘s still overpowering my mind (still haven’t seen ep 16 subbed->reason you’ll find in the chatroom) but i’m enjoying this PK intoxication while it last!! \(^o^)/

      • v says:

        lol… i’ve just read your comment… i had me smile and split my face from ear to ear… we definitely are not alike and yet there are SO many things where we think alike.. .AMAZING>
        I’m telling you this first before I type my reply because I think it might take more time for me to reply… kk

    • rainyrain says:

      Feeling the same v , I mean I4m also feeling empty and this will continue for some time untill I find a new rocking drama to watch .

      • rainyrain says:

        I mean , I’m feeling empty

      • v says:

        yes, I’m sure a new drama will show up and be awesome, and I’m sure soon enough as well.. However, because I gave almost everything I had with PK, it will take a while for me to be able to repeat such an attitude with a drama, no matter how good nearly upcoming drama would be. Of course, that is not to say that I won’t get obsessed with them, just that it won’t reach this level before some time have passed.

    • J.J. says:

      I woke up late this morning, having slept through my alarm clock. As you know I had some emotional stuff that I had to deal with…at work I was silent, freaked out everyone >_< OOPS.

      My thoughts centered around "loss" a portion of that was the loss of PK. Which totally sucked. But it's okay, look at all the things we've gained. 😉

      • v says:

        I slept through my alarm clock as well… honestly, i haven’t slept this well for a while.. it was the waking up that gave me the shock.
        I did try to still be as cheerful with my friends since there’s nothing more effective as a distraction than friends but even so, several times, my thoughts wandered back to PK, or rather to the loss of PK…
        i think the pain left me.. but the feeling of something missing is still there, and more vivid than ever… it’s like i’m trying to feel the void by hanging around on AKP. you know, like people keeping objects left behind by an already defunct family member.
        but you’re right… we received so much from it as well. i’m really starting to feel that i NEED the special right now. the guy who came up should be crowned with an award for best idea of the year. well, that is, second to having a second season of PK. no, not even that… putting edited materials in the DVD would make me ecstatic.

      • J.J. says:

        It would be funny if the 9 webisode specials were suggested by the noob director. XD

        Oh Irony.

      • v says:

        lol… this is insane… how come all your replies are almost instantaneous… me need to go to sleep.

      • v says:

        and oh yes… irony… my literature professor would love to analyze such a case.

  18. kittykat says:

    well said v! well said.. i felt it too.. like i was looking if there was anything new about PK (which i usually did for quite some time) but its still this recap here.. so i just read every comment again ..and commented some more..

    maybe this will pass for us, maybe not, but this drama has really touched us, in more ways than one!

    • v says:

      yes… I do the same, I’m reading every comments as well…
      And I agree… this drama has really touched us to the core…
      This is not the first time I feel so obsessed about a drama, and maybe it’s because all the emotions and feelings are still recent and vivid, but I want to say that it’s the first time a drama has managed to creep inside my heart so deeply. Sure, I cried much more for other dramas than for this one and yet, I feel a deeper sense of attachment and love for this drama…
      I think it’s the first time that I felt that all the characters were my real true friends, or acquaintances I personally know. It felt like I was watching the story of, and rooting for my friends when I watched the lives and love stories of all the characters in the drama. Yes, in other dramas, I also loved many characters but perhaps, it didn’t feel as personal and intimate.

  19. CapitalScandalRocks says:

    Ah! the emptiness….I HAVE A QUESTION… What is the difference betwee “CHUHAYE” (sp?) and “SARANGHE” (sp?). Most probalt former means “liking some one” and latter means”I love you”… Strange thing is in PK, OHN always used formed while BSJ never used former but used latter that too only once……
    Making me think that OHN has crush like love while BSJ love is more deep or mature. What do you guys think?

