Korean Omnibus Web Drama Haru

(Or Bummie is Back!)

The Korean National Tourism Organization has gathered some popular Korean stars in partake in the Omnibus drama Haru (which means day in Korean). Haru stars Kim Bum, Big Bang, Han Chae Young, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Da Hae, and Yunho.

This drama has been produced under the guise of 2010 being the year to visit Korea, but it kinda seems counterintuitive since does that mean one shouldn’t visit Korea any other year?

This web drama consists of 6 group scenarios with 10 Hallyu stars acting in them. Through its interwoven story, Haru aims to tell viewers even more about South Korea. All 6 stories will dovetail at one important point, creating an unforgettable “day” framed in the gorgeous scenery of Korea.

In Haru, Yunho is an action star in a play, Kim Bum is a photographer, Lee Da Hae is a screenwriter, Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo play the couple in Lee Da Hae’s scenario, and Big Bang is a group that finds a school that is being shut down and holds a mini-concert for the students.

The story will center around scenario writer Lee Da Hae as the main focus. Lee Da Hae, Yunho, and Kim Bum will form a triangle, then the protagonist characters in Da Hee’s scenario Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo.

BIGBANG: energetic idol stars
Yunho: romantic tough action actor
Han Chae Young: sexy stylist
Park Shi Hoo: cute mischievous cafe manager
Lee Dae Hae: a beautiful scenario writer
Kim Bum: photographer with gentle heart

Based on the number of stills of one person in particular, it’s not hard to surmise which of the participants I am most interested in. It’s Bummie, of course! I adore this man-boy toy, and I always keep one eye open for him. [Frankly, as much as I LOVE Yoo Seung Ho, who has just been cast as the husband!?! of Seo Woo in Flames of Ambition, I would have killed a goat to see Bummie in that role – Bummie is just a few tiny years older so the ick factor is decreased, and I love to see him in more meaty melodramatic fare].

Anyways, Haru to me is a bona fide glorified tourism music video, but one that should be pretty to watch, doesn’t tax the brain, and will probably stimulate one’s visual organs. The thought of Lee Da Hae needing to choose between Bummie and Yunho (ROFL here) is…..mwahahahaha. Lee Da Hae needs to lob a call to Park Jin Hee and see how futile it is to resist the candy that is Kim Bum.

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One Response to Korean Omnibus Web Drama Haru

  1. therainhouse says:

    Bum’s poster looks too airbrushed. Too much Photoshop.

    On the other hand, is this like Korean Love, Actually… or Korean Paris, je’taime…

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