F4 Reunited for Chinese Spring Gala 2011?

Following in the footsteps of The Little Tiger’s first public performance in 15 years since they disbanded in the mid-90s, which happened at the 2010 Chinese New Year Gala, Chinese authorities organizing the event are trying to one-up themselves. An invitation has gone out to…..each member of F4 (aka now known as JVKV since the Japanese owner of the F4 moniker took it back).

These guys are of course none other than: Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu. I have never listened to a single song from them, and found them exceedingly cheesy during the whole Meteor Garden phase. Since F4 stopped their activities in 2008, Vic has wormed his way into my fave TW actors list, Jerry doesn’t look like a broom head anymore and is actually quite entertaining to watch act, Vanness has had a full spiritual transformation, and Ken….has kinda turned into marshmallow Ken.

This invitation is causing the Taiwan media to go bonkers over what is really a non-story. Let me put it this way, I will wager my upcoming birthday present that this will NEVER happen. Not in 2011, not in 2012, not in a million years. Why? Because other than Ken (who longs for his F4 days) and Vanness (who is a total sweetheart now and seems to yes and yes I can to everything with a positive can do attitude), hell will freeze over before either Jerry or Vic dance and sing in unison on stage in their former incarnations as boybanders.

Sorry to spread news that has a below 1% likelihood of happening, but the invitation has become rather a sore subject out there. With rumors that a certain member is upset at another certain member for thinking he’s too good for this shiz, and you get the drift. It took considerable handwringing to get The Little Tigers back together, and that group had only 3 guys. If you up the number to getting 4 guys to agree to something, I can only say good luck with that!

If F4 performs on stage together again anytime in the near future, I will be the first to watch that performance from beginning to end. Hey, better late than never, right? F4 bandwagon, here I come. But first you guys have to re-assemble the band part of the wagon first.

On and some parting remarks – Vic, you are aging like the finest wine, keep up the good work and interest project choices; Jerry, heard you were sick and had to drop out of Material Queen, get better soon!; Vanness, I am sooooo glad you dropped the posturing beefcake routine and went the way of your current image, I approve; and Ken, good luck persuading everyone to get back together for a performance, any performance!

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3 Responses to F4 Reunited for Chinese Spring Gala 2011?

  1. dangermousie says:

    Mars was my first drama and Meteor Garden my second so I have very very fond feelings for all the F4 boys. This said, I think most of them should never ever ever sing – I think they are gorgeous, charismatic and mostly decent-to-good actors, but as singers? *shudder*

    • rich says:

      This was also my second drama. I loved it to pieces during that time and swoon over these boys. I love to see them together again but I think it’s impossible too. T.T And I agree with you that they should never ever sing again. T.T

  2. Kerstin says:

    I don’t think they were that bad as singers….I even got their latest cd… 🙂
    I watched Meteor Garden I + II, Meteor Rain, Mars, Peach Girl, Marmelade Boy, Hot Shots, Black & White….dropped that one drama with Cindy and Jiro as leads and Ken Chu as a secondary character, plan to watch down with love and autumn concerto…yeah I’m really fond of these guys…love Vic an Jerry to death!!! Vanness looks yummy and Ken kinda lost his spark…
    hey even Take That reunited with Robbie…it took them damn long to do so, but they did..anyway I’m looking forward to anything from these guys together…

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