Main Trailer for Mujeokja (A Better Tomorrow)

The main movie trailer for the upcoming Korean film, Mujeokja, has finally landed! I posted the teaser trailer 2 weeks ago, but this is the real deal. You must watch it even if you’ve seen the first trailer, this one is way better. And the movie finally looks GOOD. My interest has just gone up several notches.While it likely won’t meet, and definitely won’t exceed, the original, it looks poised to be a standalone good film. Which is always fine with me.

And I’ve been told that the English title for the film has gone back to A Better Tomorrow (after morphing from that to Invincible, and now back to the same title as the original again). I have mixed feelings about this, since it inevitably tightens the awareness that it is a remake and makes the viewer compare and contrast. But it also rides on the name recognition.

Main Trailer for Mujeokja

Everyone looks like they are giving it their all in this trailer, even Song Seung Heon. I really am now looking forward to it. I hope the film lives up to its expectations. I think Joo Jin Mo already looks like a lock to repeat his A Frozen Flower success in the acting awards department.

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