    • v says:

      I have no idea what (sp?) means but to answer your question, jowahae (or chuhaye) means to like… saranghae, to love… well, it’s the “informal” form of korean for “I like you” vs. “I love you” kinda of thing… So yes, you got it right.
      Well, I don’t think Hani is more or less mature… but i think it’s just the the implication of “loving” is much more serious than “liking” and thus, not easy to express outwardly unless you really really are overwhelmed by the desire to do so. Which I guess was the case for Seungjo in the car. It’s all about the timing, the mood, the emotions felt… I’m sure Hani loves him as deeply , just that the moment hasn’t arrived yet for her to say it…

  20. Nala says:

    Coz of my PK addiction, I watched the raw video at work without sound(kinda pantomime)…and get disappointed with the ending…but when I got home…I started watching the raw video again with sound(still I can’t understand it for I don’t know Korean)…it starts buffering so I opened AKP on my favorites and feel happy after seeing Ochoala recaps on ep. 16…I was telling my husband how amazing you are as I was reading your post. It helps me understand what they’re talking about and appreciates it. As I finished reading your post, I went to Viikii and found out that the English subtitles were on. I watched it again and it made me feel happy…I was laughing like crazy when OHN was batting her eyelashes trying to persuade BSJ to tutor him and when she’s asking him on a date. It was so cute then I found BJG and Chris conversation hilarious as well, when she said she will put nails all over his body.

  21. Nala says:

    Thanks Ochoala, are you a writer? You remind me of my favorite author(romance novelist). I want to buy a book that you have written, if there is any…:)

    • ockoala says:

      I’m not a writer, I’m a Koala! Have you ever met a Koala writer before? If so, please have that Koala writer’s agent contact me. Maybe I’ll dip a furry paw into the published world. 😀

      As for your fave romance writer, curious minds want to know. Who?

      Even though I am not a writer, I do have a real life alter-ego who is *gasp* a lawyer. A real, practicing, “the law is fun” type.

      • v says:

        lol.. i hesitated to ask who the romance writer was as well… but since ockoala asked…

      • Nala says:

        :D…I love Martha Cecilia’s novels from Philippines. Your writing makes me feel the same way I feel reading her novels…:)

      • Carol says:

        omg! you’re a lawyer?? I’m an ex-lawyer (not practising anymore..)

        where did you read law? since you’re in Australia, you could be my hoobae (or sunbae!) I was in Melb Uni!! *waves excitedly*

      • ockoala says:

        *Silly Laughs*

        Carol sunbae,

        I am not an Australian or based in Australia – that was my lame Koala-inspired joke. 😛

        I’m in the States. But the lawyer still is sadly true. 😦 Writer sounds like so much more fun.

      • Carol says:

        *laughs sheepishly* have i mentioned that I am an absurdly dim person? darn! cuz I was gonna go visit Australia soon, and I thought we could meet!

        I’ve never been Stateside. I wonder what practising law is like over there. Since I’m based in Malaysia, it’s what? A solid 12hr flight to London and another 4-5hr transatlantic transit? My knees are quaking at the thought.

      • v says:

        now that’s explain a little why you guys are so eloquent in your post. i’m deeply impressed.

      • jeankaycee says:

        @ockoala, wow! impressive!

      • Nala says:

        Wow, I thought you’re in Australia too. May I know what states are you residing? I grew up in Philippines but I live in NY now…wishful thinking that I could see a Koala one day…^_^

      • Rainyrain says:

        ahhhh I’m a lawyer too 🙂
        ok now I’m a foreign company legal counsel but still have my title as a lawyer too , but it’s not funny also , wish I was a singer

      • v says:

        omo.. you’re a legal council… that’s freaking amazing… just wondering.. what are the perks of the job, or the downs… kk

      • v says:

        counsel, not council.. me and my mispellings..

