Mujeokja -無敵者 (Movie Teaser Poster)

The teaser posters for the upcoming Korean film, Mujeokja, have just been released. I’ve been keeping an eye on this film for two reasons: (1) it’s the remake of one of the most beloved Hong Kong movies of all time, A Better Tomorrow (“ABT”), which catapulted Chow Yun Fat to super-stardom in Asia, and (2) it stars my favorite robot Song Seung Heon, the Korean Adonis Joo Jin Mo, as well as Kim Kang Woo and Jo Han Sun.

I loved ABT when I watched it as a teenager, its violence was stylized but not posed, its story was emotional without being melodramatic. I highly doubt the Korean version could match both the execution of the original (a John Woo film when John Woo was at the pinnacle of his creativity) and the acting chemistry of the leads (the aforementioned Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung as his best friend, and a young Leslie Cheung as the sheltered younger brother).

Nonetheless, I’m still highly interested in the remake (it’s title: Mujeokja, means The Invincible One), because hope is a good thing to have. But I do have one hilarious quibble with the teaser poster – why is Song Seung Heon chewing on a lollipop stick? For those of you who’ve watched the original, Song Seung Heon plays Chow Yun Fat’s character, whose iconic tic is that he chews on a matchstick. He also uses a cigarette to light bills on fire.

Which is why when I see this picture of Song Seung Heon, I get the urge to laugh at both his attempt to look sleazy (which is way off base, since the Chow Yun Fat character was never sleazy, but rather had shady insouciance galore), and his chewing on a lollipop as opposed to anything else that is more menacing. But I love the look in Joo Jin Mo’s eyes – its tortured and rife with hidden depth.

Okay, I lied, I have another quibble with the teaser poster – why do the four guys look like they have a fire lit on their ass? I thought the posters for the upcoming K-drama Athena were highly stylized, this appears to be shot by the same photographer and photoshopped by the same editor. Eh, give me Chow Yun Fat toting two machine guns and chomping on a ciggie any day. It’s sad that an 80s poster could look so much more interesting than something done with considerably more money and technological savvy.

I wished that Lee Min Ki had stayed onboard in the original casting to play the part of his younger brother, now played by Kim Kang Woo. Lee Min Ki can do angry, bitter, and frustrated so well (from what I saw in Be Strong Geum Soon), and Kim Kang Woo gives off a cold, detached vibe that does not work for this headstrong, fiery character. However, I’m still looking forward to this movie. It’s either going to be an unique and worthy remake, or a crappy movie that may still be worth watching for the eye candy contained therein.

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5 Responses to Mujeokja -無敵者 (Movie Teaser Poster)

  1. langdon813 says:

    Kim Kang-wooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Of course I would have preferred Lee-Min-ki-The-Love-of-My-Life to have stayed in the role, but since he didn’t, I can feel free to gush over KKW. He gained a huge fan in me after Story of A Man.

    Definitely looking forward to this one with much anticipation, but there’s no doubt that John Woo leaves behind some mighty big shoes to fill.

  2. mookie says:

    This will only work for me if it’s totally in parody mode, sorry twin, SSH is a lost cause. *hide*

    When I was watching ABT, CYF gave me an Alain Delon circa Le Samouraï cross LinghuChong IF they’ve fallen into the HK shitty underground world. SSH has to give me all that w/ some gritty Busanite in his blood to make me pay my attention.

    @langdon, your LMK will totally make this worthy for me, as it is now, KKW is out-cooling his big bro and it’s just wrong.

  3. ockoala says:

    @ langdon-unni, twin

    Me: expectation = low, hope = high. SSH = just stand around and DO NOT try to emote, do what you do best, show off your cheekbones.

    @ twin, yeah, SSH is a bad actor, I’ve always felt that way. Query why I suffer for him. Sigh. I do cringe thinking of him do CYF’s second most iconic role (for me, CYF’s most iconic role was in The Bund).

  4. thundie says:

    Beats me, too, why writers/PDs think a grown man sucking on a lollipop is cool. That was what I disliked most about Rain/Bi/Jung Ji-hoon’s character in A Love to Kill.

    So NOT a fan of SSH, but the rest are looking HOT. 😀

  5. Jaccstev says:

    Like most Hollywood remakes, this film just obtains the main constituent of the original and gives it a 21st century vibes. It might be creditable that the remake doesn’t painstakingly duplicate the original, but Song Hae-seong doesn’t drive the material into something more special or interesting.

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