Hyun Bin Promoting Last Autumn at PIFF

In the midst of waiting for the first stills to be released of leading man Hyun Bin in Secret Garden, I came across press conference pictures of Binnie at PIFF (Pusan/Busan International Film Festival) promoting his cross-border movie Last Autumn.

What the hell happened to my Binnie?!? These are the best pictures I could find, the rest look even more horrendous. Binnie looks a cross between Skeletor and Henry Higgins. He appears absolutely exhausted and malnourished. Just look at the gauntness in his face.

He explained that he was filming intil 5 a.m. in the morning and then hopped a flight to Busan, apologizing for not being able to walk the red carpet with co-star Tang Wei.

Poor Binnie, a gust of wind will blow him over at this point. But at least we can have a first glimpse of his look for the drama. Clean-cut and 20 lbs underweight. Binnie is looking as scary skinny as YamaPi looked after filming his upcoming movie Ashita no Joe.

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4 Responses to Hyun Bin Promoting Last Autumn at PIFF

  1. mookie says:

    *grab* Grope* *smooch* *feed*
    lol I’m marveled at how fangirls can come up w/ theories for looks.

    Apparently binnie’s dimples ARE his main catch (not disagreeing), when he’s younger and chubbier, the dimples accentiate the chubby cheeks and cute, but dimplied guys get haughty as the babyfat dissipates. and that’s the ‘rational’ explanation of binnie’s ‘new look’. Naeuri seems to be supporting the theory a bit?!

    I’ll be in ma lalaland, I madcrush KangKook and binnie is going all lanky metrosexual KangKook on me!! I’m joined in my little corner with another K binnie girl, she made a pic for our cause at binnie’s DC gallery: http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/8687/viewimagewj.jpg

  2. v says:

    lol..i actually like the henry higgins look… i don’t like the gaunty look though. scary. poor binnie. next stop would be a major tan and he can join pi.
    that said… i know tang wei looks nothing like soo ae so why am i suddenly reminded of soo ae when i looked at her?? maybe the elegant look?*scratch head*

  3. Taohua says:

    While I’m ambivalent about the director/writer for Secret Garden…I’m super super excited to see Binnie on screen again. Especially am glad that he’s going to be able to do one more drama before going off to do MS. And with Ha Ji Won! I’m trying hard not to have such high hopes. But you’re right he does look gaunt…he needs to be fed!

  4. Denali says:

    He surely looks awful. Wonder if the reasons might also include private matters since he doesn’t look very happy, despite his ever-charming smile?

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