      • v says:

        aissh… sorry for the spam.. but i can’t NOT correct misspelling when i’m just talking about how I misspelled and then misspell misspelling as mispelling. and that’s a whole lot of misspell.. haha

      • Rainyrain says:

        v my work is all about downs , at least according to me , maybe becoz I so wished I could study journalism or english or music , that’s why I’m not able till now to love my law studies but still I have to be satisfied 🙂

      • v says:

        kk… at least you have a career path.. for me, i don’t know what I want in life yet, or even what I am to do in life even though it’s not what i want…. TT
        and fighting! hope you’re content enough with law.

      • rainyrain says:

        you still be young and you will find what you want to do , or maybe do you need a male version of OHN to show you the path 😉
        fighting to you too , and for me will be kind of happy as long as I get my pay from the company LOOOOL 🙂

      • v says:

        lol. i think i’m like you…. being happy about getting pay and having time to do what i want to do…

  22. v says:

    I hesitated to post this since after all, the drama ended… but what the heck. it still hasn’t completely ended to me. Just consider this comment as me clutching on straws.

    some more PK goodies… all can be found at and consist of KHJ’s message of thank, a PK’s special video, and other articles (about ratings… gah. key east, his agency, thank you message and for those who didn’t see them yesterday, fancams of the fan viewing/ meeting)

  23. misomochi says:

    I’m going to miss PK! it always made me giddy with excitement to watch a new episode after a loooonnng day at work. Looking forward to the youtube channel. but now i need something else to watch

    • v says:

      did you try sungkyunkwan scandal? I’m not crazy about it as I should be since most of my energy went to PK but a billion of kdrama fans out there will rave about it… It’s really good, too bad it came at the same time as PK or I might have been obsessed about it. Plus, Mary stayed out all night is about to air.

      • jeankaycee says:

        im excited about mary stayed all night. i really like moon geun young ever since my little bride.
        added with JGS and KJW what could i ask for? (add khj perhaps! in my dreams! hihihihi)
        i hope it will be great!

      • v says:

        kk… i LOVE moon geum young as well… and yes, she’s an AMAZING actress and I loved all her roles these past few years but I really miss her being cheerful and young! so i’m really looking forward to that…
        and yes, JGS and KJW are cherries on the cake. at least for me.. i know many many people are watching the drama primarily for the male leads but for me it’s the opposite even though i heart JGS and KJW to death.
        and nah… i want KHJ to take the lead role in another drama by himself, so that he can shine. because honestly, he might be overshadowed by the other 3… i’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to his next project.. but probably not as much as I would if PK season 2 was that project.

      • jeankaycee says:

        yeah, those three leads are already established actors and actress so adding khj might not be a good idea.
        and im tuning in because of MGY. i did stick til the end of cinderalla’s sister just bcoz of her!
        besides i think khj would be focusing in his coming solo album. hopefully after his well deserve rest khj will be back the soonest!

      • v says:

        yeah.. well KJW is still a bit raw in his acting but he plays intense better than KHJ…
        lol.. i finished cinderella because of… i don’t know what… i was obsessed with PP at the time and since it was less popular than CS + PT, i wanted to watch the two others just so that i can say that after all, i still like PP best. kk.
        And yes, i’m excited to see khj back to what he is most comfortable doing… namely music. but i’m afraid, being the hardworker he is, he won’t get much rest anyways.. SIGH. the boy needs a vacation (where he isn’t followed by a photoshoot crew that is)

      • jeankaycee says:

        well, CS is kinda disappointing coz it has all the elements to be great but towards the ending it suddenly feels like dragging and gthe intensity level of the storyline was like to the highest then dive down, i almost give it up but my love for MGY made me stay.
        yeah, i dont really think khj will be having a grand vacation that he needs.
        but cant help to be excited what will be his next move!

