Flames of Desire Press Conference

Flames of Desire held its press conference earlier this week, and the drama is premiering tomorrow on MBC. I’ve been busy with, oh, writing Play Kiss recaps (heh) and haven’t gotten around to posting more about this drama, which my drama chingu Dangermousie so lovingly refers to Flames of Jailbait.

Oh lord, this renaming was about as funny as another drama friend’s comment that Rain was “overacting [in Runaway] like he had toads in his pants.” Just think about toads in Rains pants for the rest of the day, I guarantee it will make you laugh.

Anyways, back to Flames of Jailbait Desire, here’s the story synopsis pulled from MBC:

The story of a conglomerate family that falls apart when the members are caught up in a furious battle for succession. Kim Tae Jin’s children all covet his fortune and the power that he possesses as the company president, and they would do anything, however cruel and inhumane, to wrest it from the others. At the forefront of this desperate game is Yoon Na Young, the ruthless and ambitious wife of Kim Young Min, Tae Jin’s third son. Her unquenchable thirst for power and wealth drove her to the point of no return, manipulating both husband and son to achieve her own desires.

This type of epic melodrama doesn’t appeal to most international K-drama viewers. I usually waffle in my level of interest depending on other factors such as writer, actors, etc. In this case, the writer is legendary, and the actors are top-notch. So I’m going to check on FoD, likely for at least a dozen or so episodes before I make up my mind. 50 episode mega-dramas take a bit of time to get going.


If FoD does live up to its expectations, then between this drama and Giant, I feel like a cat living in a house made of nip. If you hear meowing don’t come knocking on the door, I’m busy rolling around with the jailbait leading man of FoD, who doesn’t look as young at the press conference. Or is that just my wishful thinking?

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9 Responses to Flames of Desire Press Conference

  1. D says:

    wow YSH looks so good here not to metion older…i guess i can fall behind his and Seo Woo’s coupling now…that said i certainly dont like what Shin Eun Kyung and Jo Min Ki are wearing

  2. endodo4ever says:

    HAHAHA! Flames of Jailbait! Heh. That’s a good one and should be added to your previous post on funny names for dramas! I used to love a drama that was 50+ episodes long–notably sageuks that were quite influential in my gradual love of k-dramas–but QSD officially turned me off from any in the last year or so. However, the lure of Yoo Seung Ho, Seo Woo, Jung Ha Yeon, among others is too great. I may also stick around for a little bit and see if it’s worth investing my heart and soul into. Ah Giant. That’s on my to-watch list during winter break or something. And I still have to catch up on Comrades, P.S. Man, and so many others! I think this year has generally been a good year in the drama industry, no? 😀

  3. v says:

    haha… flames of jailbait. that just made my day (or what’s left of it…) XD
    rain with toads in his pants…. lol. now that’s a thought. lol. that just ruined whatever seriousness fugitive had in my mind when i watch it next week. XD

  4. rothvan says:

    Thanks for the news! =)
    Can you make recaps for this one, too? Please~~~~

  5. mookie says:

    flames of jailbait = tears @ mookie : toads in *shirtless(duh)*Rain pants = pants fr Langdon

  6. Carol says:

    its not your wishful thinking. YSH looks incredibly un-jailbait-material here, esp standing next to Seo Woo…. its actually a little bit odd, seeing him as an adult. However, like you, I’m not too sure about how much I wanna watch such melodramatic family sagas, esp since I’m actually not too keen on Giant, despite yours and Dangermousie’s enthusing about it – there’s a distinct soap opera feel about the colouring of the show (I admit that I’d succumbed to temptation to preview some of the eps, esp those with Dangermousie’s MinWoo-MiJu OTP despite my declaration that I wouldn’t).

    Plus YSH just isn’t inducement enough … why couldn’t they have cast someone I adored? Like Park Shin Yang…… he would have done all sorts of fabulous things with something epic like this! However, this post has somehow inspired me to watch my very very favourite old school HK Drama – the Good Old Days, starring Amy Chan. All 100+ episodes!

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  8. Lily says:

    Well, Yoo Seung Ho was enough for me to start watching this drama ^.^ Sadly, he hasn’t been in the episodes much yet. Very sad indeed… So I’m still holding out to see Seung Ho ^.^ The plot is a bit melodramatic, but… whatever. It’s a Korean drama. All the plots are melodramatic, just some more than others, that’s all. ^.^

  9. Lily says:

    And no, most definitely not your wishful thinking. He’s growing up so nicely~~~ hehe ^.^ (Though that jacket looks just a bit uncomfortable… XP)

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