Movie Premiere for Mujeokja – Korean A Better Tomorrow

Mujeokja, the Korean version of A Better Tomorrow (the English title was formerly Invincible, which is the direct translation of the Korean title, has been switched back to ABT, probably for ease of international recognition and association with the original classic) had its movie premiere yesterday.

The four leads showed up and did the dog and pony show, but all looking quite handsome and dashing.

I still think Joo Jin Mo is going to make off with this movie like a bandit. And Jo Han Seon will ham up the screen like you won’t believe. As for my Song Seung Heon, if he has bromantic chemistry with Joo Jin Mo, that is all I can ask for.

Tons of their movie star friends also showed up to support them and to watch the premiere of the movie. To be honest, this movie sounds like it’s going to do gangbusters at the box office. I have not much more to add, so enjoy the pretty!

A Song Seung Heon movie premiere is not complete without So Ji Sub in attendance.

Binnie is here, too, rocking what appears to be Jang Hyuk‘s recent hairstyle.

Hyung, I’m here, it’s Dong Wook-ah!

Can you still smell the Summer Scent on Son Ye Jin, who apparently still thinks she is filming Personal Taste.

Ah geez, Yoo Seung Ho, you are too young to be married to Seo Woo.

And finally, some of stills of my Robot looking nice and gangsterish – kinda, sorta, maybe. Heck, who cares if he acts his booty off in Mujeokja! He pretty, me likey.

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