      • v says:

        yes.. CS had stellar acting… the first episode, i was impressed and by the 4rth one, i was blown away by the acting (well, i was slightly irriated by seo woo’s character [forgot her name] but i think that’s what i was supposed to feel anyways)… plus, the setting had something gorgeous about it…
        but then, the story started to drift away and the direction of it became a bit fuzzy and repetitive.
        oh well.
        i think we’re all waiting for khj to be back. i hope he has time to work out in between his projects so that next time we see him on stage, we get to see him fit… and well, hopefully get to see. nevermind. my mind is wandering… kk

  24. meteor says:

    thank you for your episode 16 recap and welcome to KHJ fandom

    i discover KHJ as Jihoo in BOF and stumble his guesting in Happy Together that i started searching his name in the net, and if you want to explore your fangirling more

    you may consider watching We Got Married ( i fall in love with KHJ after watching this show ) and Thank you for Waking us Up (i fall in love with SS501)

    im looking forward for your PK YT version recap

    and since you started recapping PK, im become a fan of your blog
    thanks to KHJ i discover a new site that i will often visit

    • v says:

      lol.. thank you for waking me up is hilarious… although I think the whole thing is largely scripted… it’s nevertheless, a masterpiece of entertaining fun.

    • J.J. says:

      i will repost my reply up here. I had typed it on my phone which didn’t let me tack it on properly.

      “as much as i hate hj’s orange hair, id like to point you to The HAPTIC MISSION variety or w.e. It was shot in between BoF with other F4 members and Son Dam Bi. I feel its not that scripted and his quirkiness shines thru. You’ll laugh at the rag-tag bunch for their antics.”

      • v says:

        lol… i think it’s the lateness of the hour tolling on me but i have little clue of what we’re talking about…
        of course, i know WHAT it is you’re talking about, just not how you came to talk about that… kk
        sorry. and sorry it’s the second time i’m saying it today.

      • J.J. says:

        LOL it was for meteor. I was on my phone so it wouldn’t do the thread posting and I had to start a new thread. I had replied below, but for the sake of continuity I decided to post it up here under the rightful “reply”.

        GO TO SLEEP!

        On a side note, I’m going aaple plicking! (yes purposely misspelled)

      • v says:

        haha. none of my business then. no wonder i didn’t understand what the whole thing was about…
        LOL. misspelling daebak.
        and yes, i’m taking your advice (command? kk) and going to sleep. am I not a good girl?
        hope ill see you again in the future, either on AKP or soompi.
        cheers. *yawn*

  25. Nicky says:

    Many thanks for the recap …hope you will recap also We Got Married (joongbo cuts) *kidding*

    I so enjoyed reading your views. Honestly, I watched PK because of Kim Hyun Joong and I came to enjoy the drama by its own merit, charm and flaws. JSM may have nailed the role of Oh Hani but I am not sure I will be as fanatic in watching it if the lead actor was someone else ^_^

  26. Shaira says:

    Thank you for all your recap. I’m so happy I was able to watched it. I had watched started with a kiss before and it’s mainly similar stories but what really excite me here is the actors and how cute they are. I wish you can recap more and also continue to recommend more interesting and romantic korean drama. Just love it so much i’m practically staying late at night just to catch up the show … much love from California.

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  28. smalltank says:

    the loss has set in.. and i can probably spend a few weeks re watching my favourite episodes and waiting for the youtube eps to be released. PK has kept me fully entertained for 8 weeks and now i have to be satisfied with looking through past recaps and updates..

    this is the first time that i am watching a drama, dropping by here and DB daily looking for updates and actually posting comments! i’m glad there were so many PK addicts to share the excitement (or lack of) of this drama with me! my BF actually thinks i am a nut-case laughing at recap comments and for rewatching certain scenes over and over..

    its unfortunate that this show did not win the hearts of many korean viewers thereby suffering a cut of 4 eps, can’t blame the producers for cutting-loss. Minus the choppy editing and rushing through of events, I’m sure PK addicts loved every bit of the sweet moments (totally did not expect the honeymoon bed scene!).. i’ve watched almost every version of PK and still love the story.. the plain simple devotion is what drew many of us sitting in front of our tv/computers downloading the show the moment the raw clip or subbed version is up. The pot and lid metaphor, showing SJ that no matter how smart you are, you need to listen to your heart… and also how sweet it is for a couple to learn and grow with each other.

    i’m sure the PK addicts will still stay tuned to the youtube video releases and i’ll be waiting for Ockoala’s recaps on them! 🙂 thank u!

    • v says:

      i hear you… PK has definitely made me a nutcase… i told myself i would stop stalking AKP after PK ended and here I am, stalking it… i even scare myself out at how much i got affected by PK.
      And yes, I’ve been replaying it over and over again.
      See you at the youtube recaps.

  29. J.J. says:

    @ meteor, as much as i hate hj’s orange hair, id like to point you to The HAPTIC MISSION variety or w.e. It was shot in between BoF with other F4 members and Son Dam Bi. I feel its not that scripted and his quirkiness shines thru. You’ll laugh at the rag-tag bunch for their antics.

  30. Spring says:

    Thanks for the recap, now waiting for recaps on YT’s 9 mini-episodes. I wonder are the 9 episodes done with all the shooting because from the pics of KHJ at a fashion event yesterday, he had a hair-cut. Anybody know whether the shooting of the YT episodes are done or the cast and crew will continue to work on it next week? I hope someone can answer this. Thank you.

  31. C'est_Seulement_Moi says:

    Wow 200+ comments! Cool!
    You wrote: “I am now ready to confess that I shouldn’t fight it anymore – I think I’ve become an entry-level Kim Hyun Joong fangirl. Not that I’ll go watch his SS501 videos or buy his photobooks or anything (…)” and I must add: You’ve GOT to watch SS501 videos to gather all the bonus points and become expert-level KHJ fangirl and save the Prince! ^^
    If anyone is fangirl-worthy, it’s definitely Kim Hyun Joong. Start w/WGM if you haven’t already. You’ll get hooked, I promise.

    • v says:

      french nickname… woot woot!!
      and i agree with you… khj the actor is nowhere near as fascinating as khj being khj, preferably when he’s with his ss501 members.

      • Rainyrain says:

        u know what v , when I watched him in that youtbe video dancing on Rainism I was like ” I’m I watching the KHJ who’s playing BSJ” I really was impressed , totally different person but love both I mean BSJ charctere and KHJ the singer and dancer 🙂 and his hair in the video made him look hottyyyyyyy

      • v says:

        yeah, i know right… for me, it was when i watched KHJ act.. i was like, is it the same KHJ as I know?? i’m impressed as well.. the guy is not the best actor but he’s definitely not a lost case.
        and i love both KHJ and his characters as well, minus the horrid hair and awkward acting of jihoo sunbae.

      • Rainyrain says:

        concerning his charactere in BBF , I didn’t totally not like him , I mean I didn’t like KHJ more than jihoo , that orange long hair was like ” what the hell is that orange ” but the smile was making me melting most of the time , I’m hopless case with cutypies , u know what , last week , my chnese managers saw my laptop screensaver ( there are lots of pix of Rain-PSH-lee junki-Park Yongha ) and they were laughing about how I’m making myself surrounded by those korean actors , but now I have to add KHJ to those pix 😉

      • v says:

        lol.. i’m hopeless with cutie pies with megawatt cute little smiles as well… and all the actors you mentioned have those smiles… lee junki looks so pretty, even in uniform.. ❤ sigh.
        your chinese managers sound so understanding… i got a part time job once and i don't think i would have ever dared to have a personal wallpaper or screesaver… even in my own room, i don't dare because of roomates..kk

      • rainyrain says:

        LOL my chinese director manager yesterday in a meeting saw my laptop screensaver and was like ” I don’t like your collage of pix , it’s not logical , u put a kind of old man ( a hindi actor ) with young boys ( korean actors ) , thin with fat , guys with sunglasses and other without …. I laughed and told him that all I care for when I was doing the collage is having all the actors I like ( wanted to say all my cutypies but couldn’t LOOOL ) in the same frame so didn’t care how I did put them , and he lughed saying ok ok 😛

      • v says:

        LOL… you had me laugh at your story…
        me too… the actors/singers i like are all so different physically, but that doesn’t mean that they are not all attractive.. kk.
        the reason i also don’t have a wallpaper is because if i put one of say, PK, then I feel like i’m being “unfair” to other dramas i like…kk, maybe i should do a collage like you. although i would want to include everybody and anybody in it… TT
        and i love your expressions of cutiepies.. haha

      • rainyrain says:

        LOL , I never felt unfair to other actors I don’t like even if they are the best actors ever , but right now I’m feeling a bit unfair towards KJH becoz he’s not on my collage , I think I have to update the poster of the screen save and put one or two pix of him also 😉

    • pksotted says:

      Hi hi I’m also in the queue line of KHJ’s legions of fans. Just a example of his charisma – I evolved from an entry level fangirl in early June to rabid stalker of sites, videos, blogs … you name it …. pertaining to him and later SS501 within the span of 3 months. I was totally floored by the ‘chestnut’ hair in BOF and never looked back after that.
      Initially it was JiHoo sunbae who grabbed my attention but KHJ as Leader of SS501 is something else . By the time I viewed WGM and some other variety/reality programs they were featured on , I became a confirmed fanatic.
      I really like the recent sparkle in KHJ’s eyes, be it due to a rejuvenated zest for life or some speculated presence of a ‘special’ someone in his life ( if it’s JSM that would truly be the icing on the cake ). The guarded look that he had before PK especially in solo activities has disappeared and now stands a swoonworthy , mature artiste who carries himself with a quiet confidence ready to take on the world ( please excuse all the fangirl spazz and thanks ockoala for the space to gush over him.)

      • Ami says:

        I think he changes everytime he takes on new characters. Fans said that after he played Ji Hoo, he became more “yasashi” …what is this word in English? Kind and gentle, right? And now that he’s played Baek Seung Jo, he became fearless and ready to take on the world (in a totally endearing way, of coz). He changes all the time in the most positive way possible, and in my world.. that equals to awesome.

  32. aen says:

    THANK YOU, ockoala for the recaps! I looked forward to your recaps as much as the drama itself 🙂 So fun to read & love your witty comments. Started watching PK coz I really enjoyed ISWAK (also watched the Jap version but that was so-so for me). Love this version! JSM is so adorable and I must confess, I’m now an entry level KHJ fangirl as well ;-P Looks like we have similar interests (e.g PIE & ZZ) so will keep stalking AKP.

  33. Arfina Irdina says:

    Hi Ockoala! Just want to thank you and all the other posters for your delightful recapping, comments, spazzing etc of PK. Really loved the drama and totally enjoyed reading about it. About being a KHJ-addict, well, have you watched this youtube fanvid of him? I think you’ll enjoy him even more. I’ll just give the site since I don’t know how to connect there:

    The title is-SS501 hyun joong sexy – Enjoy everyone!

  34. jeankaycee says:

    this is insane! i keep coming back just to read recaps and comments!
    can you believe, i re-read all the recaps of PK here in AKP and in DB just this whole afternoon while im in work!
    having PK withdrawal sucks!!!
    even im in work, i cant help myself to still do all the craziness im doing while PK is still airing.
    like checking sites for any news about PK and stuff!
    i have a personal blog, but i dont usually write much before only when i just feel the urge to write about something but then PK help me to start writing again.
    my friend asked me while im typing away in my laptop last night if im doing a kind research or something coz im so focus and doesnt want to be disturbed and i answered nope its not a research or that kind of stuff, its my goodbye “essay” to PK and she said that im such a Pk addict and i answered back that im a certified PK addict!

    • v says:

      DEEP SIGH.
      I hear you… I TRULY wished I could stop coming to AKP.. because it makes me feel insane to be addicted and depressed about a mere drama…
      but like you, I find myself coming back here… not to DB though. Well, I still stalk DB like usual but I avoid the PK recaps…
      You know, it’s like you know your family member has many flaws but you still feel sad when an outsider criticizes it.. Like you feel sad that it’s a shame they can’t see what you find so endearing and loveable in that mentioned family members… haha… i was initially going for your child instead of family member cuz it sounds better and more natural but then i realized i had no idea how it feels like to have a child of your own.. -_-“

      • jeankaycee says:

        i still go and read recaps in DB coz even though they are bit more on the critical side, i know it sounds weird but if i read those criticism for PK, i feel like i appreciate PK more because the more they highlight the flaws the more i see the best things about it.

      • v says:

        i get what you mean… it’s not the the recaps that are the problem… is the many comments… and when i’m on a PK thread, i can’t help but read the comments. i think i also understand what you mean by the more criticism you read, the more you appreciate PK. for me, it’s not like i disagree with what those criticism are pointing out to. it’s just that despite all those criticism being spot on, i still love PK because its charms do not rely on those points. It’s like behind those ugly surfaces lies something really precious.

      • jeankaycee says:

        PK is a diamond in the rough!
        i do read the comments and yeah got hurt too by the criticism
        but i just let it slide coz i think even if i insist that PK is worth their time
        others just cant seem to see eye to eye with us.

      • v says:

        yes… that’s why by ep 13 or so, i gave up arguing about why PK is not the worst drama of the year, or why hani is someone you wnat to strangle…
        i think them changing my mind would be as challenging as me changing theirs so i decided to just leave it at mutual agreement to disagree and just go to my spazzing corner to spazz with other PKissers.

  35. Sugar says:

    Thanks ockoala. Truely enjoy your recaps of PK.
    Look forward to reading your recaps on Youtube PK.
    I love PK becos of the story, the fine acting of JSM and the PK fans comments & postings made watching PK really fun.
    I love so many PK scenes and these are some of them that made me LOL & smile:
    1. I laugh so hard when Hani with jacket zip up to her head gave BSJ his change at the convenience store.
    2. The cute bed scene at SJ’s apartment where Hani & SJ shared a tiny pillow & blanket. I wished the morning after they woke up embracing & were blushing bright red ; )
    3. The BSJ & Hani CPR Bed Scene was so cute & sweet. I wished Eunjo did not eneter the room ; )
    4. Mum Baek’s reaction when Hani’s Dad agreed to let BSJ marry Hani.
    5. Hani’s friend Joo Ri acting out the shower scene for Hani & Min Ah when they stayed over at Hani’s room night before wedding.
    6. BJG’s asking Hani for a date & his reaction when she agreed.
    7. KT Sanpae wooing Hani was so fun to watch.
    8. The wedding kiss, Hani was so bold & cute, I really like her!
    9. The rain confession & kiss put a smile on my face.
    10. Every time Hani cried, I cried too.

    I think I am having PK withdrawal, that’s why I am still stalking all things PK : )
    It’s 1.47am already, PK finale episode ended 2 days back, I think I need to check myself into PK Rehab ; )

    Goodnite all PKissers.

    • jeankaycee says:

      i think we are all lining up the any PK rehab!
      good night too!
      have a sweet PK dreams!

      • J.J. says:

        speaking of dreams…
        I was dreaming I was reading this blog but then i opened a tab for Liezle’s to find a “fanpics of Hyunjoong and Hwangbo” meeting together face to face during the Seoul Fashion week.

        Alas it wasn’t true, they went to the same building, different times, and different halls. T_T but goshdarnit I wish it would have happened.

      • v says:

        lol… what a fantastic dream you just had… and I am ashamed to say this but during PK airing, I dreamed of me suddenly being cast as Jung so min… kk

    • v says:

      good nite! and go to sleep…
      even at PK rehab, sleep is necessary! kk

  36. muzik130 says:

    can I have a link to the youtube page?

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